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Tiger's XXX Mistress Goes Off on Uchitel

5/15/2010 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel is a hypocrite, a double-talker and liar -- so claims one of Tiger Woods' other mistresses.
Joslyn James exploded in anger after Rachel Uchitel appearing on TMZ Live Friday afternoon.  Rachel suggested Joslyn was using her Tiger exploits to become a celebrity.

So Joslyn had a few choice words for Rachel, in the form of an email to TMZ. Joslyn says, "I find it extremely funny that she is choosing to bash me in saying I am now making a career for myself from Tiger."  Joslyn goes on, "Oh yeah, that's right.  She got PAID from Tiger to keep her mouth shut ..."

Joslyn continues, "I find it funny that she says she was 'well known' before the Tiger news.  I never heard of her before that." 

And Joslyn adds tearfully (we think), "I was an actress prior and a dancer, I gave it up because I was fooled in a relationship with Tiger, I merely went back to what I was doing."

And, in the High School Mistress category, Joslyn has a parting fault:  "I never tried to add her on Facebook."


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Uchitel is a liar. One would think that for 10 million there would be a "gag" order in place that would make it illegal for her to talk about anything that took place between the whore and Woods. This used up piece of trash only goes for named people in "relationships" and it seems to me they must also be married. She's a serial slut and a home wrecker. She tried to play the victim in the Woods case and I don't believe that is the truth. I've been portrayed in a bad light, B.S. sweetheart, you've been portrayed for what you are, a common slut.
I suggest you keep your legs and your mouth shut.

1620 days ago


The first photo she looks like rachel ray. The other not so much. She is way prettier than the dog ugly red head. That was one ugly mistress.

1620 days ago


Wonky Rachel isn't going to age well at all, not at all. Both of these *unts (oh yes, they are) need to STFU and go away. Their fifteen minutes was up 14 minutes ago.

1620 days ago


TMZ needs to start stalking Kooky and Balls (same person). It would be cool. Maybe they can get photos of him through the basement window of his mom's house.

1620 days ago


Hello pot I'm kettle

1620 days ago


Frankly we don't need to criticize those stupid bimbos.
The only one to blame here is Tiger Hypocrite Woods. He has such bad taste to pick those two idiots. He's the one who should take up the heat. But he's so insecure, self centered and unattractive the only broads he could pick up were waitresses, party girls and porn stars.
What a dumbass !!! The only attractive woman he never had was his wife and he was too stupid to realize that.
Let him go back to the gutter where he belongs with his harem of trashy whores. I hope from the bottom of my heart he catches a lifelong STD to remind him of his despicable and miserable actions. Seriously he doesn't seem to care at all after putting his family through hell.
Note to Anthony, Jason Chambers and the ugly cow Pat : you are a bunch of pathetic losers. Anyone who idolizes this guy is truly truly a douchebag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1620 days ago


Must've been a slow week in Hollyweird. Bret Michaels hasn't faked a new medical drama yet? Or is that next week. I've never heard of either of these skanks before. I do find it funny that JJ claimed to be an actress and a dancer. Is that christian for porn star whore and a stripper? Both just need to go away already. Nobody cares about them.

1620 days ago

Christina G.    

Not that either one of them are winning any character awards, but I'd rather have JJ as a friend. U-Can-Tel seems like she doesn't have an unselfish bone in her plastic body. She'd betray her own grandmother to get what she wants.

1620 days ago


If this brain dead whore doesn't want people to think badly of her, even thought she is a stone slut from hell, she needs to stop advertising on TMZ and other websites...why on earth would you elaborate on what kind of a low down nasty whore you really are??? Me thinks the STD's is making Ucantelluraslut (Uchitel) stoopid!!

1620 days ago

Ryan Smith    

She was a whore, then a home wrecker and not back to a whore.

1620 days ago


I wonder now that tiger and elin are divorcing.... if tiger hooks up with Rachel again when divorce simmers down????

I have this feeling they do.. considering tiger gave her 10million to shut up and will have to give his spouse 20 million for becoming a mother to his children and his wife.

I just think tiger will mess with rachel again.. kind of like the prince charles and camilla story..

1620 days ago


i laughed so hard.. rob above.. bret michaels faking a medical drama this week. thanks for the good laugh.. so true.

1620 days ago


The only thing worse than these two losers trying to cash in on a broken marriage they helped to destroy is TMZ giving them the opportunity to do it.

1620 days ago


@Rolex Sux

Is your mother a whore? Are you happy in your lonely state of misogyny?

1620 days ago


Tiger - what were you thinking? If you and your harem of hookers were any dumber we'd have to water you!

1620 days ago
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