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Kendra Wilkinson

Beats Kim Kardashian

5/21/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendra Wilkinson is XXX box office gold -- more so than Kim Kardashian, sources at Vivid tell TMZ.

Kendra Wilkinson Beats Kim Kardashian
We've learned the pre-sale orders for Kendra's sex tape are the biggest in Vivid Entertainment's history.

For you XXX historians, Vivid has distributed tapes with the likes of Kim, Mindy McCready, Shauna Sand and Kelli McCarty.

It's sweet payback for Kendra.  Remember her husband fumbled the ball during the Super Bowl ... while Kim basked in the glory with Reggie.

So, we ask ....



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Where's the neither button,they are both pathetic reality people who are nothing but attention starved. Nothing but more E reality television crap. Waiting for all the kartrashians to go away and take ditzy kendra with them.

1614 days ago


Kim cant dance as seen on dancing with the stars , then when i watched her Video i new why she has no ryhtm all she has is a body and she dont even know how to use it. If u cant dance then u cant ****

1614 days ago


Their parents should be so proud. NOT!

1614 days ago

Throwback kid    

I agree with Dre 100%, I thought that Kim couldn't move at all on the dance floor and when I saw her sex tape she was just as lame. No wonder Ray J was so busy looking at himself, Kim just laid there like a corpse, he was probably bored with her.

1614 days ago


TMZ if you're going to bring up the past, at least be accurate

... while Kim basked in the glory with Reggie.

Kim DIDN'T bask in anyone's glory. She was at the superbowl on her own agenda, to promote her own ass! No pun intended. This is why Reggie dumped her dimply cellulite ass. It's always about a kardashian, never anyone else

1614 days ago


LMFAO...THIS **** IS PURE COMEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1614 days ago


Ooooh,aaahhhh, yes, yes, yes, YES baby,
This post is worthless and pretty much a waste of my time - but could hardly refuse. These women who are already in the "limelight" just can't keep it to themselves - wanting more, and more, and more. So many women with real ideas and talent (and not by spreading 'em) find it impossible to endorse anything creative and/or different. If so-called "celebrities" (some) can't sell their sex tapes, they go on to create clothing, purses, perfume(hack,hack), shoes, jewelry, etc. etc. For Kim, I'd give her $50. to come and organize my closet and that's about it:)

1614 days ago


Kendra looks washed up and faded out.
Kimster looks like the skank she is

1614 days ago


Sorry but why do white guys want to buy tapes of white girls getting banged by ugly ass black guys? Big turn off to me. Wouldn't want to even see them free- GROSS

1614 days ago


TRASH , TRASH AND MORE TRASH. Only in hollywood do we put trailer park trash on a pedastal. Can you imagine having to go thru life with Kendra as your mother. Talk about a pride killer.

1614 days ago

Yep I said that    

Hey #63 Chloe let me throw this mothers name at you; Shauna Sand imagine having that slut come to school to pick you up

1613 days ago


Probably kendra. Kim laid there like a effing corpse throughout the entire video. Least I didn't pay for that crap. Ha.

1613 days ago

Roy Z    

Kim is such a lying skank, no wonder Reggie won't marry her. All she is good for is a booty poke but you better be double rapped if you do. Wish her and her skanky mom were off the show and I wish Kim would stay off her sister's show she is ruining that one too. Kendra is just brain die!!!!!!

1613 days ago


HAHAHA Bob thinks all women should look up to Kim ****ing Kardashian?! Are you ****ing kidding me? Why, so we can look good, get ****ed, and cater to ugly, fat ass, sexist, losers who have nothing better to do than watch porn, and order suppressed, blinded girls around? **** that. I'm a woman of the 21st ****ing century, I've got better things to do than **** your sorry asses and serve ya'll beer and potato chips. Yeah, Kim is super hot, I'll give her that, and I really don't want to bash on her too much, because even though I get male attention, I know I'm not as hot as her, but that's pretty much all she's got going for her. I'm working on my degree in philosophy, I'm a writer, I work with animals, I work on art, I've got a good sense of humor, I surf and I'm physically strong enough to kick plenty of guys asses, so I KNOW that after the age of 40 I'll still be worth something instead of crawling around begging for attention.
Yeah, being super hot is nice, but first of all Kendra is hotter than Kim and has humor and a personality at least, which Kim doesn't, and second I wasn't born to be a human ****ing blow up doll. How about the rest of you girls? You want to spend the rest of your life getting lip injections and serving a thankless man a sandwich and blow jobs or maintain a healthily good-looking image but put your brain or brawn first so that maybe you can find a man or woman who actually likes you and respects you for more than your tits? I'm going with the latter, thanks.

1613 days ago



1613 days ago
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