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Janet Jackson -- Taking it On the Road

5/28/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Janet Jackson was so "blown away" by the positive reaction to her appearance on the "American Idol" finale that she's "seriously entertaining" a concert tour ... that could begin before the end of the year.

Janet was amazing on Wednesday's "Idol" -- performing "Again," "Nothing," and "Nasty."  We're told as of today a concert tour is now on the front burner.

Miss Jackson -- who has only toured once since 2002 (and a bulk of that tour was canceled) is also set to appear at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on July 2.


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I didn't think she was that great. No way $100 for lip synching.

1611 days ago


She is great if you like someone who fake sings, and half ass dances around the stage. No thanks. She kinda sucked.

1611 days ago


Janet lost me as a fan after Oprah interview, talking about "addiction"... THIS WAS RIGHT BEFORE MURRAY TRIAL. Jacksons need to hire someone just to monitor their stupid words/actions & stop before it happens! I don't care what she does from now on. JANET HOW ABOUT HIRING A LEGAL TEAM SO WE MAY SEEK JUSTICE FOR....YOUUUUR BROOOTHER! Your dad hired Oxman and is NOT paying him, instead "authorized" Oxman to make his money exploiting Michael. Oxman sold Joe's petition to ET & constantly talk to TABLOIDS! GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT, WHAT KIND OF SISTER ARE YOU? YOU JACKSONS NEED TO UNITE & EXERT AT LEAST %1 OF THE EFFORT FANS ARE EXERTING FOR MJ JUSTICE! HE IS YOUR BROTHER, JANET!!!! JANET WASN'T EVEN IN CLOSE CONTACTS WITH MJ BEFORE HE DIED, ASK JANET BEFORE THE FAMILY GET TOGETHER IN MAY, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME SHE EVEN SAW MICHAEL?

1611 days ago

Jimmy Page    

Like her bro' she is getting freakier looking. Obsession with plastic surgery. Nose job, cheek implants, bizarre hairstyle. It's amazing she can still dance much less walk with her ass so freakin' huge! I'll pass on the tour. If she's on TV for free, I'll check it out but otherwise...nah.

1611 days ago


She looks like a "contestant" instead.

1611 days ago


I cant beleive all the hate that im seeing on the comments for Janet someone said she used Michaels voice on that first song which is so stupid and untrue thats her voice she just doesnt sing like that that often she has always sounded like Michael and she didnt lip-sync at all it was a great performance even one of the judges not sure her name said that was great if you look close some of the people on this site rude and ignorant.

1611 days ago


14. Lip Sync, oh yea, I'll pay $200 for that. You Dummies. Did that fat black thing put padding in her butt? That looks disgusting and she thinks it is sexy. Gross!

Posted at 3:31 AM on May 28, 2010 by Sandi

YOU HAVE LOST YOUR DAM MIND!!! Say what you want about her singing,but TMZ has said many stars on here look great AND THEY LOOK LIKE ****... What should look look pale and skinny to look good. Give me a dam break and I'm even a fan of Janet... Hell I'm not a fan of ANY star because I don't kiss there ass..

1611 days ago


To all of you haters, you dont even know why you hate her. All your ugly ass comments. Janet is simply beautiful, with her big beautiful behind. All of you white people want lips like black people, behinds like black people, and just look at all of the beautiful shades we come in. We are not pastie white. You all want to tan so you can look like us. You even tease your hair like us. WooHoo, go ahead Janet, you are so beautiful. You all need to read Maya Angelou's phenomenal woman. The sway of our backs, thats what Janet has, a beautiful sway of her back. Just keep working it Janet. Ms. Jackson, if your nasty. Oh by the way she is starting to look like Jermaine. Guess what they have the same mother and father, they all look alike. Probably not like you people. I'll bet you and your siblings look like neighbors because you dont have the same parents.

1611 days ago


#177 They did the same with Michael. They couldnt stand him, but you couldnt get a ticket. Janet doesnt need these haters, she will fill up the arenas, and the stadiums. Go Ms Jackson. Heck at 44 to look like this, some of the same haters would kill to look like her.

1611 days ago


Sorry I meant #117

1611 days ago


I would pat $100 to see her in concert and another $1000 to @#$% her that girl body is bangin BOOTY is PHAT.

1611 days ago

Momma H    

Just because an audience can appreciate a singer's performance, it doesn't mean they would pay to see it.

1611 days ago


All I see on here is a bunch of jealous white women. No one wants to look like a stick. You white wrinkly bitches. Janet looks good. White women always hatin. My butt is big too and the white man is always trying to take me out. Oh yeah its my boobs too.

Stop hatin on other women and just say they look like or don't saying nothing.

1611 days ago


Of all the Jackson kids, Janet is a real talent next to Michael. She would help to fill the void left by Michael. It would be great to have an opportunity to experience more of that MJ magic as Janet can provide.

1611 days ago


She is a good performer but $100 dollars to see her......ehhh I'm not a really big fan of hers as I was of her Brother Michael...but then again I might go just to feel the presence of Michael...RIP Love You Forever~~~~

1611 days ago
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