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Bruce Beresford-Redman: Please Help Me

6/2/2010 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a mass email sent by Bruce Beresford-Redman to friends, asking them to write a letter that could help keep him out of jail.


In the email, Bruce writes, " wife Monica was killed on our recent trip to Mexico, and now unfortunately, the Mexican authorities have decided to charge me with the crime."

Bruce goes on:  "I am innocent and intend to fight in court both here and in Mexico."

Then Bruce makes his pitch:  "As I am likely to be detained in the U.S. while fighting extradition, I am asking you if you are willing to write a letter on my behalf.  Your letters will likely help me secure bail so that I can be home with my children while fighting extradition."

The email then asks friends to send an email to Bruce's lawyer, Richard Hirsch.

And Bruce asks that the following info be included in the emails -- "Who you are.  What you do.  How you know me.  For how long we've known each other ... That I am a responsible person who will appear when requested (not jump bail basically). Anything positive about my character."

TMZ has confirmed the authenticity of Bruce's email.


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That guy is seriously delusional.

1602 days ago

bring back recent posts    

um..good luck with that Brucey boy

1602 days ago


Mexico literally has no legal system, police will just pull you over and take bribes or threaten you if you don't give them money. People get away with all kinds of crazy **** over there. It makes sense that their lazy legal system would just charge him rather than actually do a real investigation.

I honestly don't think he did it, but who knows? Certainly not me :P

1602 days ago

Professor Obvious    

I believe in this guy's innocence.

1602 days ago

Just sayn    

I hope he is not guilty of this crime and have a gut feeling he had nothing to do with it. Of course he will say he should have could have if only......but hey when your numbers up its punched.
Mexico is known for its crimes on Americans (and others) it happens more than we even want to know. She may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and killed for something simple as a watch or a pair of is sick yes......but it happens.
I hope him and his family the best of everything during this time of great stress.

1602 days ago


He seriously needs to be taken back to Mexico and the US court needs to get his kids into better care. What I have heard about the grandparent's explanation of the death of Monica to her children and the grandfather showing up at Monica's sister's restaurant in a menacing way is very concerning.

1602 days ago

Val Venis    

i wish black people stopped eating all my fried chicken

1602 days ago


How many letters, emails or phone calls for help was Monica allowed to make?
You're going to have to suck it up and learn how to be a survivor on your own douchebag.

1602 days ago


ArizonanPatriot, you are NUTS. You sound like a crazy, uninformed, racist whack job. Why would Bruce kill his wife? Hmm...let's see. She cleaned out his entire bank account, told him she wanted to leave him because he cheated on her...He gets mad, takes out a life insurance policy on her RIGHT BEFORE he invites her on a trip to a country he KNOWS has high crime (alibi), they fight on the trip, and he kills her? People have killed for MUCH less. How many reasons would convince YOU?

And, why do his kids not have their Mom? Oh yeah...because HE killed her? So, no...he can't play that sympathy card. There is PLENTY of evidence that HE committed the crime to charge him. Are you his agent or something? Or, are you just so blindly racist that a white guy traveling to a country with crime is not guilty of killing his wife, no matter how much evidence is stacked against him?

I'd love for you to weigh in on that idiot who killed Natalie Hollaway in he's being sought for the murder of a woman in Peru (which also has crime). He was seen entering a hotel room w/ her hours before they found her bloody body in that very hotel room. Let me guess...he's not guilty either b/c he's in a country w/ crime? Your reasoning is TOTALLY flawed. Get a brain implant, get rid of your racism, and get over yourself. Bruce is GUILTY and he knows it.

1602 days ago


Mexico must have some evidence to charge this smooth killer. He is gonna love living in the sewer of a Mexican Prison. Gringo better learn spanish.

1602 days ago

Jay Singer    

Delusional? Have you seen the warnings about traveling to Mexico to tourists from this country?

1602 days ago

LA Native    

Jay, don't believe EVERYTHING you read. I live in Mexico and where I am, it's nothing like they say. Sure, there's a lot of problems here, but in isolated areas. Tell you what, it's a hell of a lot safer than Los Angeles where I am from. Like anywhere, most of the problems happen in areas you should not be in.

1602 days ago

what He said    

Dear Judge,

Bruce is a an EPIC LOSER and psychopath. Bail, are you kidding me???



The Slut he was cheating on Monica with



1602 days ago


It has nothing to do with Mexico it has everything to do with MURDER.

1602 days ago


Why bother sending out a mass email asking friends to plead his case. This crime was committed in Mexico. His extradition will be based on the evidence Mexico submitted. If U.S. officials agree that enough credible evidence was submitted then his ass is on a one way trip to Mexico.
He wanted to kill his wife in Mexico, now he has to deal with his present reality. Let this be a lesson to anyone who wants to take their wife on a trip to Mexico to kill her there. He probably thought that getting away with murder south of the border would be a "piece of cake" since he is an "Americano Spectacular."
He wanted to be slick now let him burn in Hell.

1602 days ago
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