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Lindsay Lohan Can Take Meds for Dental Surgery

6/1/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might seem like bad timing -- that Lindsay Lohan was ordered last week to submit to random drug testing, just days before she had her wisdom teeth pulled ... but we've learned Lindsay got a pass from probation.


Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ, "We advised the Probation Department of the dental appointment, which was made well in advance of last week's court hearing."  Chapman says she assured the probation officer she would provide "documentation about any medications that Lindsay would be taking, which would be administered or prescribed as part of the procedure."

So whatever sedative Lindsay got in the oral surgeon's office, and whatever she's taking for the pain ... won't count on the drug test.


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Even though I don't think much of Lindsay, I'm glad the probation folks were sensible about this. Having wisdom teeth pulled - especially if she had all of them done at once - hurts like hell, and she shouldn't have to forego proper medication.

1607 days ago

Michael Knight    

Old Firecrotch probably scheduled the surgery just so she could take the pain pills. Sorry your honor I was in pain and needed to take 6 vicodin every 3 hours while clubbing. You said I was allowed.

1607 days ago


What a farse! This young woman will think of any possible way of getting her hands on prescription drugs. We all know it's not hard to find a doctor willing to write a script.

1607 days ago

No Comment    

That did not last long. What a bunch of cr@p. I just had all four wisdom teeth pulled. The only thing I had was lidocaine to numb my jaw and then Advil afterward. PS - Was this mandatory now? Why didn't she have the surgery prior to her court date instead a whooping it up in Cannes?

1607 days ago


When you're an addict, you'll do anything to get your fix. She will undoubtedly continue taking the pills long after the pain subsides but will claim she needs them. It's not "bad timing", TMZ. It's brilliant on her part.

1607 days ago


6. ROFL how stupid does she think everyone is. She supposedly is addicted to prescription pain killers. So now she has her wisdoms removed? LOL most people get theres done at 16..Max 21..Yeah a blatant excuse to just continue using pain meds..and the pain from that goes away after a day anyways..LOL


There is no set age at which people have wisdom teeth pulled. Many people don't ever have to have them pulled. Often people don't have them pulled until they start having trouble with them. I had mine done when I was 24, and I've known people have them done when they're much older. So Lindsay having them done now is perfectly normal.

1607 days ago


Also, the pain does NOT necessarily go away after one day. If you have dry sockets, it can take 7-10 days for those to heal, and you're going to be in pain most of the time. To the person who said they only took Advil - good for you - maybe you have a high tolerance for pain, and maybe the roots on your teeth weren't very deep. I also had all four done at once, the roots were very deep, and I had dry sockets on all four. Not only did I take painkillers for a couple of days (and believe me, I HATE taking pills, so for me to do that meant I was in some serious pain), but I was knocked out during the surgery. So just because you had a good experience, doesn't mean everyone will. Besides, Lindsay might not even need to take any medication - her lawyer is just covering all the bases.

1607 days ago


What an obviously needless procedure. Unless you happen to need drugs and are a celebrity, I suppose.

I had my wisdom teeth removed in my teens and they didn't give me any painkillers... because you don't need any! They knocked me out for the procedure using nitrous and some other sedative, then that was it. There is no pain afterwards, unless you do something stupid like trying to eat hard food that needs a lot of chewing.

Even giving this girl nitrous is a bad idea, because it gets you high as balls. In fact, I've never been more messed up by any other drug or drug combination. It's like being stoned and drunk at the same time but even better.

Using any drugs while trying to avoid other drugs is always going to increase the risk of relapse. So now she's got Adderall (cocaine lite), Ambien (alcohol lite), and presumably Vicodin (heroin/oxycontin lite). How long will it take for her to want the "real deal" again?

1607 days ago

why is she there ?    

i think she got chin liposuction and maybe a face lift, she needed one ? what do you think.?
i never saw a bandage like that for wisdoms out

1607 days ago


Of COURSE she can take narcs now. I really can't wait for her to stop wasting all of our time and just DIE already. I have the feeling the headlines will read, "Lindsay Lohan FINALLY found dead". I bet the funeral is already planned and paid for.

1607 days ago


"Very Smart Attorney. She anticipated the drug testing and a potential positive test for opiates.....Nice!!!"

Ha! That is the first thing I thought. It was obvious the Judge was going to order some kind of alcohol/drug testing so her lawyer done some smart pre-planning.

I wonder how long she will be able to use this excuse. No doubt there will be 'complications' with the extraction and she'll need more dental work, which means more pills!

1607 days ago


Addicts will go to any lenghs to get thier drugs. This wisdom tooth situation will probaby get her thru for a month or even longer if she claims shes still in pain.Its amazing how her wisdom teeth suddenly got bad.This is diffenty a thought out plan to get drugs. Its to bad because she only going to hurt herself. I dont think shes ready for recovery. If anything this is going to make her worse.There will come a day when the pain pills run out and she going to suffer from withdraws.

1607 days ago


All Lindsay wants is drugs to fuel her habit. Her Probation officer should be honest and tell her Tylenol is good enough for pain. Lindsay is a joke.

1607 days ago


She has as much right as anyone that undergoes this procedure to take pain killing medication.

1607 days ago


The judge in this case is not stupid. Lindsay in for a big suprise when she goes to court. She will probaly get months more of drug and alchol testing in exchange of jail for violating her probation.

1607 days ago
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