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Lindsay Lohan Avoids the Danger Zone

5/31/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has finally realized she needs to avoid "those people" ... the ones creating massive temptation ... so say confidants of LiLo, who spoke with TMZ.

We're told Lindsay is spending the long weekend with a close friend by the beach in Venice, CA.  As one friend put it, "She needs to get away from that scene ... and she knows it."

But it's not just the Hollywood clubs that create the danger of relapse. "The people who hang around her are such moochers, and bad energy," says one friend, adding, "she needs to cut them out and I think that's what she's starting to realize."

As for what Lindsay is doing, we're told a lot of sleeping, watching TV and movies.  And shopping.  Interesting ... more than one person says she desperately needs sleep.

The people we've spoken with say it's definitely too early to tell, but Lindsay had at least temporarily turned a corner and is healthier than she's been "in a long time."


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Allen Ridak    

C'mon, where's the Uchitel/Crawford story?

1606 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

...but Lindsay had at least temporarily turned a corner and is healthier than she's been "in a long time."

Translation: She's been sober for 3 or 4 days for the first time in years.

1606 days ago


Sounds like she is going through withdrawal symptoms. She be back partying as soon as she can figure out how to defeat the SCRAM bracelet. Mark my words.

1606 days ago


She's got nothing to worry about. I knew she'd do well. Easier to sleep reading than watching tv though. Novels about fantasy and magic keeps my mind further from the reality. Might I recommend Terry Brooks or more detailed and graphic Terry Goodkind. Good luck Lindsay! Wish I could share the time.

1606 days ago


I'm sorry but you cannot get sober while taking Adderall and Ambien. She'll be back in trouble with the law, I guarantee you.

1606 days ago


Oh come on here! You guys might be selling this crap but I am not buying it! This was forced upon Lindsay, not freely given. She's addicted to prescription drugs and she's an alcoholic. The judge inflicted this sobriety on her! Take all of it away and she'd be out clubbing, snorting and drinking in a effn' BLINK.

1606 days ago

Blue Lake    

Lohan is toxic to everyone around her. She, not them, is the sole problem. And now that she's kicking it at home, does she use even one moment in the day to do anything that helps others or educates herself? She's vapid and self-absorbed. How bout giving her NO PRESS for a year?

1606 days ago


Oh. Yeah. Right. Lindsay's drinking and drug problem is the "moochers" problem, not hers.

Please bit**, nobody trying to keep you high so they can steal your 'fortune' LOL.

You ain't no Britney Spears....not even close.

1605 days ago


Today, we honor our brothers & sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice to allow Lindsay Lohan the freedom to disrespect the U.S. Justice system - what a fcukin waste.

1605 days ago


druggies always blame other people for their mistakes...i dont even think lindsay has a problem .. shes just like any other 23 year old experimenting and going out..i did the same **** and i just grew out of it and moved on .. i think thats exactly what will happen in her case.. people say death soon but i dont really think its that serious where shes shooting heroin all day or something.. shes just been plastered in the media so much ..our idea of her has gotten worse and worse...

1605 days ago


that is not hard to understand , anyone who has abuse drugs , like alcohol , it is about self medicating the pain. that is why a lot of people see therapist and lets face it , you have a problem psychiatrist have a diagnosis. ever see the dsm4 . that book is huge . as one social worker once put me , everyone has a diagnosis . i never saw her problem as a drug problem but a emotional problem. there are people who have straight addiction problems and there are people who have emotional problems . hopefully they do not name mike lohan as father of the year . that would disgrace that award beyond imagination. sort of giving the award to charles manson the award , heard he has kids .even better , like giving charles manson the humanitarian award . he is as much the problem for lindsay as anyone else , he did drugs in front of her face , now he hides behind religion , so pathetic .

1605 days ago

Mista Celebrity    

Does this also mean she will stop munching carpet and go back to the one-eyed weasel?

1605 days ago


Would she be acting the same if she wasn't hooked-up to a SCRAM bracelet? To turn your life around for the better, you need to admit to yourself and others that you have problems and you have to want to change. Being forced to change doesn't work in the long term.

1605 days ago


She's been sober for like 2 days and she's the healthiest she's been in a long time? Fuuuuuuu

It's miller time, yo.

1605 days ago


Ah, she is beginning to realize something, eh? Good luck sweetie.

1605 days ago
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