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Murder Charge Sought For Beresford-Redman

5/27/2010 8:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Bruce Beresford-Redman case want the former "Survivor" producer charged with first degree murder ... Bruce's Mexican lawyer tells TMZ.

Attorney Jaime Cancino Leon tells us prosecutors will make their move by end of day Monday.

According to Mexican law, the Attorney General will submit his recommendation to a judge, who will then review the evidence.  If the judge determines there is probable cause, Beresford-Redman will be formally charged with the murder of his wife, Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman, and the judge will issue an arrest warrant.

We're told it will take the judge several weeks -- minimum -- to determine if probable cause exists.

Cancino is critical of Mexican officials, saying it's easier to just charge the former "Survivor" producer than to properly investigate the case.

Cancino adds, "Bruce has never had the chance to defend himself.  They didn't even give him the chance to participate in the investigation."

If Beresford-Redman is extradited and then convicted of first degree murder, he would face 4 to 20 years in prison.  There is no death penalty or life sentence in Mexico.


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#15 F-mexICO I AGREE!!!!!!!

1574 days ago


Never commit a crime in another country and expect it to be US law. That is just plain ignorant. Apparently some people are idiots about this. This guy is showing no emotions of his wife being 'supposedly' murdered by someone in Mexico. He is probably a sociopath.

1574 days ago


Get this murderer out of our country. He murdered his wife without thinking of his kids lives and now he will goto jail and go broke from legal fees. He murdered her and left her in a sewer so he could run off with that trashy looking bald whore, yeah...she looks realllll hot buddy. You should goto jail for being interested in such trash to begin with. Get this guy extradited so we can see him get murdered in a Mexican prison.

1574 days ago


Four to twenty years doesn't seem like much for taking a life although I'm sure the conditions in a Mexican prison would make twenty years seem like fifty. As for him not being given a chance to participate in the investigation didn't they want to question him recently? Didn't he sneak back into the US after agreeing to stay in Mexico? I guess he missed his chance.

1574 days ago


The cir***stantial evidence here seems quite compelling - for instance the insurance policy - Seems to have been a plan in place for this ill fated trip.

1574 days ago


No Wayne we haven't forgotten, just find it hard to fight for that right when the murderer hasn't uttered one word concerning the murder of his wife. Any normal husband would be demanding the Mexican officials find her killer.. he says nothing, focuses on his wife's family instead. Sorry Wayne but 'innocent until proven guilty' doesn't always equal 'innocent' of the crime.

1574 days ago


RoomMonitor, Samper, crymeaRiver, ArizonPatriot. One troll many names. this little racist *** catcher got all torn up over his boyfriend's destiny and shot his wad in his bunched up panties. ROFLMAO @ him. He is so freaking entertaining to watch crapping all over himself. What an emotional wreck. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

1574 days ago


Posted at 5:09 PM on May 27, 2010 by HSchaad
I don't understand why him being a FORMER producer of 'Survivor' requires you to mention Survivor in each article. Get on with already. He murdered his wife, who cares what he used to produce.

Isn't it obvious?

Where would the showbiz angle be without mentioning that? Who would care without mentioning something that they might have watched that means something to them?

Common sense 101.

1574 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

His lawyer must be a real bozo! Since when do murder suspects...or any crime suspects for that matter...get a chance to participate in the investigation? That's like letting the fox participate in the investifaton of who broke into the chicken coop!

1574 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Cravin Morehead is a dumb azz!

1574 days ago


Have you no decency sir? The fact that you were a producer on Survivor should be more than enough to charge you with crimes against humanity.

1574 days ago


There has to be something better to talk about besides this loser

1574 days ago


Yeah they usually let the number one and only suspect in a brutal murder participate in the criminal investigations. hahha hahha

And usually if the number one and only suspect wants to help out the cops its because they want to find out how much the cops know. Sort of like when someone goes missing and they find out the person who did it was involved in the searches. Happens all the time.

Maybe he should go back to mexico and help look for the "real" killer. I see a reality show in the making.
Why did you kill her Bruce? What set you off that night during the heated argument that other guests in the hotel heard?
The police are inept in Cancun because a murder involving a tourist staying in an upscale hotel murder rarely if ever happens there.

1574 days ago


You see Hayley Willians for paramore put a naked picture on twitter jus for a few seconds... but i save...with you wanna send me a email...

1574 days ago


My uncle's father in law killed a woman when drunk in Mexico, and he didnt get chraged. Accidently in a fight. Just sent back to US. Maybe this guy was trying to do the same thing.

1574 days ago
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