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Bruce Beresford-Redman Custody -- His Story

5/27/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got a copy of the documents filed in the Bruce Beresford-Redman custody case ... and as we first reported, Bruce's parents have filed to terminate their guardianship which would clear the way for him to regain custody of his children.

Bruce Beresford-Redman Custody
Bruce submitted a declaration which says, "While I was in Mexico following Monica's death, I am now back in the United States ... As Camila's and Alec's biological parent, it is my desire to immediately resume my  full custodial and parental responsibility ... and I am capable and fit to do so."

Bruce then says he supports his parents move to terminate the guardianship.

In the papers, Bruce cites a therapist who says it would not be in his children's best interests to attend their mother's memorial service this coming Sunday  -- which is being organized by Monica's sisters, who are at odds with Bruce.  He says, "It would be healthier for the children to participate in a small, quiet and private memorial for their mother."

And there's a big fight because Bruce wants to change the visitation rights of Monica's sisters -- from this Sunday to Saturday.  The reason -- Bruce fears the sisters will take the kids to Monica's memorial on Sunday.

As for the guardianship, Monica's sisters are saying they don't want the judge to ramrod a change just yet ... they want the judge to wait and see if Bruce is arrested for Monica's murder.


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1608 days ago


Yikes! Yeah right!

1608 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

How did he get back in the U.S. from Mexico with out a pass port? Is anyone looking into this? Did he murder his wife? *I'm just ask'en..

1608 days ago


This is one sick SOB I pray for the kids sake they lock him up sooner rather than later. You killed their Mother you sick POS how screwed up your children will be for life thanks to your selfish actions. You are just another OJ Simpson and with some luck you will be chilling in a jail cell just like him very very soon. Poor kids had to lose their Mom so violently they will never look at you the same again. They will know what you are and that is certainly not a father or a man a real man would never have done something so heinous to the mother of his children. Sick POS this guy is!!

1608 days ago


Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

1608 days ago

bring back recent posts    

hahahaha...Simone is back..where is balls?

1608 days ago


God forbid they attend a memorial for their Mother. His whole family is trying to make them forget they ever had one. Don't hold your breath waiting for this "small, quiet, and private memorial". I'm sure there won't be one. What an unbelieveable ass. I hope their Mother's sisters can at least get visitation so they can remember her through them. Obviously their father's not going to be of any help.

1608 days ago


kowalski the troll is back to defend his boyfriend. LMAO at how heated he gets about his lover Bruce. Awwwww..

1608 days ago


The Burgos gravy train has left the station, can a out of country move be far behind?

1608 days ago


So who will look after the kids when he is hauled off to jail? Seems their Mom wanted them to be cared for by her side of the family - Poor kids -

1608 days ago


I wonder how much money he (or his agent) paid the Mexican cops to not file charges against him

1608 days ago


Big time lier and killer!!
How is gonna be in the future and the his kids begin to ask about the mother and what really happened to their mother, the future ofr this guy is dark!!!

1608 days ago


Big time lier and killer!!
How is gonna be in the future and the his kids begin to ask about the mother and what really happened to their mother, the future ofr this guy is dark!!!

1608 days ago


OMG, first this murderer fled Mexico came back here illegally and now wants the children he had with his dead wife. What's the deal? If he is not sent back to Mex. to face charges and gets the kids it means that the system is F$*@%D.

1608 days ago


Omg. This guy brutally killed his wife, fleed Mexico illegally, and now wants custody? Please tell me someone sane will stop this. Wtf? This is nuts!

1608 days ago
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