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Bandleader Pissed Over 'American Idol' Snub

5/27/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_ricky_miner_EX_Getty_01TMZ has learned ... one of the key players who made "American ldol" a success was so pissed last night after the show, he chewed out "A.I." producers backstage.

Rickey Minor -- who has been the bandleader for 6 seasons  -- is leaving A.I. to head up Jay Leno's band on "The Tonight Show."

Minor was fit to be tied after no one thanked him or wished him well -- hell, they didn't even acknowledge him during last night's finale.

Our "A.I." spies tell us ... when the show was over Minor went off on producers, angrily telling them how insulted he was by their silent dis.

Minor refused to go backstage for the champagne afterparty.  But producers pleaded with him and then got Randy Jackson to try and smooth it over with an unprepared speech.

Minor then said a few words but we're told, "You could cut the bitterness with a knife."

We're told Minor recanted and went to the afterparty -- but he was still fuming mad.


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call the wamulance... so annoyed at all the drama llamas... former AI band members that whine when they don't get a good bye nod just want to be noticed... LOLZ

1589 days ago


Don't worry, folks, this is just a Minor incident.

1589 days ago


Why should he be thanked- that is one of the worst bands in the history of TV- they drown out the singers and are no better than a karoake tape- dude is lucky to have a job

1589 days ago


All this guy did on A.I. is lead the band Simon was a judge and front and center since day one. Not many probably even knew his name they could change band leaders every show or for every contestant for that matter and nobody would notice or even care. If he was looking for fame and be known Idol is not the place. A.I. purpose is to find the next big musical artist not the next great bandleader

1589 days ago


hmmm...someone has a seriously inflated sense of self-importance. He's staff. No one ever tuned in to see him. Cash your last paycheck and move on.

1589 days ago


considering the number of former contestants that can't even sing that were brought to the stage - Rickey Minor should have been mentioned. They mention him during the season several times.

I also noticed that Casey James neglected to introduce Bret Michaels. Every other guest singer was introduced by name but Bret Michaels - clearly Casey missed his cue.

1589 days ago


Boohoo, that's your job dumb ass. If you were there working for charity or donating your time I might feel a little bit bad for you but this is your job so deal with it.

1589 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Flip Wilson, I do appreciate ur one liners..keep em comin! lol

1589 days ago


. . . and he should have been upset. Ricky and his band have helped make AI the success it is. Ryan and the contestants have always acknowledged them in past seasons and this year it's as if they didn't exist. A couple of the contestants early on acknowedged the band and then Ryan would hurriedly change the subject. Would it have hurt to acknowledge them last night, even if they didn't want to mention that they were leaving the show as well?

AI has gotten too full of itself and I won't be watching it any more. Contestants, and especially winners, are looking like they came out of the same cookie cutter, the faces are becoming too lilly white and the show has lost it's appeal. It's now a popularity contest instead of a singing contest, the judges are a wreck (especially Ellen -- no value whatsoever), etc., etc., etc.

They need to discontinue the show and let it retire gracefully with relatively still decent ratings instead of letting it continue to slide downhill until it completely bombs out! Just like that horrible medley with the group Chicago last night, sometimes you have to know when to fold 'em and it's time for AI (and Chicago) to fold 'em!!

1589 days ago


This guy was nothing more than a karaoke producer. Did you ever notice it was contestants who had actual creativity made the most with the cover songs. The ones who didn't and relied on him and he gave them standard tracks. He then used the leverage of the show ratings to go to Leno...not that he was this creative genius...but a guy who can dish out the basic music on a continuous basis.

No need to wish him luck...he already got more than his share of luck by being hired by Idol and able to ride their coat tails for 10 years and now a new gig at Leno. More power to him...but don't cry about only focuses people on your deficiencies.

1589 days ago


He should have been recognized. Tom Bergeron gave kuddos every week to the Dancing With The Stars band. Why bash him for going on to be a successful bandleader with a daily job versus a few weeks a year? Like so many other Americans maybe he wants more out of life.

1589 days ago


If you watched Idol these past years, you would know who Ricky Minor is - a integral part of helping these contestants get their acts together. Remember how, after singing "Play that Funky Music," Adam Lambert made a point of thanking Minor and the boys for finding that arrangement for him - "they made it work." Yes, Idol should have noted his contributions. Bad form.

1589 days ago


He better get used to being treated like crap if he is going to work for Jay backstabber Leno.

1589 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Haha, he's gonna have to swallow all that anger and shuck and jive for Master Leno. "Yessir, Master Leno, you shoooor is funny....hyuk hyuk...why yes is a funny old white man....hyuk hyuk hyuk...."

1589 days ago


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1589 days ago
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