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Juan-Carlos Cruz's Wife -- In Misery for Years

5/17/2010 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Juan-Carlos Cruz's wife was deeply despondent because she could not have children.

Juan-Carlos Cruz

We're told Jennifer Campbell is very religious ... an active member at her Catholic church.  Our sources are suggesting the misery over her not being able to bear children may have a direct bearing on the case.  We're told she has been "deeply despondent for years."

Cruz has been charged with solicitation of murder and attempted murder and faces life in prison.


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Team Sandra    

@Violette-Blue The Catholic religion is very funny about reproductive issues, not just abortion but how women conceive. But to me the God I believe in would never condemn a woman for finding a way to become a mother. It's the most natural thing in the world to want to be a mom and I believe God would want her to be mom through any feasible way. I feel that it's not necessarily her infertility causing her problems, it's the church that makes her feel like God would condemn her for using a surrogate, adoption or IVF. She needs to get some therapy, start fresh including dumping of course her husband and church. She needs to focus and do what will make her happy and not what the churchs THINKS she needs to do to be happy.

1627 days ago


Religious extremism in any form is dangerous.... If this couple were Muslims, the public would look at this very differently - there would be implications that somehow Islam was bad because it made a woman feel worthless for being unable to have children, and someone would quote some nutjob imam that he was in rights to kill her for not being able to bear children.

All I'm saying is that because they're Catholic (Christian) they're getting a lot more compassion for the situation than they would if they were not. And that's sad.

1627 days ago


There has to be more to this attempted murder story. It's hard to believe that anyone could be so completely stupid as to attempt it in such a way. Mind you, the prisons of America aren't full of the smartest people in society, I s'pose.

@ Westside...

It was stated in one of the earlier articles about this, that Cruz had given the cell phones to the homeless men.

1627 days ago


and the purpose and message for this post is what exactly?

1627 days ago


Oh - and P.S., I disagree somewhat about her choice not to use IVF or other fertility treatments... If one is deeply religious, and believes God decides to give you children or not, then it may feel like you're trying to 'play God' by using artificial means to bear children. God didn't command women to bear children - the Catholic Church in its vows asks "will you accept children" into your lives - very different things.

In fact, I get annoyed when a deeply religous person argues that having multiple births due to fertility treatments is "God's plan".... No...God's plan apparently was for them not to have children naturally, perhaps because they were meant to adopt or to help the world in other ways. But often people do what they want and just ignore any principles of their faith that don't align with what THEY want. Hence, my ambivalence towards organized religion.

1627 days ago


well obviously that justifies his case...

if a woman cant give birth to a child then what good is she?? i mean really whats her purpose on earth??

thats the only thing women are good for and if she cant even do sorry but she's better dead than alive

plz i bet she doesnt put out....

1627 days ago


Thanks for your input SaraBellum.

I was standing on my soapbox giving a talk on California Homelessness 101. People are astounded at how homeless people manage to get by on much less than sheltered people when they have limited choices.

Cruz "gave" a cell phone to a vulnerable (homeless) individual(s)to divert the blame from himself to all the potential victims here. That shameless idiot deserves to spend many years in prison. He has no respect for others. He reminds me somewhat of so-called fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander, the serial predator, hunting for girls and young women to have humiliating and painful sex with him - Delusional!

1627 days ago


Why don't people just get a divorce anymore?


1627 days ago


Revoke his green card too if he got it from marry'n her.
After he gets out of prison, give him the boot back to shanty town.

1627 days ago

westwood bark    

My husband and I were very friendly with them for a time and we are completely in shock. They really seemed to adore each other. Jen is lovely and it pains me to see her judged so harshly. She did not share with me her desire for children, although we wondered if they had planned to have them. Regardless, I don't see how this could be relevant to the case. Knowing them and knowing Juan particularly, the only thing that makes any sort of sense is that he must have had some sort of psychotic break, possibly as a result of his career decline and all the stress and embarrassment that accompanied it. We are very grateful that his plan went awry and that Jennifer is still with us.

1627 days ago


i think it's "bare" as in barren, not "bear", but actually it could be either.

1627 days ago

me not you    

Why anyone would want an annoying kid is beyond me. She should get a cat - you don't have to put it through college or bail it out of jail. And it won't knife you in your sleep when you won't let it borrow your car.

1626 days ago


Children are overrated. I say off him and she should have lived happily ever after...Dayum shame.

1626 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Interesting motive. Still illegal.

1626 days ago
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