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Lindsay's Dad -- She Shouldn't Quit Cold Turkey

5/25/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's father believes that forcing Lindsay to cut herself off from drugs and alcohol ASAP is a bad thing -- and he's getting support from an expert.

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he thinks Lindsay has a problem with prescription pills, but he "doesn't think it's a good idea for her to detox on her own." He feels Lindsay would be best served by "being under a doctor's care."

And according to addiction recovery specialist Dr. Marc Kern -- Michael's logic ain't too far off.

Kern tells us if -- and only if -- Lindsay has a drug problem, "There probably should have been an assessment of her reliance and dependency of substances before they took her off of everything. That would have been a safer method."

Of course, this all assumes that Lindsay actually has a drug problem. 



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The difference between this as*hole and my dad is : MY DAD KICKED MY AS* WHEN HE CAUGHT SMOKING a cigarette AT 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1609 days ago


Whatever Michael's motives may be, he is right in that cold turkey with no help at all is a recipe for failure. The old American "pull yourself up by your bootstraps and suffer in silence" for the sake of pride makes addicts, it doesn't fix them.

But that's a step ahead of the game, anyway. The very first thing that has to happen is that Lindsay has to surrender. She has to do the first step of 12 and admit that she has become powerless. She does not see herself as powerless. Her business does not promote or tolerate powerless personalities.
Michael can't fix Lindsay. Only she can. She's not there yet. She may never be. As long as it's still everybody else's fault, and she sees herself as the victim, she will stay right where she is; spiralling downward.
Signed "22 year recovering alcoholic in Texas"

1609 days ago


michael lohan is a **** sorry . i mean lets look at the facts he breaks into his daughters house , to do a welfare check on ali. ok he says that he can do that because of a agreement between him and dina , unfortunately since lindsay is a adult , and agreement between her mom and dad is not binding legally on lindsay , to the point he can just break into her place and such as what he did was a crime . he sends the asking the judge to do basically but not everything he wants , as far as drug testing and scram bracelet , now he is saying that she she could not quite cold turkey , well after what wrote to the judge , what did he think she would do. his attorney and he was happy that the judge was going to order her to do what they want . granted what he truely wanted amounted to be the gestapo conditions . the idea that the judge listened to him to some degree , can be considered judicial misconduct , by the way here is a link to the letter posted on lisa blooms website .

1609 days ago


It would be safer for Lindsay to go to a detox center instead of withdrawing on her own.

1609 days ago


While it would be "easier" for Lindsay to have some medical care during her withdrawal, it is not necessary. As someone mentioned earlier, it is usually only long term alcoholics who face the life threatening withdrawals. I also know first hand that long term, hard core addicts can become sober. I have a family member who was an active alcoholic for 30 years and also abused numerous drugs like coke, crack and valium. That person has now been sober for 9 years and this was a person everyone had given up all hope on.

Lindsay's biggest problem is her mother. If she's never allowed to hit bottom, she will never think she has a problem. Her mother is her biggest enabler and she makes it easy for Lindsay to use because she's always there to protect her and there are never any consequences for her behavior. Jail time could actually save her as it is a consequence her mother can't fix.

1609 days ago


Both Lindsay and her mother say that Lindsay does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol. So she gets to go cold turkey.

1609 days ago


We may end up seeing her on Celebrity Rehab after all. If she doesn't have the money for private care, it is an option. Plus she could get lots of publicity for herself. I just read that Tila Tequla has signed up. Even with just the two of them, the show would break records. I think it would be a huge success. I hope she really reconsiders.

I also think that Dr. Phil would arrange to get her free care in a private facility if she only would ask. Regardless of what you think of him, I think he would do that.

1609 days ago


Michael gets PAID again for interviews. This man's income is all interviews. What happened to fiance Kate Major?? No photos of them together lately. Did they break up?? Lindsay told the court she is NOT drinking and this is what the case is about. The judge has NO proof she is taking drugs or drinking and if she is and still does, then she will fail the drug tests and the monitor will report her. Daddy thinks he is so cool telling the courts what to do. Michael is a convicted felon. NO respect for this man!!!

1609 days ago


Going cold turkey after a prescription meds addiction can cause potentially deadly seizures. It's a bad, bad idea.

1609 days ago


@Carrington blah blah blah, "My kid is 16 and I give him NO choice but to go to his job - that's how you raise a productive adult and not an entitled one."

Sounds like the same choice Lindsay was givin in life, only she was just 12 when her parents started pimping her out. And she had to support them.

1609 days ago


It is very easy to get a conservatorship over someone who is committed, particularly against their will, i.e. a judges order.

Lisa Bloom is no idiot, believe it. Creepy? Yeah. Like Mike and her mom, Gloria.

Mike L. and Lisa B. are crafting a way for him to get control of her and any money she makes. I am sure she gets residuals and whatnot from her old movies/music and they are very willing to take it all.
Mike and Gloria and Lisa, you are all s*** and human parasites.

1609 days ago

Yep I said that    

STHU Lohan you and your stupid ex wife and the main reason your daughter is a mess

1609 days ago


This idiot should keep his mouth shut and quit trying to garner more press for himself. The reason why Lindsay is so messed up is because of him. Anyone with the brain the size of a pea knows that it is not safe to automatically quit drinking and drugs when you use them every day for a long period of time. This jack off needs to keep his ugly mug away from the cameras.

1609 days ago


Lindsey put herself into this situation...she has had rehab and rehab. Let her get all the support she needs and wants with her SCRAM bracelet on. What do they want the taxpayers to pay for her rehab...were she ends up boinking a fellow patient. Rehab isn't going to help her because she is not ready to go. Plus she lied and lied and lied to her attorney with excuses.

1609 days ago


@48 Carrington
That movie Georgia Rule was some of Lindsay's best work so her partying had absolutely no effect on the quality.
Her dad has to decide if he wants to be there for Lindsay or just talk to media i mean he was leaking private conversations he had with Dina about her what father does that?
Also its clear her mother is in denial about Lindsay's issues but she isn't giving interviews almost daily about Lindsay so of course Lindsay is closer with her mother

1609 days ago
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