What Did One Tiger Mistress Say to the Other?

5/17/2010 4:27 AM PDT
Rachel Uchitel and Joslyn James share the same taste in men, so you'd think maybe they would get along. Think again.

James was at eXXXotica Expo in Miami this weekend -- where the porn star/stripper fired back at Uchitel (again), after Rachel ripped on a few of the other Tiger mistresses on TMZ Live.

When asked about Rachel, James said, "I think she's a bed jumper and she needs to get a hobby -- and a real job, like the rest of us -- instead of making a living out of exploiting married men and trying to ruin families like she did. Just my opinion."

As for Joslyn's "real job" -- we're told she's expected to work the next eXXXotica Expo when it comes to L.A. in July.