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Dre vs. Diddy

Who'd You Rather?

5/27/2010 6:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Music moguls Dr. Dre, 45, and Diddy, 40, united at an event in NYC on Wednesday.

Question is ... 


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Dustin why are u so mad at black men..jealous much?

1607 days ago


Neither, not into black men.

1607 days ago


Oh Dusty, give it a rest already. We all know you don't like black people and no one really cares - it's your problem and clearly you love dwelling in it.

I on the other hand, I love all people, skin color is irrelevant. And fyi; neither of these sell or need to sell crack or anything else. Both men are quite successful & wealthy entertainers. Um is that your problem with them Dusty, or is your mother a crackwhore, methwhore or just a whore in general? Perhaps you should aim your anger in her direction as she is the one who slept with your uncle for a hit and out pops your inbred azz! Tell her to stay off her knees and away from your hillbilly relatives, this country is full of inbred's living in trailer parks! Keep inbreeding, stay dumb and roll over and give your toothless sister a kiss!

1607 days ago



I love black men, just not ugly sleazy black men with delusions of grandeur

1607 days ago

Laughing & Pointing    

This question is directed at gay men because they're both gay in "real life."

1607 days ago

Your Momma    

Dustin sounds like he is angry with black men, of course he must be white. You know what they say about the size of white men's packages versus black men, white women just absolutely love it. That is probably why Dustin is so angry about black men. Don't worry Dustin, now a days they have pills, implants and excercises that might can help you, your girlfriend may not mind if it is artificial. As far as the TMZ question, I would not have either of them, I think they are both ugly.

1607 days ago

Bobby Joe    

@Your Momma: Assuming he is white is racist. You are a racist.

1607 days ago

Yo babydaddy    

You don't have to be White to hate blacks!

1607 days ago


Oh please don't start the bigger d*ck crap. It has nothing to do with race. I've been with white guys that have very big ones and black men that are just average and vice versa. Although I will say I've never met any Arab man that didn't have a big d*ck but they aren't a part of this discussion, lol.

Everyone needs to quit with the racist crap. And please don't try to fight racism with racism. It makes you look just as pathetic.

I picked Diddy. He looks younger and his fingers are longer and more slender, haha. If he wasn't so into himself he would be a very attractive man.

1607 days ago


Please. This Dustin idiot only will bring something up like this to get a rise out of people. He obviously has nothing better to to than Write idiocy. Don't reply to this crap. It makes some of you look as racist as he is.

My advice to Dustin is that he gets back behind the counter and make me my cheeseburger. And don't forget, no onions.

1607 days ago


TMZ needs to put a "neither" or "either" on their "Who you'd rather".

1607 days ago


of course the guy dustin is white...becuz he wouldnt be black talkin bout black ppl...duhh...and if u r racist or dont wanna bang any of thhese guys den dont say Sh**...keep it moving to a differ page..

1607 days ago


Dr. Dre is a vicious woman beater far worse than Chris Brown. When Chris beat up Rhianna, it was out of anger, but when Dr. Dre picked up 110lb Dee Dee Barnes and slammed her into a door, he justified it by saying "she shouldn't have been talking sh*t." In my book he's the worse kind of loser.

1607 days ago


Both are equally repugnant to look at. To those who say black men are better endowed than white men, that's a myth. Also, notice how the vast majority of black male/white female couples, the woman is always gutter.

1607 days ago


no this is going way to far the question was not fowarded right as far as producers i like dre beats dre music better than puffy, thats all as far as dustin he needs to grow up and stop hatin blac people and get some help, or join the kkk they are devils..sorry for ignorance

1607 days ago
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