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Lindsay's Dad -- She Shouldn't Quit Cold Turkey

5/25/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's father believes that forcing Lindsay to cut herself off from drugs and alcohol ASAP is a bad thing -- and he's getting support from an expert.

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he thinks Lindsay has a problem with prescription pills, but he "doesn't think it's a good idea for her to detox on her own." He feels Lindsay would be best served by "being under a doctor's care."

And according to addiction recovery specialist Dr. Marc Kern -- Michael's logic ain't too far off.

Kern tells us if -- and only if -- Lindsay has a drug problem, "There probably should have been an assessment of her reliance and dependency of substances before they took her off of everything. That would have been a safer method."

Of course, this all assumes that Lindsay actually has a drug problem. 



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I know the judge can only review what's before them on a given day and Lilo's case was about alcohol. I still believe she belongs in a 6 month treatment facility to help her get round the clock support and help her cope with withdrawl. This is one time where Milo is right.

1609 days ago


And now her crazy father is an expert?

1609 days ago


Well thats finally using you noodle. Of course its going to be a nightmare for her to go "cold turkey." She needs a very strong loving support system right now. She needs to see a shrink, someone outside of her circle to walk her thru this... You can do it Lindsay! Get outside your group counseling. I have prayed for you. Lose your friends and family and get an outside shrink (special friend, that has patient's secrets within).

1609 days ago


This hearing was only to set conditions of her bail. The next hearing regarding probation violation could find her being sent to court ordered rehab.

1609 days ago


Lindsay and Dina the Enabler are the ones to blame. When Lindsay is going through withdrawals, they will contact the judge so that the judge will permit her to go to rehab. OR better yet, get a Conservatorship and appoint her father as Conservator. But Lindsay has to admit she is an addict.

1609 days ago


She already has access to doctors, especially the ones over-prescribing Adderall, etc., for her. If she has problems withdrawing from the drugs and alcohol she claims she does not use, she can call a doctor. Her mother probably has a doctor at the ready if she needs help.

1609 days ago


Oh PLEASE! If she has PRESCRIPTION medications in her - the PRESCRIPTION will eliminate the criminal aspect to her drug tests. The SCRAM bracelet is only for alcohol, so not a problem there.
For example, if she has prescriptions for Adderall, Xanax, and whatever else - those come up on the drug test possibly, but they are not illegal because she has a doctor's order for them. It is not for the courts or drug testing to decide if she is taking too much, so the actual levels won't matter. As long as she has the doctor's order for them, she can continue taking them.
This is pathetic.

1609 days ago



1609 days ago


I don't give a sh*t what her dad thinks,he should do, he shoulda given her advice in the begining,this thing sorta happens 2 a few teenage, or 20-something yr-olds,when u make alotta money, all u do is party recklessly,don't giva darn what ur parents say,well,I got over that 6-8 yrs.ago, I'm 32 now, and lindsey has lost respect a long time ago,(thank god I didnt dress up like a ho like she does now),I was wearin jeans & t- shirts 2 the bar,& drinkin my *ss off,I was lucky enough 2 not get dui's,all I gotta say,lilo, you've been given alotta chances, and if u were'nt a celeb, ur *ss would b in jail by now.

1609 days ago


she's not going to stop either by going cold turkey or at a rehab.

1609 days ago


Like it or not, Michael has been correct about this all along. She has a pretty bad addiction and she's wearing it all over the world. He had nobody - as in mother - to help him get her the help she needs. He's stood alone with his past closely following him and all of you flinging it all over him. Thank God he ignored his detractors. Someday, she will realize only one person helped her. The one that mother said was such a bad azz just simply isn't. Dina has pitted her children against this man openly. Shame on her. She's a dismal mother. She didn't even need child support because she was Lindsay's mgr. making millions.

1609 days ago


We know she is an alcoholic. We know she was snorting Cocaine-it was in lines right in front of her with the glazed over look and a rolled up bill in her hand. And finally, we know she takes Aderall. She admitted to that previously.

Three years ago she pled guilty to two counts of Cocaine possession. This is a MAJOR addict with several substances. She needs an in-house rehab situation for a year or so. That is very expensive! And, I do not think she has the money any longer.

1609 days ago


My guess is, she will comply, go to rehab again and shortly after, it will start all over again, it will take a long time. What else can she do at this point? Her career is ruined, her looks are gone, she has no real friends, only party friends. Not to speak of her family, she has no support whatsoever, she is completely alone in this.

She will have to quit not only from drugs and alcohol, but basically also from her life(style). There are only a few examples of actors who really cleaned up their act and were able to find good acting jobs, like Robert Downey, Mickey Rourke, Drew Barrymore, but it took them years. She doesn't have that time I'm afraid.

She has no real life experience, no basis, no education, no responsibility and I'm sorry to say no backbone either. You have to be willing to fight to shut your critics up for good; this is how you get self respect and credibility back. But all she really wants is to be free, which means party all the time without any responsibilities. And she doesn't want to accept help, I remember a fellow actress who saw the danger she was in, reach out to her. wanting to give her advice. Why in the world did she not pick up on that? She lost the goodwill of her peers and the public and I fear that in a way she will be submitted to the system over and over again without any succes, which is really sad.

At first I had good hopes for her, but after seeing her in court yesterday, I doubt whether she understands the gravity of her situation and the consequences.

Child stars grow up with the idea's that producers put into their heads that the public loves them etc etc because they make big bucks, As a child you gladly believe it. But unfortunately when you grow out of "cute", you are just like everybody else and sometimes you will have to work even harder to prove that you are worthy. It came too easy for her and after that she believed she could get away with no matter what.

1609 days ago


@@@ TMZ Did you pay this moron Michael Lohan money for this story? I hope not. I know Lindsay needs to lose the group she has been living with (family and friends) to get her life back on track. Let them all go Lindsay.

1609 days ago


Glad I could help, "cold turkey." Smile...

1609 days ago
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