Mindy McCready -- My Mom Overreacted

5/25/2010 2:04 PM PDT

Mindy McCready -- My Mom Overreacted

Mindy McCready's rep tells TMZ the singer did not OD on drugs -- she just had a bad reaction to a painkiller and her mom "overreacted."

Brent Young, Mindy's rep, tells us she broke her toe 2 days ago and has been complaining about the pain.

We're told Mindy's mom gave her four Darvocet pills this morning.  Darvocet is a narcotic painkiller.

Young says Mindy told her mom that she wasn't feeling well -- possibly from a bad reaction to the Darvocet -- and her mom "overreacted" and called 911.

McCready and her mom have been fighting over custody of Mindy's son.  Young says McCready's mom may have simply been trying to make her custody argument stronger by calling the paramedics.

Young says he just spoke with Mindy, saying, "She's totally coherent.  She can't believe her mom did this." 

Young says, Mindy wants him to call Dr. Drew to say she hasn't fallen off the wagon.

UPDATE:  Dr. Drew Pinsky just told TMZ ... he's spoken with Mindy over the last few days and there was "no evidence of any relapse."  Pinsky says the Darvocet was an appropriate med for her pain.