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Lindsay Lohan -- Show Up, or Be Arrested

5/17/2010 9:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan must appear in court on Thursday or else the judge will issue a warrant for her arrest.

Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, just left the judge's chambers after meeting Judge Marsha Revel.

As for why Lindsay hasn't completed her alcohol ed classes, Holley said, "Now come on.  Harvey doesn't want to know that." 

Yes he does.


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What do you do when you're about face jail time?

Party like it's 1999!!!

1587 days ago


There is no reason for Lindsay to come back to LA...she's a star...let the judge go to Cannes.

1587 days ago

robert h    

OH I hope she doesn't show up and then gets thrown in jail! Then you idiots at TMZ won't have anything else to report about her.

1587 days ago


I think Lindsay should be sentenced to 6 months house arrest in my bedroom. I'll take very good care of her, . . . and lots of pictures . . .

1587 days ago


15. If Ms Lohan receives anymore mercy, she is likely to wind up dead, in my professional opinion. So many people enable her to be a chemical user, she's not likely to survive the charity. It looks to me like she requires some form of intervention. That is, one that will not only get her attention but put her in a place where she will be seperated from her drug of choice long enough to start recovering. Hopefully the judge will recognize Lohan's peril and sentence her to an in-house treatment program for six months or more. She going to need that much "tough love" to have any chance to become clean and sober.

Posted at 6:29 PM on May 17, 2010 by Dr. Steve

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Both parents if they had any sense, would quit trying to profit and seek fame off their daughter -- would show up in court and plead with the judge to commit her to in-house treatment center or straight to jail for the same amount of time. Let the parents pay for it, they leeched off their daughter. It is time to pay back.

1587 days ago


can someone buy this woman new clothes
she was wearing same thing last few days
see the Juan Carlos hearing and you will see

1587 days ago


I usually don't even read Lilo's articles anymore, to me she's already lost, but this time I needed to get it out of my chest: PUT HER IN JAIL AND JUST THROW THE KEY AWAY!!! Put her mother in jail as well!!!!!

1586 days ago


dr. steve , or is it dr. drew . i believe lindsay has legal grounds to justify not going the right on programs treatment . there is the issue of state law and federal protecting her medical information . the judge orders and sentence does not make her state protection and federal protections null and void . the judge had a obligation to inform the facility that the treatment sentence does not negate her federal protection in regards state and federal law and such her medical information can not be leaked to the media or leaked to anyone . the failure of the judge to attach a order of this matter to her sentence had put her in jeapardy of having her state and federal legel protection of medical information violated . irrelevant of the court order , violation of federal law supercedes any court order. i believe she had a obligation to refuse to attend the program in order to protect her rights to be protected , since they clearly violated her rights and continued to violate her rights. have you ever violated anyones federal and state right to medical confidentiality.

1586 days ago


Here's the thing..Go to jail, no problem. Been there? yet? It's not that scarey! Jail is just a lace where people are just waiting to go home. and get stoned! and throw a steak on the grill!

Now, PRISON especially in Cali or WV, hide yo ass!, cause that christian, black, holy bible thumper is looking.

The fact is if linds gives up, maybe 2-10 fdays in county! Not bad, my LATEST DUI only got me 20 on my 4th. Bahahahha!!! F@@@k thye Judge and Harvey just wishes seh was a HE!

1586 days ago

Mari-Ann Birdsong    

The dumb bitch should have been arrested a long time ago, instead of given the differential treatment given to a precious few that do not deserve it, this person is far from a star, or entertainer for that matter, she is merely a train wreck that the median is simply waiting to see who can be the first to write about her poor early demise, She is used up thanks to her both of her parents that live vicariously through there daughter. Giving them their time in the spot light, what the saying any publicity is good publicity, it puts your name out there. It would be one thing if Lindsey had any talent, unless I am missing something and falling down apparently ****ted faced is the new talent, then she has nothing, looks have long time left her. She is a has been ~ she is used up ~ fodder for days gone by. An absolute train wreck, we are just waiting for the carnage. This in my opinion ~ perhaps I am wrong,However I don't think so.

1586 days ago


Peter, unless English is not your primary language, you are an idiot.

1586 days ago


Has this loser not died already? What a disappointment.

1586 days ago


Lindsay should not get chance after chance. No one else gets away with her behavior - not even other celebrities.

1586 days ago


Truely Tmz pls stop writing about this girl. Her story is getting way boring

1586 days ago


hey greg , english is not my primary language . my problem is that i have so many ideas in my regards to the legal issues . that , i just need to slow down and proof read what i write before i hit add comment . the legal issues i bring up ... are legally valid . you want to talk about idiotic stuff , how about the supreme court ruling on the continued detention of sex offenders beyond there prison sentence , for the purpose of treatment , because they are dangerous ,lol. i do not like sex offender but i do love my constitution. i hate it when our politicians and public officials and judges used it to wipe their ass .

1586 days ago
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