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McCready 911: She's 'Taken an Overdose'

5/25/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made this morning by Mindy McCready's mother -- in which she tells the operator, "My daughter has just taken an overdose."


During the call, the country singer's mother tells the dispatcher Mindy admitted to taking Darvocet and another muscle relaxer.

At one point Mindy's mom tells the singer, "You've taken too many pills for me to handle this."

Mindy was eventually taken to the Cape Coral Hospital in Florida -- but as we first reported, she claims she simply had a bad reaction to painkillers and her mother "overreacted."


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Poor, poor Mindy ...    

This idiot will NEVER get her act together. She has the I.Q. of a house cat.

1612 days ago


She's just going to keep doing this and doing this until she kills herself. What a history to leave your child. Stop thinking about yourself and get some real help not that "Dr" Drew stuff, I can't think of one person he has actually helped. Instead he parades them and their personal issues out for his TV show, regardless of how he betrays their confidences or what this type of exposure does to their future. We call it drive by therapy.

1612 days ago


What a shame she got thru rehab and went right back to the drugs again. You would think that her seizure in Celebrity Rehab would have scared her a bit but I guess not!

1612 days ago


I think her mother just wants to make her look bad so she can keep Mindy's child.

1612 days ago


From what I've read elsewhere, McCready and her mom are in a legal battle where Mindy is trying to regain custody of her son. What better way to ensure the daughter does not regain custody than for the mom to undermine the daughter's recovery by casting doubt on her ability to stay sober. The pills were allegedly prescribed for McCready for a broken toe. Who knows what the truth actually is in this pitiful situation?

1612 days ago

My New Name    

"1. This idiot will NEVER get her act together. She has the I.Q. of a house cat." Posted at 1:47 PM on May 25, 2010 by Poor, poor Mindy ...

I'm sorry, I have to speak up about this comment. I take great offense at these words. People are so quick to point fingers and say cruel things in times like these. But, I have to draw the line in this case. My house cat is extremely intelligent and would never do anything that is so stupid that might put her life in danger. As a matter of fact, she has impeccable survival instincts. So please, think twice before you make unfair comparisons. This issue is about Mindy McCready. There is no reason to bring innocent, intelligent and perrrfect creatures like house cats into this ugly situation. Please keep the blame where it belongs. Thank you.

1612 days ago


So now we have two for Dr. Drew?? Tila and Mindy!

1612 days ago


So far has taken muscle relaxers, darvocet and I bet she mixed it with other medications such as xanax which causes seizures and memory loss. She did have a seizure on the show probably from the xanax but of course she blamed it on a fight in which she got beat up years before. This woman is a serious addict and Dr. Drew is enabling her addiction. An opiate addict taking multiple opiates(darvocet) and mixing with other medications is not a relapse??

1612 days ago


Darvocet? What a worthless drug to "OD" on, how boring!

1612 days ago


What a waste of beauty and talent. Please stop doing stories about this pathetic person, Harvey.

1612 days ago


What a waste of beauty and talent. Please stop doing stories about this pathetic person, Harvey.

1612 days ago


So sad when you are trying to get well and you can't even trust your own MOTHER not to have other motives.

1612 days ago


What would Mindy need a muscle relaxer for?? A broken toe? Obviously she still has some sort of difficulty. Her son should remain with grandma and Mindy should go and meet with Drew.

1612 days ago


Listen to the tape-that is not fake! This mother is not lying. Too bad. It was more than a year ago she was TAPING-not airing CELEB REHAB. She's no longer getting well. She should be maintaining her sobriety. She's obviously not doing that.

1612 days ago


Who is this lady? I guess TMZ figures everyone should know who these people are.

1612 days ago
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