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Heidi Montag -- Spencer Held Me Hostage!

5/29/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Heidi Montag is pulling the plug on her marriage mainly because Spencer Pratt has taken away her friends and family.


TMZ broke the story yesterday that Heidi has separated from Spence.  We're told she has been complaining bitterly that Spencer is so controlling he isolated her from all her friends.

The final straw, however, was earlier this month, when Spencer called the cops on Heidi's mom when she came a callin'.

0529_jennifer_bunney_3And, Heidi is saying, she wants to break into acting but says people in Hollywood don't want to work with her because she has "a loose cannon of a husband."

We're told Heidi will be renting a Malibu beach house with Jennifer Bunney (right), one of her best friends.  As Heidi herself puts it, "I want more girl time."

Bunney tells TMZ ... "Heidi has spent so much time with Spencer and now she wants to be able to spend more time with herself and friendships." 

And Bunney says ... she and Heidi will be doing their very own reality show which begins filming in July, which will focus on their relationship struggles and ... of course ... plastic surgery.

So we ask ...


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Hey Spence now that you and Hedi are no longer and she got what she wanted from you just think no more booty calls. As for Hedi, your not even in Megan Fox's class. Hedi has no claim to fame all she has are big boobies. Hedi now that you left Spence you did him a favor. Don't forget the Hill's isn't going to last for ever and there are alot of better actors than you in Hollywood who can do a better job. Big Boob actress' do make alot of movies in Hollywood. You would be a bad choice fot the Transformers.

1587 days ago


Sorry Spencer, Heidi wanted a real man. :-)

1587 days ago


WOW!! RUN HEIDi, RUN!!!It must be done for her to make a public comment like that. There is still a stigma attatched to their type of relationship. He has been behind her every move. She's really Heidi from some corn state, right?? GOOD FOR HER!! ALL THE BEST HEIDI!!! Run Girl, Don't waalk or look back!!

1587 days ago


On another site Ms Bunny said that Heidi and Spencer where not "legally separated" and that she and Heidi will be filming her new show in a house in Malibu. But that Spencer will most likely show up from time to time. So no they have not split up.

1587 days ago


Heidi has totally messed up her body ,thanx 2 spencer,I think most guys would say, the body's fine just the way it is,she was'nt that bad lookin in the first place,what a dumass in that form!

1587 days ago


Heidi wants to act?? She can't even play HERSELF in a reality show!! Please, no acting. That face couldn't crack a real emotion before the surgery, and it looks like it's too stiff to make any real expressions now. And please, none of that cat-howling she calls singing, either!

I was shocked to see her latest face! She looks like she's in her late 40's! All that surgery did nothing but make her look old & used up.... well, a few years sooner than expected...

She'll probably wind up doing porn.

1587 days ago


The problem with this whole excuse of hers is... not only do I think he is a nut case but I truly can't stand her either... So with him or without him... PLEASE JUST MAKE THEM BOTH GO AWAY!! :)

1587 days ago


yep here it is...all a all of you Laguna Hills freaks have to stop watching this crap to get it to stop!

1587 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Heidi Montag should have left this douche-bag a long time ago. This guy has bad vibes he's so negative and I don't even know him I could just tell he's genitive just by the way he speaks.

I would NEVER let a man talk to way the man talks about Heidi mother.

1587 days ago


Do we ever really get the whole scoop anyway? It could be that that the whole thing is just to keep her in the limelight as a PR exercise. Or maybe she's just one of those girls that always seem to attract the wrong guys.

One thing is for certain, she'll milk it for all it's worth.

1587 days ago


Another story these two have concocted to stay in the tabloids. FAKE FAKE FAKE

1587 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

0. Heidi Montag should have left this douche-bag a long time ago. This guy has bad vibes he's so negative and I don't even know him I could just tell he's genitive just by the way he speaks.

I would NEVER let a man talk to my mother the way he talks about Heidi's mother.

1587 days ago


Too bad this wasn't before the major slice & dice of herself!

1587 days ago


"37. Heidi wants to act?? She can't even play HERSELF in a reality show!! "

LOL! That is so true.

1587 days ago


She should actually dump him instead of pulling a stunt. It's funny thats all they are famous for now. Being 2 low rent fringe reality show contestants. They don't have a show to go on because no one wants them because their both talentless and disgusting people. Spencer has no business leaving the house because he's a hideous human being and the ENTIRE world hates his guts with a passion. Heidi got so much surgery whatever image she had is now ruined because literally NO ONE but porn companies want plastic beauty.

You might of had a chance at getting a few good films if you didn't look like a plastic monster. NO ONE wants people with bad obvious plastic surgery, especially well do***ented surgeries of that magnitude. She should of realized she wasn't the star of the Hills or any show of that matter and she should of stayed out of the public eye until she wanted to be an actress and then took classes. She ruined whatever chance she had by going the controversial reality whore who will get every surgery in the book to keep up with natural beauty when she had it way before the surgeries. She looks hideous now and the only people that would want what she has is s***my guys and porn companies. I doubt she has talent but if she did she has no shot at legitamacy.

1587 days ago
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