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Lindsay Lohan Had a Ticket to Ride

5/27/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when she said she had purchased a plane ticket from the South of France to L.A. to return home in time for last Thursday's court hearing.

Lindsay Lohan Had a Ticket to Ride

TMZ has obtained the invoice from the travel agency Lindsay used to book the flight.  According to the Executive Travel and Parking agency in Nashville, Lindsay purchased a $6,860.50 ticket on Swiss International Air Lines, leaving Nice on Wednesday, May 19 at 10:40 AM, stopping in Zurich and ending up in L.A. at 4:40 PM the same day.

The D.A. apparently didn't buy Lindsay's story that she really did buy the ticket before her passport was allegedly stolen.  There was talk in the courtroom about producing proof of the ticket.

Well here it is.


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She was just covering her a@@ after coming up with the idea. I don't believe she lost her passport, I don't believe she intended to take a flight. She is an addict and addicts lie especially if they are trying to save their neck. If she went to jail it wouldn't do any good anyway because she would do a Paris Hilton and make promises she didn't keep.

1557 days ago


Why wasn't it produced at the Monday conference?

Imagine, $6,000 for a one-way plane ticket. Of course, not including her bodyguard and attendants.

1557 days ago


Wow, read the article. TMZ is telling you she bought/booked the ticket and you haters still don't believe it.
The issue is that the DA wanted to see proof by means of a ticket, and here is proof she bought the ticket before she claimed her passport was lost.
Your speculations whether it was shammed are ridiculous. If she had planned on claiming her passport was stolen, in order to get out of court, she would have no reason to buy the ticket. Use your brains.

1557 days ago


People are staying it may be a fake? Wow.

1557 days ago


this is old news people. the tickets should have been brought up 2-3 days ago. continued on with something new. ooohhh, they can't. I agree, Lindsey an adult, and could have decided to go public transport of 3rd class or what ever. let it go already. newer news would be that Lindsey flew over seas for another party, going aganist what the Judge order, that would be news.

1557 days ago


So um, why was she at the airport on Tuesday May 18th trying to board a flight, if this alleged ticket is dated for Wednesday May 19th? TMZ posted the following ON THE 19TH -> " Lindsay claims she actually went to the airport yesterday trying to get on a flight without a passport but was denied boarding. We're told she had a reservation on the flight so she could make it back to L.A. for tomorrow's mandatory court hearing.

Read more:"

Her "people" are trying to pull the wool over the DA's & judge's eyes. If us lowly TMZ readers are smart enough to notice the discrepancy in dates, then surely the DA or the judge will figure it out. Come ON.

1557 days ago


Okay .. the date of issue was 5/18 (Tues) so that means when Lindsey left the US she had no return ticket booked. Why would her return flight not have been booked with her outbound flight?

1557 days ago


It really doesn't matter when she bought the ticket if she decided the moment that she was going to Cannes that her passport would be "stolen."

1557 days ago


Why would we think she was lying? Because TMZ made her out to be a liar?

Good for her. Now she can finish her classes and if she is sent to prison for violation of probation then she will suck it up and go for a few hours or even a few days at the most.

Keep up the Good work Lindsay you don't have anything to prove to all these losers on here who only want to bring you down. Just do what you have to do, everytime you fall get right back up.

1557 days ago


This girl dooes not work and is supposebly in debt, where does she come up with $6800 dollars to pay for airline tickets?

1557 days ago


Oh please, a travel agent in Nashville? That means it was bought by her "agent" or "manager" or whatever she was called, that paid her $10,000 bail money because the stories about that said the money came from Nashville. So this agent/manager person probably has a sister or someone that works in a travel agency and could have easily printing this out.

1557 days ago


They should check with Swiss Air instead of a "travel agent" in Nashville!

1557 days ago


31. You could get the same ticket on for $4356 US. That's a savings of $2500 US. Lindsay got ripped off.

Posted at 3:28 AM on May 27, 2010 by Jamaican sam
No wonder she is having money troubles! She needs to fire whoever is handling her money quick!

1557 days ago


With all of the celebs who would be flying back to LA from Cannes, I cannot believe she did not buy a roundtrip ticket to assure she could get on a flight. Perhaps they should show us what her outbound (to Cannes) ticket looked like compared to this "itinerary."

1557 days ago


Boy even the readers are so cynical...the girl had a ticket. get over it. Stop beating the girl up.....and bravo...finally TMZ wrote something positive about her Thank you. She shouldn't be everybody's target for the day.

1557 days ago
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