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Paul Gray Was

'The Best of Us'

5/25/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Members of the band Slipknot just held an emotional news conference about the death of the band's bassist Paul Gray -- calling him "the essence of the band."

Without their trademark masks, the entire band -- along with Paul's wife -- assembled in Iowa to remember Paul as a "really great friend and person."

Paul's death is currently being investigated by officials. So far, cops don't believe there was any foul play involved.


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im so sorry paul for all the ****ing retards that are being so disrespectful. truth is......they will NEVER impact as many lives as you have. they will NEVER see the world like you did. they will NEVER be important enough to have a press conference and have complete strangers mourn there death and never leave them behind. its so sad to see what all these dumb little bitches have to say....i hope you all get raped with a cork screw. but then pretty sure paul would have gotten a good laugh out of all this. He helped me, he got his grammys, his fame, an amazing life that nobody else will ever be able to experience. tattooed freaks???? you say? along with the other insults.....i feel sorry for those tht think tht hello...its not 1930. im glad uve never heard of them....u werent good enough to be part of all the amazing years of music. but over all. i hope and pry ur in a better place....because nobody but ur friends n fam knew if you where going through sumthing painfull and unforgetable....the greatest stars and musicians come from painfull past. theres a reason for that. i love you u ****ing pig!!!!! lol

1612 days ago


@Ronnie...that was Paul's brother. Not just a band brother...his brother

1612 days ago


hey me not you, you are an idiot. How about you go google Slipknot on your Iphone and get a clue. To all the maggots, RIP Paul you will be missed.

1612 days ago

Music Is Life    

Slipknot has sold more than 10 million albums (cds) who is the clueless one "by me not you"? Since your mom wont let you listen to relevant music, just ask any stranger (obviously you do not have friends) who Slipknot is tehy will confirm. Try to have a degree of sensitivity and humanity as well

1612 days ago


You must be living under a rock... excuse on the pop scene with all the current crap that is played only on your top hit list if you do not know who Slipknot is. Just a band that has changed metal/ hardcore over the past ten years, no big deal though right? Go back and hit play on your Beeber album and check you facts before making a stupid comment.

1612 days ago


Rest in peace paul grey ... we will love u forever ....
and to 'me not you' ... the first one on the comments page .... u never heard of dem ... keep it to urself ... dont say most of the people haven't heard of'em!!! ... its ur lack of knowledge .... i m from a country most of u people haven't heard of ... (bangladesh) ... but i m .. myself a huge fan of slipknot .... their music is wht keeps me alive ....
[P.S. Stp listening lame music of gaga/spears/lohan and all ... and hope one day u will understand wht slipknot is .. and who paul grey was .... ]

1612 days ago


It's really disgusting that people will leave nonsensical comments especially when you don't know what you're talking about. Control yourselves and stop adding the disrespectful words.

My WHOLE family including my 8 yr old are fans of Slipknot. This was a HUGE loss in the metal world. For those of you who have never heard any of their music, listen to a few of their songs. To Paul's family, words can not express the grief I know you are going through. The many talents that Paul possessed will never be forgotten!!!

1611 days ago


Never heard of SlipKnot? Where have you been for the past 10 or 11 years? Love 'em or hate 'em, they're pretty popular. Small rolls in movies, countless tours (Ozzfest, Mayhem, Download.. to name a few big ones), Grammy winners, 5 albums, hell.. They even have costumes for sale and kids dress up as them for Halloween.

I never met Paul Gray but I was lucky enough to see him play with the band 6 times. I wish all the best to his family, friends and the band.

God Bless.

1611 days ago


Thats what you get for doing drugs,stupid idiot
I don't feel sorry for him,i do for those he left behind.

Just pointless

1611 days ago


man....i cant believe this.

1611 days ago


Any band with a DJ is not metal.

1611 days ago


whtever u think .... as i think anybody ... named "moose" is a wannabe ...

1610 days ago


R.I.P Paul and keep on rocking. you wont be forgotten and will be missed.

1610 days ago


This is a very tragic situation. I met Paul a few times. His smile could brighten anyones day. He had so much talent and love to share. I will miss him deeply. I have been a fan for the entire ten years they he been going. Slipknot is no joke. An amazing band with highly intelligent and multi talented members. Its not just teens who listen to them, I am 29, a Coroners Assistant and I still go to their shows. R.I.P Paul, Us MAGGOTS love you.

1603 days ago


Didn't know Paul per say, but can't help but feel such sympathy for his poor mother who probably was and is still so proud of him for the person he became. Drugs ruin everything. Prescription Drug Abuse NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AND CHANGES NEED TO HAPPEN NOW!!!

1586 days ago
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