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MJ Mausoleum -- Fans No Longer Welcome

5/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cemetery where Michael Jackson is entombed is launching a new crackdown on fans -- actively removing people hanging out in front of MJ's mausoleum.

According to sources at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, security has been informed that MJ fans are no longer permitted to gather on the patio of MJ's mausoleum. Those who loiter will be asked to leave.

It's unclear why Forest Lawn is making the move -- especially because fans have been visiting the burial site regularly since MJ moved in last year.

And now -- with the one-year anniversary of Michael's death fast approaching -- the Justice4MJ fan group is concerned about their plans to gather at the mausoleum on June 25.

A rep for the group tells us they hope Forest Lawn will "take into consideration" the hundreds of fans traveling from all over the world to pay their respects.


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I agree Atrina. Seems some of these fans struggle to comprehend what RIP actually means. It's a cemetary fgs, not a football stadium....and MJ aint the only person in that cemetary.

1573 days ago


Who gives a RATS ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Total Weirdo...................

1573 days ago


"It's unclear why Forest Lawn is making the move -- especially because fans have been visiting the burial site regularly since MJ moved in last year."

TMZ knows very well why this has happened, ie the photo that was shown on the "Flower Power" board.

1573 days ago


TMZ states "... It's Unclear Why Forest Lawn is Making this move..." HUH? You answered your own question in the very next Sentence "..... It's MJ's One Year Anniversary June 25..." Ya think ! Who wrote this story anyways ?
I for one want to visit and pay my respects during that period if not that day, but it's obvious.. such a huge influx couldn't be handled by Forest Lawn's minimal security. They had no choice. Doh!

1573 days ago

Darlene Walker    

I wonder if that is legal to stop people paying respects to someone who has passed on. How do you expect people to grieve if they cant do this. I understand that Michael Jackson is very greatly loved by many people around the world. Having so many people at the cemetry could cause problems. At least we know MJ is safe there and he deserves to be in a beautiful enviroment like he is in. Maybe a compromise can be reached to keep everyone happy. Maybe a memorial garden for him with a few bench seats may be a mutual compromise between fans and forest lawn. Banning fans is not the answer. We are all human and we all have the right to grieve.

1573 days ago


Personally, I don't think there's going to be that big of a rush of visitors on the 25. There's a huge number of people still grieving, but they are mostly doing so in private, and thousands live in other states or on other continents. In this picture, there aren't that many people. If I got it right, outside his last home there used to be five or ten. During the trial, maybe 15-50 or so outside the courthouse and Neverland. I don't think the cemetery need to worry.

1573 days ago


amazing how many people worship the pedophile

1573 days ago


You can visit, pay your respects and then leave. Don't linger.

1573 days ago


38. amazing how many people worship the pedophile Posted at 5:21 AM on May 30, 2010 by rexcars

To Rexcars

It really is amazing. It's been over thirty years and people still flock to Graceland to bow down and worship king E.

1573 days ago


Certainly that is the reason Forest Lawn is upset. Michael isn't even there and they are having to go through all of the fans being there for nothing. "It's All For Love. L.O.V.E." Love you Michael Jackson FOREVER!!!!

1573 days ago


MJ is not the only person who is buried in that graveyard. There are hundreds if not thousands of others there and there loved ones want to come visit and have to deal with these loony MJ fans and I can just imagine what it is going to be like on June 25th. The people who are planning on visiting a loved one that day are not going to be able to because it is going to be packed with these ignorant MJ fans. Yes I know some people were obsessed with MJ but they need to respect others that are buried in the cemetery and need to respect there families. They have no business being at the cemetery and everyone pretty much already knows that forest lawn is going to end up making it so only relatives and friends of people buried there can be in the graveyard because of all these crazy MJ fans.

1573 days ago

South Beach    

If the Jackson family was concerned about fans being able to "grieve" they would have organized something, but they haven't, nor have they made a statement.
Those who want to gather should go to Neverland. Forest Lawn has every right to control crowds, and compromise is not required. The fans and/or family of someone buried there has no right to dictate their business practices, nor make it unpleasant for the 1000's of other families who have buried their loved ones there since 1906.

1573 days ago


I think all of those sunflowers being delivered was the straw that broke the camels back. LOL

1573 days ago


THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE....The few selfish ones that have ruined this for all of MJ's fans. Partying on the terrace, playing loud music, gathering like they are waiting for a concert rather than paying homage to him.

Selling t-shirts, videos and photographs of MJ's crypt, disgusting behaviour from a few selfish people has effected so many grieving fans...

You know who you are you rotton little cows. Karma is coming for you, its the law of the universe. There are 100's of 1000's of fans willing and waiting in sadness to put a stop to your behaviour. We'll see who has the last laugh while ur riding your party bus on June 25th.

Respectable fans who will no longer tolerate you ruining this sacred place out of greed and selfishness!
You've had your 15 minutes of fame. Now p1ss off and leave the people who cared for the real man some sanity and respect.

Michael really would have been disgusted with you peasants.
You didn't know him at all!

1573 days ago


They will not be able to maintain the ban, because I believe, not the security people of the cemetery are procured, these are the members of the deads stars who lie beside Michael. Thus it looks.

1573 days ago
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