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Lindsay Lohan Can Take Meds for Dental Surgery

6/1/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might seem like bad timing -- that Lindsay Lohan was ordered last week to submit to random drug testing, just days before she had her wisdom teeth pulled ... but we've learned Lindsay got a pass from probation.


Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ, "We advised the Probation Department of the dental appointment, which was made well in advance of last week's court hearing."  Chapman says she assured the probation officer she would provide "documentation about any medications that Lindsay would be taking, which would be administered or prescribed as part of the procedure."

So whatever sedative Lindsay got in the oral surgeon's office, and whatever she's taking for the pain ... won't count on the drug test.


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Typical Drug addict move.... what a freakin train wreck!!!!!!!!!

1607 days ago


If she actually had extensive work like that done, why is she behind the wheel?

1607 days ago


Lindsey is not near as smart as she thinks,

I do not beleive she got her teeth out for a second. I have had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out at once in the office (twilight sleep) and I left the office with NO bandage around my head,and NO prescription for any narcotics. I WAS NOT in pain, just uncomfortable from all the gauze and cotton in my mouth. I did not get dry sockets. You only get dry sockets if you do not follow the dr.s instructions-like drinking a milkshake thru a straw etc. Most people will not get them at all.

When I had a Rhinoplasty and lipo under my chin I had a bandage just like Lindsey though...hmmm?????
For those of you who say that her lawyer is SO Smart for thinking up this 'scheme' for are So wrong.

I am a former Felony Probation Officer and if she is using drugs on probation, take it from me.....SHE WILL BE CAUGHT! The probation dept. is not a bunch of dummies...we know all the tricks these offenders play...including going to the dr. and getting pills-it won't work! And trust me as soon as Lindsey starts popping pills, she's gonna want to start to party which= drinking which= bad decision making= probation violations. PO's have seen it all and heard it all. Lindsey is not smart enough to get away with her little dental/medical scam in order to keep using. The PO's will stop her or she will stop herself thru violtions. Watch and see. :) It's sad that her own lawyer is enabling her and possibly lying to the court-but I used to see this ALL the time-used to make me sick- defense lawyers always lied to the court and they got away with it too! Hense the reason I am no longer a PO......

1607 days ago


I'm so glad TMZ was finally paid off to now only promote pretty coverage of Lindsay. Here's the thing. Lindsay was a child star, who was on the cusp of being a Hollywood actress yet she messed that up with extreme narcissism, massive arrogance and an outright feeling that she was more entitled to be a horrible human being because she was on television and people told her she was pretty. She didn't take her craft of acting seriously because it was easier and more satisfying to just be famous. So why does anyone care about her saving her career or wanting her to be a star. She was never an A-List actor in terms of talent, Odds are she wont be either. She has so much contempt for the laws or even any respect for her fellow citizens. At least those who don't supple her with drugs.
She is not unique. Hollywood has chewed up and spit out more talented actors who couldn't get it together. They are now either on Santa Monica Blvd., selling themselves for drugs, home invasion robbery (search kid from Bronx tale), or moved back to their home town where they work a regular 9-5 gig where they still get recognized while in the grocery store or at the bar.
She is not the exception to the rule here in this town. She is just the latest zoo exhibit. There will be others.

1607 days ago


I just had dental surgery - Vicodin was useless as a pain medication -
Clove Oil is far superior and saved me agony.

Lohan needs Amoxicillan and Clove Oil, thats it.

She should not be allowed more than a weeks worth MAX of anything!!

1607 days ago


What a sorry joke she is. And how nieve can she be thinking she can fool the public. The stupid slut just wants to stay high and party, and she is consantly doing anything she can to get high. Why does she always want to get high? Doesn't she have enough fun having sex with girls who look like men? Who the hell cares about DJ Samantha Ronson anyway. No one cares about Gay DJ's and drug whores...

1607 days ago


Holy crap! She looks The Flying Nun! GENIUS plan. Wisdom teeth equals hydrocodone. I'm not surprised she had to have her WISDOM teeth pulled. Apparently, they weren't working.

1607 days ago


So for the record, she can now take ambien, adderall and pain meds legally... WTF how can this be possible?!

1607 days ago


I bet she paid a dentist to say that he pulled out her wisdom teeth out just to get her drugs.

1607 days ago


Are you sure she didn't enter a convent and become a nun? She looks like one from this photos.

1607 days ago


What I want to know is if she was on time for the appointment.

1607 days ago


You guys are SO stupid. The thing around her head is an elastic ice wrap that holds against her jaw so she won't have to hold the ice herself. I know because i assisted in the surgery :) and she honestly ISN'T a druggy like all of you are saying, so stop reading magazines :)

Today I learned the media puts a WHOLE different view on celebs...

1607 days ago


If she actually had extensive work like that done, why is she behind the wheel?

She isn't driving and hasn't been allowed to drive since 07 as part of her probation.

1607 days ago


#50 you just broke the patient confidentiality law stupid ass

1607 days ago


For the idiot who said that wrap is holding ice against her jaw - look again. The wrap follows the contours of her jaw on both sides and there is absolutely no ice pack in there (unless the ice pack is as thin as a dollar bill). Nice try, but I'm not buying the ice pack excuse.

1607 days ago
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