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Volcanic Ash 1, Lindsay Lohan 0

5/18/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might miss her court hearing on Thursday -- but LiLo's defense is Mother Nature herself.

Lindsay Lohan Volcano

Lindsay is in Cannes to promote her upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic.  She must appear in court Thursday for her probation progress report hearing -- she's required to show because she has only completed 10 of the 13 required alcohol ed classes (she snuck in a class last Friday).

But sources say she can't get a flight back to the States because of the volcanic ash from Iceland. Airports all over Europe are jam-packed and it's impossible to get a seat.

Here's the thing -- as we first reported, if Lindsay doesn't show, the judge will issue a bench warrant for her arrest.


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She can not fight mother nature, let me know about it I live next to the volcano. It is no fun cleaning ash all day and dont see out of your eyes.

1620 days ago


Storkadellic, Even though it is not that bad in europe it is that bad in Iceland. Also though it isnt bad in europe she still will need an airoplane to get over to the USA and while plaines going anywere i cant see how she can fix that.

1620 days ago


I usually don't even read Lilo's articles anymore, to me she's already lost, but this time I needed to get it out of my chest: PUT HER IN JAIL AND JUST THROW THE KEY AWAY!!! Put her parents together in jail as well!!!!!

1620 days ago


I don´t know where have you found that information about being impossible to find tickets or to fly out of any country of EU. This girl is in france and over there the airports weren´t closed on monday 17th, only some on UK (heathrow for example), northern Ireland, Scotland and Amsterdam. As for right now almost all european airports are open, so I guess this girl is planning not to show up for her appointment based on some lie, which It can be confirmed so easily checking this web page, which is the office who is in charge of aviation regulation in EU and air traffic situation!!!

1620 days ago

rex kramer    

Jail might be the best thing for her.

1620 days ago


I find it very sad that these paparazzi firms like TMZ literally drive celebrities to the grave and then they start pissing on them afterwords. Operations like TMZ should be banned, illegal, and put out of business because far too many people lives get exploited by their actions and most times they are speculated lies that ruin anybody who's anybody. Who at TMZ can cast the first stone we are all humans and believe me we all f*ck up and yes sometimes on purpose, so who cares. If celebrities would get together and challenge their government I feel that they could start fighting back, seriously if someone were to follow me around all the time I too would kick the **** out of whomever was close enough, then the waterworks starts and boo hoo someone cries assault, simply classless. I never saw so many shallow, opportunistic wimps posing to be people working a job with purpose. One day the paparazzi will have their day.....

1620 days ago


When I read the headline I was hoping it meant Lindsay had been consumed by molten hot volcanic ash. Imagine how disappointed I was after reading the rest of the story.

If she doesn't make it back in time the judge will let her slide. These L.A. judges are bought and paid for by the entertainment industry and everybody knows it.

1620 days ago


Interesting perspective, Ash. So basically you'd like all the celebrities to band together to revoke the first amendment. As stupid as your average celebrity is they'd probably go for it.

1620 days ago


so she flys out to cannes without getting a return ticket? what idiot buys a one way ticket knowing she has to come back for her hearing. dumbass. im sure she did it on purpose to extend her deadline. hope she goes to jail.

1620 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Reality Check. We fly our consultants all over the world. We checked this morning. You can easily get a flight from Cannes, even if you have to fly south or head east to India, then Japan, then Hawaii then LA. Also, if the production company can require her to be in Cannes, then they can get a private jet to get her back. This is more pampering of these so called entitled stars. Enough is enough, if it was any other court, she would be locked up in a second, but knowing it is LA LA land home of California Justice ( no connection to real justice)she just may get an extension.

The solutioln is simple, the Judge needs to start by saying "My instructions were crystal clear, one class per week, you did not comply, you go to jail" No fancy lawyering, no excuses, she needs her ass locked up and not for 48 hours, it is time to start showing celebs that they are just like regular people, albeit with high priced attorneys, but you cannot violate a ourt order, no matter who you are.

1620 days ago


This girl is full of bull****.. no airport is closed and if she planned to go back home she would have had her airticket and not waiting to buy it last minute. Also, she should not be allowed to leave America nothing productive comes from here...

1620 days ago


I wonder if lindsay had a tutor for the classes with her in cannas?? would that be excepted by the judge??? how much pressure is on the judge to do the right thing and stick to her word?? interested to see. I realize her attorney is a good attorney but really can she think she is doing lindsay a favor???? Lindsay needs jail to dry up and be ordered to rehab.

1620 days ago


she will not be going to jail...

1620 days ago


Honestly, being arrested, and put in jail, would be the best thing for her...before she totally 'self-destructs'

1620 days ago


@28 Put your bed up against the wall tonight so you won't stand the chance of getting up on the wrong side......your just as bad my friend your just as bad....

1620 days ago
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