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Volcanic Ash 1, Lindsay Lohan 0

5/18/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might miss her court hearing on Thursday -- but LiLo's defense is Mother Nature herself.

Lindsay Lohan Volcano

Lindsay is in Cannes to promote her upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic.  She must appear in court Thursday for her probation progress report hearing -- she's required to show because she has only completed 10 of the 13 required alcohol ed classes (she snuck in a class last Friday).

But sources say she can't get a flight back to the States because of the volcanic ash from Iceland. Airports all over Europe are jam-packed and it's impossible to get a seat.

Here's the thing -- as we first reported, if Lindsay doesn't show, the judge will issue a bench warrant for her arrest.


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all airports are open in europe as of right now, plenty of time to get a flight, really

1584 days ago


Pray that the ash goes away.
Pray for Lindsay Dear.

1584 days ago



Well, if I were the judge I'd rule that because Lohan had a few more classes to make up and as her court date is this week that she didn't have to go out of the country, in fact had reason to remain and take this court hearing seriously ahead of frivolity and thumbing her freckled nose at the judge and the law.

If she isn't there for her court date I would rule she be held in contempt and issue an arrest warrant and tell her lawyers it was her responsibility to make her court date and cannot blame Mother Nature as she and her management team, or whomever does her bidding, knew all the ramifications.


1584 days ago

Gian Carlo    

I think she need to go to jail...

1584 days ago


Far as I know air traffic is on scedule all across Europe at the moment.

The only way the ash situation comes into effect,is if she decides to spend another day over there to party,and use the ash clouds as an excuse to the judge,that she couldn't make it back on time to finish her classes.

Odds are she's on a flight now back to the states,and will go stright to her clesses to finish them before Thursday.

How anyone can do that without being on some kind of drug is amazing.

Lindsay only sleeps maybe 5 hours a night on average.She's full of surprises...hahahaha..:)

She's a loser,and look foward to the day she realizes she's washed up,and moves on to something else other than a dead beat celebrity.

1584 days ago


Please explain this to me. WHy is so important that she attend all the substance abuse classes, but not important that she gets smashed every night? What sense does that make?

You could attend class every day but if you get drunk when you leave, what does that accomplish?

1584 days ago


TMZ can milk this for all it's worth...but LL ain't goin' to no jail...judgey won't do it 'cause judgey addicted to wrist-slappin' celebs... it's called American Justice... celeb do it - they naughty, pay wittle do it - bye-bye...

1584 days ago

flip[wilson have anger management issues...please...see someone.

1584 days ago


She remains the poster-child for immaturity, irresponsibility and self-entitlement. A product of the fine parenting done by those two clowns (her Mom and Dad) who continue appearing in the news as well.

To quote that great philosopher Bug Bunny, "What a maroon!"

1584 days ago


Why did she even go??? She knew like the rest of the world flights were delayed because of the volcanic erruption that started weeks ago. JMO

1584 days ago


That is ridiculous. She could fly from Cannes to Madrid and from there non-stop to Los Angeles.

The airports in Spain are open. The volcanic cloud is only affecting Heathrow and a few other norh European airports.

Dumb bitch wants to stay in Cannes and party her a-- off, the court be damned.

1584 days ago


She won't go to jail. She has a good attorney with clout and attorneys like that usually already know how judge is going to react to different types of probation violations given the case and cir***stances. The attorney has already been in contact with the judge. Lindsay is reckless but I highly doubt she is that reckless. She'll get scolded by the judge and possibly her probation extended. But of course the judge could end up pulling a surprise like the one did with the Paris Hilton case.

1584 days ago


Its no excuse, this valcano has been active for a month. She went to party. This is on her....

1584 days ago

Illinois person    

RE: Li/Lo, so it figures. First off, if she cared two hoots about her future, she never would have left LA much less the country. She has really become a sad low-life but shows us normal people what a bit of fame and fortune, regardless of how brief, can do to you. She really has no redeeming qualities. It's doubtful this movie with her in it will ever get off of the ground since no studio will bank on her. She must have really been the laughing stock over in the south of France where really only the true "A" listers dare to appear. Meanwhile, until a judge finally clamps down on her once and for all will perhaps then she'll get it.

1584 days ago


This site has made it abundantly obvious they are just sitting around rubbing their hands together hoping she'll get jail so they will have more of a story to report on. She won't. Attorneys know what kind of probation infractions will land jail time considering the case and the history of the judge. The attorney has already been communicating with the court. She'll get scolded and harshly warned and maybe her probation extended.

1584 days ago
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