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Mrs. Garrett: Gary Coleman Was Our 'Big Star'

5/28/2010 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's TV housekeeper is shocked and deeply saddened by his death -- especially because she got the tragic news shortly after hearing he was in the hospital.


Charlotte Rae
-- who played Mrs. Garrett on "Diff'rent Strokes" -- said she saw a TV report this morning that Gary was hospitalized. A few hours later she got the news he had passed away.

Rae, 84, tells TMZ "I said a prayer for him this morning after hearing about his condition. Gary was so loving, so charming. He was the big star of the show."

Rae also starred in the "Diff'rent Strokes" spin-off, "The Facts of Life" -- which might never have happened without Gary's success. 

"He was the reason the show was a hit."


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When Gary was on the tv show Insider back in February he became angry with an attorney who was asking him if he beat his wife.He became enraged and stormed off the set. During the interview he made a comment that he got a scar on his head from falling down the stairs.It was sort of like he was saying that his wife beat him.I wonder if this was the fall where he received the head injury which later lead to the fatal brain hemorrhage.

1574 days ago


People should demand that the D.A. Investigate-THE-WIFE!!!!

Everyone believes she killed him (and probably hopes
to make money writing a book about him -- which no one
should buy ... just like her story that he "fell"!!!!

They had a marriage-of-convenience.

Now the tragic life of that man has ended and ...
it looks like "he's dead because of the redhead"!!

1574 days ago

Gary Fan    

Gary got mistreated as a kid. His life got screwed up because of that environment he grew up in. And then he had no money to show for it when he hit the age of majority.
RIP Gary. Wherever he is he's having a good time with Dana and Dixie.

1574 days ago


Mrs. G is the BEST!!! Totally true -- No Arnold = No Tootie, Blair, Jo, or Natalie... Peep that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1574 days ago


Mrs. G is a total class act!!! No Arnold = no Tootie!!!!!!! Thank about that...

1574 days ago

junior c    

I am Gary's long lost son from that wild night in Fresno. He wanted me to have all his tv memorabilia, especially Kimberly's rape episode panties. Rest in peace, dad.

1574 days ago


It slays me how everybody gets so warm and fuzzy when someone suddenly dies. Especially someone they had no trouble kicking hard while he or she was alive. Gary was an know it, we all know it. There was nothing *adorable* about him for the last 20 years! I doubt anybody seriously gave a crap and was probably relieved to see the little SOB finally go.

1573 days ago



Also no George Clooney. Facts of Life got him noticed.

Mrs. G is the BEST!!! Totally true -- No Arnold = No Tootie, Blair, Jo, or Natalie... Peep that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1573 days ago


I really think she had something to do with his demise. Then getting someone to take those pictures, I believe that was all planned.

1564 days ago


RIP Gary! If Shannon don't have money for a funeral why didn't she let his family take him back to his home time. What she's waiting for a hand out. Your meal ticket is over, get a job. You are a big joke

1564 days ago


According to the report, Shannon told officers that the two had been in bed ... when she asked Gary to go downstairs and fix her some food. Shannon claimed Gary fell shortly after leaving the room. However in the 911 call, she said he just got home. Whenever trauma and domestic violence is involved the cause of death should always be investigated by police(that's law). Also in 2008 on Divorce Court video, she stated she always had good health. This was when they were talking about having a baby, but now she's sickly, seizes, in a wheelchair and needs throw up bin. If Shannon wasn't spending all Gary's money in Las Vegas being pampered she would have money for his funeral. Police need to do their job. I wonder why their not. Utah this is 2010 not 1950.

1554 days ago
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