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Heidi Not Ready to Pull Trigger

6/1/2010 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag wants Spencer Pratt to keep his distance from her ... but she's not ready to file divorce papers ... according to her best friend.


TMZ broke the story ... Heidi separated from Spencer and is moving to Malibu with BFF Jennifer Bunney

0601_bunney_small_tmzBunney tells us Heidi felt an obligation to "The Hills"
to stick it out until the show wrapped.  Curiously,
Bunney says she and Heidi will shoot a Malibu-based reality show this summer.

Heidi has not made up her mind on whether she'll
divorce her hubby, Bunney says.

As for why the marriage hit the skids, Spencer, Heidi says, was so controlling she lost her friends and family.  And now, we're told, Heidi's mom wants to reconcile with her daughter.  No word if Heidi will be receptive.


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any truth to Spencer being behind the production of the new reality series???? If so then I think that proves this is just another publicity stunt to get viewers for the new show. If he is as crazy as he appears on tv then I cant see Heidi just walking away & doing her own show~abusive relationships dont end that way in real life.

1576 days ago


Why do you people--and all the rest of the media--give so much publicity to this pair of boring, no-talent dreck. They feed on this publicity like hungry pigs at a trough. No one gives a damn about then, everyone wishes they would just go away.

1576 days ago


Publicity stunt. This timed perfectly with her new show which is supposedly about her relationship troubles. Drama sh*t as usual from these two wastes because they know idiot people will watch them on TV. Just wait, she will file papers only during her new show and then conveniently reconcile with Spencer and he will appear regularly in front of the camera. How can anyone actually believe anything from these mindless media wh*res.

1576 days ago


Is there anyone actually intrested in watching this skeezball in another reality show trying to pick up guys when she is still married to Captain Insaino? She never intended to divorce him, thats why she never actually moved out and only was "looking to move out"! People who want to get away just do, they dont talk about it!

1576 days ago


She has a man face.Wonder if she has man hands too?

1576 days ago


These two are fame whores. She will file for divorce if that will get her more media attention. I wish sites would quit posting anything about these two so their fifteen minutes of fame would come to an end.

1576 days ago


We are ready to hire her...I need to test drive her though

1576 days ago


Who Cares??? OMG people break up everyday. She is no Beyonce or Barbara Streisand worthy of a celeb web site.. geeez.

1576 days ago


I almost fell asleep listening to her. I'm glad someone had the good sense to cut off that last question.

I pressed the Full Screen button. I am ashamed that I just discovered it and pressed it on this video.

I will go and spank myself now.

1576 days ago


Can she put the gun in her mouth before she pulls the trigger??

1576 days ago


This one is actually kind of hard to call. While Heidi is talentless and a desperate for media attention I don't think she is genuinely crazy. Spencer on the other hand really is a nut job. So it is possible she really wants out.

1576 days ago


Spencer's production company is involved with this new reality show.

Spencer and Heidi are absolutely still together, but are going to act otherwise to promote this new show.

What are they going to do, when this show does not take off, which it won't because nobody truly believes they are apart.

I feel bad for the families, because they have total nut jobs for offspring.

They are probably wondering what they did wrong in raising them.

1576 days ago


Yes they are Freaks, and that's being kind. But for some insane reason, I like to watch this show. I really can't put my finger on why, I just like to watch it. They should call it Bitches & Brats.

Spencer needs to have an attitude adjustment which would include
putting those Crystals in a place where he'll never forget them.

The title of the new show should be:
Spencer & Heidi-The New Matrix BiPolar Transformers.

1576 days ago



1576 days ago


Darlene, don't hold your breath. The day these two divorce will be the day hell freezes over.

1576 days ago
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