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Ryan Seacrest

The Next Simon Cowell?

5/28/2010 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is only one person who could replace Simon Cowell on "American Idol" ... someone famous, someone critical, and someone with a penchant for tight clothing ... someone like Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest
A TMZ user named April made the suggestion on Thursday's TMZ Live -- and when we got to thinkin' ... it made perfect sense. 

Seacrest knows the show -- he knows the music -- and he has a great rapport with the rest of the judges.

Plus, it would be way easier to plug in a new host than force another awkward, unfamiliar person to sit at the judges' table .... we're talkin' about you Kara.

So we gotta ask ...


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I'm a Seacrest fan, but I don't know that I see him in the role of judge. Maybe. He would certainly be a better choice than some of the other names people have suggested. Howard Stern? No. Elton John? Good luck with that one. Madonna? I will not be subjected to her fake British accent and pretentious attitude for an entire season. No thanks.

Neil Patrick Harris was great as a guest judge earlier this season. He had no problem being honest (and occasionally snarky)and was a better judge than Ellen has been this whole season. (I like Ellen, but we don't need two Randys on the panel - sitting there giving mostly useless feedback.) He came across as someone who knew what he was talking about and was not afraid to give his opinion - even if it wasn't what the contestant wanted to hear. That's EXACTLY what AI needs more of in the judging department.

If not NPH, how about another record label guy - they need someone like Simon who has experience identifying and developing new talent... and who is not afraid to tell the truth, be harsh when necessary, etc. Kara has the potential to provide helpful criticism to the contestants, but she is not consistent in that and I don't think she'll grow into the role quickly enough. Plus, her behavior during at least one Casey James performance this season (I think it was Heaven) was just disrespectful of the performer, performance, and audience. She isn't there to act like an idiot (at least not all the time), but to listen to the performance, watch it, and then critique it. Too often this season the judges have seemed like they aren't even paying attention to the performances and then they babble and make jokes and waste everyone's time when they should be providing actual feedback these performers can use.

Anyway, four judges is too many. They should trim it down to three and either Ellen or Randy should be the ones to go. More singing and less time-wasting. Simon was really the only judge whose opinion anyone consistently wanted to hear (Kara, occasionally). I'll give AI a chance next season but I can't guarantee I'll stick around.

1611 days ago


Lance Ryan can go Bass fishin'...

1611 days ago


Replace Simon with Harry Connick, Jr. He's the only one I think would be honest, fair and entertaining. He was impressive as a mentor.

1611 days ago


After watching some of the older Idol shows, and comparing it to
this years,they need to change the name of it to THE RYAN SEACREST
SHOW". Really, it seems to be all about RYAN. In earlier shows,
he actually allowed the contestants to speak. Now, he never shuts
up! Because Ryan is always yapping, the poor singers have to cut their singing time down to 1 1/2 minutes-instead of singing the entire song. I am finding it hard and harder to watch the show. Also- stop doing shows with Sinatra songs, or Elvis songs, or specific singers, AND then the judges are critical of the singers-by telling them "it is not your type of song, or it makes you look older...or they are out of their elements.." THEY are the ones forcing them to sing them! Just pick a 60's songs
or 70' is MUCH more interesting that way. As far as a new
judge////PLEASE not P'D"Idiot or whoever he is...I can't STAND
that man. Kara D'Guardi has got to GO. Bret Michaels would be
perfect for Simons spot. Take it back to three judges, and put
a muzzle on Ryan Seacrest.

1611 days ago


I am sick of the theme weeks on the show. They prevent artists from being them selves.

1611 days ago


The obvious choice for Simon's replacement is Bret Michaels!!!!!!

1611 days ago


Best option for a judges replacement is Gene Simmons. The guy has all the music and business cred and is a larger than life personality.

1611 days ago


For God's sake, Fox, do ANYTHING to get Simon to return!!!! There is NO American Idol without him.

1611 days ago


What we really would like to see is Janet Jackson as a Judge for American idol. She is someone who is accomplished as an artist .
She would definitely make a great judge by the response to her appearance on the show .
How come TMZ has'nt posted a poll to see if JanetJackson should replace Simon Cowell ?

1611 days ago


Ryan represents all that is wrong with TV today. He's rude,stupid,mean-spirited and boring. He's so incredibly annoying. Bring back some class to TV, what a day that would be. Get rid of Kara too, she's a little twit.

1611 days ago


Ryan represents all that is wrong with TV today. He's rude,stupid,mean-spirited and boring. He's so incredibly annoying. Bring back some class to TV, what a day that would be. Get rid of Kara too, she's a little twit.

1611 days ago


Idol is going downhill fast. The judge situation is a mess without Simon. Who cares what Randy, Kara and Ellen have to say? Maybe someone like Elton John or Madonna could work but four judges takes up too much time and if Ryan were a judge he'd just sit there and talk for an hour. Also the contestants they had this season were boring. They need someone like Adam Lambert who can provoke a reaction out of the audience other than a yawn. I'm just not sure they can find one.

1611 days ago


how about choices like

[x] who gives a crap?

1611 days ago


Kudos to TMZ for giving April credit! I appreciate your integrity!

1611 days ago


My problem with Idol is:
a) Who the hell is Kara? I'd never even heard of her before Idol
b) Why is Ellen - a comedienne and actress - a judge on AI?
c) Randy never has any real input, why is he there?

I say start afresh with new judges who actually have some knowledge of the music industry and have become famous through their successes.

1611 days ago
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