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Lindsay Lohan Had a Ticket to Ride

5/27/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when she said she had purchased a plane ticket from the South of France to L.A. to return home in time for last Thursday's court hearing.

Lindsay Lohan Had a Ticket to Ride

TMZ has obtained the invoice from the travel agency Lindsay used to book the flight.  According to the Executive Travel and Parking agency in Nashville, Lindsay purchased a $6,860.50 ticket on Swiss International Air Lines, leaving Nice on Wednesday, May 19 at 10:40 AM, stopping in Zurich and ending up in L.A. at 4:40 PM the same day.

The D.A. apparently didn't buy Lindsay's story that she really did buy the ticket before her passport was allegedly stolen.  There was talk in the courtroom about producing proof of the ticket.

Well here it is.


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Lindsay's middle name is Dee. There is no way she could have boarded a flight with a name on a ticket that doesn't match her passport.

1609 days ago


Only a one-way ticket? Since this was a business trip, why didn't the movie company buy her ticket?

Where are the pictures of her getting a new passport? And the passport it really a new passport?

1609 days ago


Since I am a simple member of the down-trodden workingclass,could someone tell me what the F**K kind of extras you get for a seat costing over $6k???????? The flight was from Switzerland not outer space. And where does this slag get that kind of cash to throw around??

1609 days ago


This is an itinerary, not a ticket, which is precisely what the DA or judge (can't remember which) said at the time. Not new news.

1609 days ago


Well that's what happens when everyone thinks you are a liar. No one believes you even when you tell the truth.

1609 days ago


About the name: I googled "Lindsay Denise Lohan" and got 9 hits. Googled "Lindsay Dee Lohan" and got more than 1.5 million hits. But it's possible that she started out as Denise and changed to Dee later. Just odd that if she really did change to Dee (many states don't require a formal name change as long as you're consistent about use of the new version), odd that Denise turns up on the itinerary here. But she was born in New York, maybe her legal name is still Lindsay Denise Lohan there? Even if the itinerary printout is faked or back-dated, somebody doing it thought her middle name was Denise. Maybe that does match her passport?

Still can't figure out why a round-trip ticket wouldn't be purchased, though, or why she couldn't just produce the real ticket rather than this printout. Or how she managed to get to the airport without a single pap on her trail... Wouldn't there be a record with the airline if she tried to board but was refused for lack of a passport, in addition to a record of her actually having a ticket when she said she did? Wouldn't somebody remember the infamous Lindsay Lohan trying to get on a plane but being turned away? How did she get to the airport? Did she really go all by her lonesome- no friend, no assistant, no bodyguard??? Should Lindsay offer workshops to celebs trying to evade the paps and walk unnoticed amongst all the common people? It does sound so... miraculous.

1609 days ago


This proves nothing!
She obviously bought it, thought the ashy skies would stop the flight and she would get a refund. Ashes blew away and ooops she had to lose the passport somehow, probable flushed it down the toilet. This girl may be stupid about her lifestyle of alcohol and drugs, but she is no fool when it comes to backing up her lies!

1609 days ago


The people who claim that just because she had this initenary means she had a ticket and was planning to board are just plain dumb. I've gone to other countries on a visa waiver (like Lindsay did) and you are usually required to prove a return flight. However, sometimes you don't know exactly *when* you plan on coming back- so what do you do? you buy a round trip ticket with a changeable date- you can usually alter the date of departure for up to a year for 100-200 dollars tops. The date on your itinerary proves absolutely nada. OF COURSE she bought a return ticket- she was always planning on coming home eventually. The point is, her buying a ticket for the 19th doesn't mean she was ever planning on coming home on the 19th, because she knew right from the start she would change the date, which is what she did in the end when she took the new flight home.

Yes she got a new passport made- that's easy. Anyone can claim their passport got lost and get a new one even if the old passport is right in their purse- some people do this to evade visa limitations and so forth (for example, you can only enter a country once a year for 90 days but if you "lose" your passport and get a new one, no one will see the stamp and you'll be able to enter on visa waiver again for 90 days in the same year..). There was no police report or the lost passport, you'd think a celebrity would report her passport getting stolen, especially since she claimed she did. TMZ didn't convince people she was a liar, she did that all on her own by, you know, lying. Cannes police had no reason to issue a statement saying Lindsay didn't report her passport as stolen if she had in fact reported it.

1608 days ago


iwishicna get that money i wud leave my state!!!!

1608 days ago


it looks like a fake. NO BAGGAGE FARE! do you really think she didn't check a bag? also, its not issued by the airline. i think the girl DOES need help, and it seems like she is doing well so far, but that ticket is a FAKE!

1608 days ago


Yeah it doesn't make any sense, and didn't she report her passport stolen 2 days earlier? The printout is from the day before the flight.

1607 days ago


I can't believe some of you actually like this talentless hag. God Bless her? Give me a break. She's trash and deserves to go to jail. Anyone normal citizen would be behind bars now. F Lindsey and F you dopes who support her!

1601 days ago
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