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MJ Mausoleum -- Fans No Longer Welcome

5/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cemetery where Michael Jackson is entombed is launching a new crackdown on fans -- actively removing people hanging out in front of MJ's mausoleum.

According to sources at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, security has been informed that MJ fans are no longer permitted to gather on the patio of MJ's mausoleum. Those who loiter will be asked to leave.

It's unclear why Forest Lawn is making the move -- especially because fans have been visiting the burial site regularly since MJ moved in last year.

And now -- with the one-year anniversary of Michael's death fast approaching -- the Justice4MJ fan group is concerned about their plans to gather at the mausoleum on June 25.

A rep for the group tells us they hope Forest Lawn will "take into consideration" the hundreds of fans traveling from all over the world to pay their respects.


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Well I was just being silly, like the headline. I think fans should be respectful and not arrive in droves. Are they just going to turn up or do they need permission? Remembering someone doesnt need a place or time, love never dies.

1553 days ago


Michael i love you sweetheart from the bottom of my heart.i miss you and your smile angel.please come back.we the fans are here for you no matter and hugs Michael.

1553 days ago


the death anniversary is June 25th.todays date is may 30th.

A rep for the group tells us they hope Forest Lawn will "take into consideration" the hundreds of fans traveling from all over the world to pay their respects.

i would say them letting you all know a month in advanced that you wont be able to visit his grave is very considerate.

1553 days ago


19. Michael i love you sweetheart from the bottom of my heart.i miss you and your smile angel.please come back.we the fans are here for you no matter and hugs Michael.

Posted at 2:27 AM on May 30, 2010 by mjfanalways


1553 days ago


I agree with the other posters who believe that this "fan ban" is temporary. With the upcoming trial and the one year anniversary death, Forest Lawn is probably scared to death that they will have an onslaught of fans that will want to be on the grounds. The parking, traffic, maintenance of the grounds of visitors (no matter who they are there for) will cost FL a lost of money, and nobody is there to fund that BUT Forest Lawn. I think that by then end of the year, FL will lift the ban.

I do feel badly for the groups who meet there once a month. I always enjoy looking at the pictures from Justice4MJ and FBFans of Southern California. Both of these groups are dedicated fans who truly loved Michael Jackson and do everything in their power to keep his legacy alive.

1553 days ago

Brigha from UK    

I bet the family has something to do with this.
Considering the way MJ was hurt by people during his life, is it really surprising that his family chose a resting place that was private? Maybe his family just want him to have a little peace, dignity and respect in death. He certainly did'nt get any whilst he was alive.

1553 days ago

Jane (England)    

So, according to TMZ, The so called loyal fans of Michael's will no longer be able to congregate outside the front of the mausoleum. Yet, on another post on this same site, it is also claimed that Conrad Murray is planning to visit his tomb, for the first anniversary of his death.
Are The Jackson family actually aware of this? The last time Murray went there, he was photographed outside, looking so very sad! I personally think that this is yet another publicity stunt.
The Jackson's were said to be furious when he last went there.
Forest Lawn have had to do this now, because they know that come the 25th June, thousands of fans will congregate there, they don't have enough staff to deal with them.
If it comes to a choice of loyal fans or Conrad Murray being allowed there, I know who I would choose.

Just another point to mention, on Randy Jackson's Twitter, a couple of days ago, he said that he would hold talks with the people at Forest Lawn, to see if any of the fans would be allowed to visit Michael's tomb. So, we shall wait and see what transpires.

1553 days ago

Floor from the NETHERLANDS!    

I think the family wants some privacy on 25th of June to gather there with the whole family. If there are then a lot of friends, they can't go and leave whenever they want!!
People who think MJ is alive have to accept that he is dead.


1553 days ago

Floor from the NETHERLANDS!    

I just read that MJ's kids each get 33million dollars when they are 30 years old!
So when they are 30 years it is probably much more because of the interest

1553 days ago


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1553 days ago


Hi Floor...

It's not only the interest accrued. It's also how the estate will have financially grown by the time MJ3 are 30, 35 and 40. So for Prince I, he is now 14. He has 16 years before he is 30. Just this first deal alone with SONY is worth $200-$250 million dollars. This is It...90% of the profits went to the estate. Then you think about all the merchandising profits that will be made, from MJ's likeness to licensing of retail products. In 16 years, the estate's value could easily quadruple, without the expense of MJ's extravagant spending habits. New CD coming out in the fall with "new" tracks that have never been heard before. The Elvis estate grew by leaps and bounds after his death, but imo, it will be dwarfed in comparison to the revenue Michael Jackson will bring in, even after death.

Guess MJ wasn't as broke as the media portrayed him to be at the time of death. But that's par for the course re: Michael Jackson and the media.

1553 days ago


I can understand them!

1553 days ago


Rock star fans can be ignorant, rude, loud and not welcome to a home for dead folks. They were put there since they do not believe in being buried under the ground. Rich people get masoleums and they have a key to get in & no one else. His home is a shared space with many other famous folks & their families want the peace to stay as it has for a century or longer.

Time to move him to an outside plot, but his family wants him there so they can join him. Time to cremate him, tho he is pretty much gone in a year so his bones can go to Neverland & imitate Elvis's Graceland. Watch the money his family can make!

1553 days ago


Is that tall window the one above his tomb?

If it is or not - it makes me feel good to see fans hanging around. (I can't imagine them disturbing anyone.) I don't visit my own close family's burial sites because even though I loved them, I know they're not there, and they died in their old age. I feel different about Michael. It's like he is a kid in there, he wasn't supposed to die and he is alone and sort of not done with life, so I like the feeling of him having company. It's irrational, but there it is. I want there to be nice people around his body, or at least close by, thinking of him.

1553 days ago


It's a cemetery and others are buried there. Sensationalizing a cemetery is wrong; it's disrespectful for the others buried there. I'm guessing Forest Lawn is regretting the day they ever sold a crypt to MJ's estate. There are PLENTY of other places MJ's fans CAN/SHOULD gather to remember him on the anniversary of his death like Netherland or some other appropriate venue where a Memorial Service could/should be held.

1553 days ago
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