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Jesse James Stops ABC Interview ... to Cry

5/21/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is finally talking about all the cheating, lies and deception that ruined his marriage to Sandra Bullock ... but first, he needs a minute to cry it out.

ABC has released its first teaser of the big "Nightline" and "GMA" interview series -- set to air Tuesday -- in which Jesse admits, "I took a pretty amazing life and marriage ... and threw it away."

But the big moment in the tease -- a teary eyed James seems to abruptly get up from his chair and says, "Let me take a break for a second."


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He should be crying. He threw his life away to get off with a disgusting tramp who looks like a roadmap!
No Mercy here!

1581 days ago

yeah, I'm way out of line.    

Crying?! There's no crying in the Nazi party!

1581 days ago


Wahhh waaahhh waaaaah. Should have thought about that before you went and stuck your d*ck in those skanks. Really Jesse. Skanks. Not even hot skanks. One looks like an anorexic Nazi. I thought you had class. Guess I was wrong.

1581 days ago


He's a moron. And a bad actor for that fake cry. He's only sorry he gotcaught.

1581 days ago


Why the heck would the news pay this trash for an interview. Who really cares ? Men cheat on good women everyday, why is that news. It is so common. I like Sandra but she had to know what she was getting when she married him. You can judge a book by it's cover.

1581 days ago


Networks milking it for ratings............
Jesse you are being played.

1581 days ago


Hard to feel sorry for a liar and cheat.

1581 days ago


I was at Cisco Burger the other day and all I kept thinking was, are people allowed to make mistakes any more? I sat in a place owned by a guy who seemed to have it all yet, he made mistakes that sometimes "having it all" can bring.

Nothing will ever repair the damage he (and millions of others before him!!!) have done but should those mistakes take away all that a person is? One character flaw doesn't take all the goodness out of a person and anyone reading this that disagrees should be looking in the mirror.

I dunno. There always seems to be some BS excuse for cheating. At least he's sucking it up and doing the right thing by talking about it.

1581 days ago


I might be a sucker but I really want to believe in him! LOL

1581 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Oh, boo hoo....Nobody cares about you, nobody.

1581 days ago


No mercy. You knew what you were doing.

1581 days ago


He is crying because Sandra is like, "we're done! love your kids but don't need em because I go Louis and my own life now so suck it!" It is a dayum shame too because she ALWAYS stuck by his side, defended his cheatin azz and constantly praised him. Cryin beeyoutchazzness. Dumb brokedown P.O.S. Yeah, cry it out and maybe you won't cluck up the next one..and there will be another idiot who would loooove to take his fake nazi azz trust. Shame.

1581 days ago


Don't let your **** be your compass.

1581 days ago

Ozzie X    

This guy has never come off as being genuine. I'm not sure how Sandra didn't see that. He always has stern eyes.

1581 days ago


Now3 he's whoring himself to the media. Does he really think telling what we already know is going to change things? In fact, he may do a tad bit more harm especially if he comes out with something new.

1581 days ago
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