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Lindsay Lohan

Sized Up in Court

5/24/2010 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked out of the L.A. County Courthouse sporting a brand new fashion accessory -- her court-ordered SCRAM bracelet.

The alcohol monitoring device got a makeover since Lindsay last rocked it back in 2007 -- it's now smaller, sleeker, and lighter. 

Lindsay was put into her new SCRAM bracelet right inside the courthouse, where Judge Marsha Revel also informed Lohan that she would be meeting with a probation officer on Thursday.

Until the judge decides she can remove it -- LiLo must wear the device at all times ... even in the shower.


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I wonder who has to answer it, each time it goes off? Man, he or she must be buuuuuusy today! LOL!

1613 days ago


Did the put the Scram around her neck, hope so that way she gets a electric Jolt If she talks, good Idea??? This wont last I bet the Dog will eat it by Friday. Watch and see. Disgusting women.

1613 days ago


I'm not from the US so I'm a little confused by all of this media attention on the one person.
Did this young woman kill someone, or try to kill someone?
Is she a drug-dealer?
A terrorist, maybe?
Or is this just normal media coverage for when a celeb screws-up?

And why so much hate in the comments?
I honestly don't understand it.

1613 days ago


Thanks Nicole and cali.
Now I'm confused about why they didn't just do the parole violation hearing today. Is it kind of like being charged with a new crime - first there is a preliminary hearing?
Actually I have a very troubled cousin going through pretty much the same thing. She's about the same age as Lindsay too. It's been going on since she was 15 or 16. I think she's finally going to get some jail time. Personally I think that's where she belongs. In my cousin's case her dad was the 'Dina Lohan' influence.
Disgusting - Parents who are too selfish to do what's right for their kids! They belong in jail right along with them.

1613 days ago


What if Lindsay was drunk or stoned and was driving and killed one of your family members? She feels Entitled and she is not taking anything Seriously! You can tell just by the way she was behaving in court today! We want her STOPPED before she does kill someone including HERSELF!She needs a Touch of Reality! Some of her Fans are ANGRY with her! She use to be a great actress! Now look at HER?! She is a DRUNK and DRUGGIE NOW!

1613 days ago


BTW, the judge should have told her to button up her shirt and show some respect in court. Lilo has her shirt unbuttoned practically down to her navel. This isn't a fashion show or topless bar, it's a court of law.

RobG, it's because celebs get special treatment all the time and regular citizens are sick and tired of it. Also, reading about her helps us realize our lives aren't that bad. If you can't understand why people hate on her for drunk driving and failing to seek treatment then you'll never get it. Sorry.

1613 days ago


Here's a valid question -- what about prescription drugs, which is allegedly her main issue, not coke. I assume the random drug testing will determine what is ok to be in her system and what is not (what she has proper need for, etc...) How long do these prescription drugs stay in one's system? If she took 5 barbituates on Monday, would they show on Thursday?

1613 days ago


Lindsay is not happy about the judges order at all. Did you people see her face when the judge said no alcohol or drugs It was like how can she tell me what to do. Its as if no one in her life has told her no. I predict Lindsay will be back in court this week because the scram bracelet will come up positive.I would put my life on it that it comes up positive. or she will not attend a class when she is suppose to.I thought it was funny the judge asked if she attended her uncles funeral and Lindsay said no. Then why didn't she go to her meeting? Busted.

1613 days ago


Why do people always play that card when someone is on the defendants side of what if it was your family member that was involved, injured or killed. Firstly the conditions are extreme as she hasn't hurt anyone and been in substancial complaince with the probation.
Honestly if it did occur and knowing how troubled Lindsay was i wouldn't dispute these conditions. Obviously that would be rock bottom for her and i would hope she sought help for her problems. I don't know if i would ask for leniency for her but i wouldn't write a victim's family impact statement that would negatively impact on her. I think in time i would find forgiveness because she would have to live with her actions for the rest of her life and what happened couldn't be changed.

1613 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I am wondering what she is going to do to get out of using it, IE: what excuse she will come up with as to why the bracelet is not working properly.

1613 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I am wondering what she is going to do to get out of using it, IE: what excuse she will come up with as to why the bracelet is not working properly.

1613 days ago


Nicole I cant figure out if you are being obtuse on purpose or if you are extremely young and niave. Im going to give you the benefit of the doubt. She needs consequences for her actions NOW before something as terrible as KILLING someone happens. You and I had this same discussion the other day and I had thought I had gotten somewhere with you but obviously not. Im not a person that wishs this girl any harm or has hate for her. I want the old Lindsay back, I think the biggest problem in her life is her ******* mother who told her yes yes yes her whole life and made excuse after excuse for her behavior.
The conditions for her parole in the first place were never extreme 3 years to finish 13 classes for someone with virtually no work should have been a cake walk! Three years later she had only done 10! Not in compliance and she was also ordered not to drink alcohol. Come on you would have to be a complete moron not to figure out she was drinking while she was falling out of clubs every night.
She has not been in compliance the judge asked her if she wanted the list of reasons read aloud in court of why she has not been, if they kept pressing the issue of the scram and then they quickly said no.
If you cant get that then I dont know what else to tell you. Besides the rest of the people on here telling you that you are wrong not as nicely as I am. You have the right to your opinion and I have the right to politely disagree.

1613 days ago


Was it not like she should refrain from alcohol consumption but was getting help at the classes? Everyone knows she has been drinking and possibly doing other stuff
I still don't think prison is the best option but i can see your reasoning.

1613 days ago


@Steve and NoBreederRat

Yeah, you're both right.
I've read a bit more about her and it seems like she: a) has serious problems and b) has an attitude.
In my country she'd either be in jail or "sectioned", which is when your next of kin and your doctor agree to have you locked-up in a mental health clinic.
She obviously needs both help and discipline. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

1613 days ago


Hope she beats her addiction and get well.I won,t comment about other things cause I don,t know her,but I really hope that she fight to get her life back-cause its life or death.

1613 days ago
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