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MacGyver vs. MacGruber

Who'd You Rather?

5/23/2010 4:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The '80s TV series "MacGyver" starring Richard Dean Anderson is the inspiration for the "SNL" skit turned 2010 film "MacGruber" starring Will Forte.

Question is ...


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Ugggh, the "MacGruber" character is disgusting and nothing at all like the original. It's not even got enough in common to qualify as a parody. Huuuuurl.

1593 days ago


Not even a fair contest. The original is still a good looking class act! Even at 60 with the middle aged spread and white hair he has developed recently I'd take RDA over this fluffy comic pretender any day of the week!

They think they can make MacGyver without him?


Sorry there are some people you just can't replace and when it comes to MacGyver RDA is absolutely one of them.

I'm sure MacGruber is good for a laugh, but when it comes down to it there is no real substitution possible.

1593 days ago


MacGruber is the best!

1593 days ago


Isn't will forte gay?

1593 days ago


SNL and the majority of its players are horrible...they are actors, not comedians---they memorize and recite learned lines---make contorted facial expressions, and assume anothers persona---like any good ACTOR does. Funny doesnt come with the acting though.

They need to go back to the Second City's of the world to find the next batch of "funnypeople"..they have puppets, robots now. Wind them up and they all act like Will Ferrell..complete with baby talk babbling and loud noise making. Will is so overdone now the public wants no more of him---he's a one trick pony---baby babbling and loud noise making.

Forte and Wiig are actors folks---they're by nature, not funny. They'd rather be doing Shakespeare, but need the money, so they make funny faces and read lines written for them by writers who have no idea what humor is anymore.

This movie? Puh-leeze, what SNL alum movie has been good? For every one you list, I'll give you 10 that sucked wind.

Lorne Michaels, the French Canadian, got a Lifetime Achievement Award in this Country---that shows you the value of those things. They're giving them away to drug using, drug enabling, once was funny but not the last two decades--producers...

1593 days ago


Don't watch SNL, but I did catch it when Betty White was on. All the other skits were pretty funny, but the MacGruber one was, in my opinion, stupid. Seems to be a stupid sketch...honestly I am surprised that it has been made into a Full Feature Film. Seems limited as well as retarded, period.

1593 days ago

Just Me    

Richard Dean Anderson is still the Bomb! Because of him "McGyver" was my favorite show back in the day. The SNL parodies are weak, lame and repetitive. "Land Shark", there was a parody. "Weekend Update" remains the best part of the show. I wish they would put that on in the first half hour so I could get to bed. "McGruber" will flop and join "Coneheads" as another SNL movie failure. And I paid good money to see "Coneheads".

1593 days ago


Are you freakin serious..........Coneheads...was the best......The Blues Brother's movie sucked.....but true we need to go back to the unscripted SNL......the real comedy, not this BS they call comedy......if ya dont believe me youtube SNL...from the old days Chevy, Gilda, John,Steve Martin....and if it wasnt for SNL we would never know the comedy of THE GREAT GEORGE CARLIN......

1593 days ago


I got much love for RDA. But I would go for Forte.

1592 days ago


i don't even know who they are.
I don't find them attractive at all. Blah.........

1592 days ago


MacGyver Forever!

1592 days ago


The MacGruber skit is okay, but the movie is actually very well made. It's awesome! Funniest movie I've seen all year. MacGruber is better than MacGyver's ***go ass.

1591 days ago

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