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Arrest Warrant Issued for Lindsay Lohan

5/20/2010 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just issued a bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan's arrest, after she failed to show up in court this morning ... and the judge says she has reason to believe Lindsay has a drug and alcohol problem.

Judge Marsha Revel scoffed at the notion that Lindsay's "someone-stole-my-passport" excuse was a justification for missing court. 

Judge Revel set bail at $100,000 and said Lindsay can post bail and remain free until the next court hearing, IF she does the following:

- Drink no alcohol
- Wear a SCRAM bracelet
- Submit to random drug testing at least once a week

Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told the judge the story TMZ broke -- that Lindsay claimed her passport was stolen and she tried getting on a flight to make it on time but was turned away.

At one point Holley said, "I don't know what else to tell you."

But the judge wasn't buying it, saying "Actions speak louder than words."  The judge seemed especially ticked at the photos shot last night showing Lindsay partying on a boat in Cannes.

Holley said there was no reason to require drug testing, but the judge noted that Lindsay was charged in 2007 with being under the influence of cocaine.

The judge said there is probable cause to believe Lindsay has violated her probation.  If the judge determines Lindsay did indeed violate probation she could be jailed for 180 days.

And .... contrary to what Holley told the judge,  cops in Cannes, France tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan did NOT report her "stolen" passport to them.

Lohan ... who we're told is flying back to L.A. tomorrow ... will likely be detained at U.S. Customs at LAX, then taken into custody and booked.


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Hope that party was worth it Ms. Lohan.

1616 days ago


the judge thinks lohan has a drug and alcohol problem,news to the judge the whole world has know that for about 8 years.she is a drunk crack HO

1616 days ago


Right! And I suppose the dog ate Lindsay's homework...

1616 days ago


Please let this not be an idle threat. This chick will never learn her lesson if she just gets a slap on the wrist. Throw her ass in jail!

1616 days ago


If this was you or I we would have already been serving time! I am sick of celebrites thinking they are above the law and dont have to do jail time! You do the crime - you do the time!

1616 days ago

Blorch Crease    

Lime so horny, I got some pile splucks and regular paste.

1616 days ago

G.W. Burroughs    

The judicial system needs to take this train-wreck and "LOCK HER ASS UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY", because it's CLEAR that she has NO RESPECT for ANY AUTHORITY and thinks that she can DO AS SHE PLEASES with no recourse. What a typical SPOLIED LITTLE RICH BRAT!!

1616 days ago


Get off her ass, she isnt hurting anyone. Besides who would you watch to fill your meaningless lives if she was in jail

1616 days ago


Okay, so Lindsay lost or had her passport stolen, stuff like that does happen. So does this idiot Judge expect Lindsay to be playing
"Inspector Gadget," in an effort to locate her missing passport? I highly doubt that would even work much less it's highly illegal and
unnecessary for the victim of a mugging to expect them to find the stolen merchandise! Now if Linds did have it stolen, she deserves a
HUGE apology from the judge, b/c that proves she was telling the truth and the truth shall set her free! Poor Linds! The girl can't catch a break at all! Her career is in the hole, her financial situation looks bleak and her personal life, is spread all over the
rag mags! Now, how fair is that? Yeah, she's full of problems, but she IS a human being, and should be treated like one! I'm so sick and tired of everyone crapping on her b/c she so doesn't deserve it! LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE!

1616 days ago


Money talks, Lindsay walks.

1616 days ago


Oh for the love of God ... Puh-LEEZE stop reporting about this loser. She has zero talent and has banked a "career" on being a public nuisance. If the media would stop pushing her at us, she'd go away. In fact, maybe she'd straighten up once she realized the public was bored to death with her antics.

I know the paparazzi perpetuates her public persona because it helps them sell their rags and photos ... but enough is enough. She doesn't even qualify as a "train wreck." There was never any train to wreck! She's just a pathetic attention monger who was never very talented OR great-looking. Not even as a kid.

1616 days ago


Who cares if she gets prison time let her stay out, keep partying and kill herself

1616 days ago


I really really really hope she actually spends some time in jail this go around. Who does she think she is? Just because she's famous doesn't mean she can act like and idiot 99.999% of the time and she doesn't deserve to be out of jail. I think she's already been given too many chances.

1616 days ago


Yes, "actions speak louder than words". If even ONE of the requirements the judge is requesting is violated,
- Drink no alcohol
- Wear a SCRAM bracelet
- Submit to random drug testing at least once a week

she should be sentenced to longer time in county jail OR be sentenced to PRISON like ordinary people (no special attention) for violating probation. If it for Lindsey's own well being.

1616 days ago


Oh she should nt be charged..we dont charge illegal mexicans with a crime. Lets not be racist and charge Lindsey.

1616 days ago
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