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Hospital: Coleman's Ex Had Right to Decide His Fate

6/3/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_gary_coleman_BN_Getty_03Gary Coleman gave his ex-wife Shannon Price permission to make medical choices for him -- including life or death -- according to the Utah hospital where Gary died.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center released a statement saying Gary had signed an "Advanced Health Care Directive that granted Shannon Price permission to make medical decisions on his behalf if he was unable to do so."

Hospital officials say that document remains in effect, regardless of marital status -- unless the patient changes it.

Price's right to make Gary's medical choices was called into question when it was revealed that they had secretly divorced in 2008.


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It sounds like he was going to die either way by the time he got to the hospital. I'm sure the doctors wouldn't have allowed her to stop life support if he was likely to recover.

I don't know if she did anything to cause his fall or not and it should be investigated, but what happened inside the hospital is a non story.

1573 days ago

Rolex sucks    

I agree,

That the death should be investigated and they better get after it before Shannon has a chance to cremate the body.

1573 days ago


There should absolutely be an investigation. The whole thing seems suspicious imo.

1573 days ago

what the F    

you know they actually went on divorce court to get a divorce... how is that secretive?!

She portrayed him in a very negative light also...

I think some one has some 'splanin to do!

1573 days ago


Secretly? I thought thay were on Divorce Court or some show like that.

1573 days ago


OK but before the hospital said that Shannon had 'portrayed herself as his wife and so they had no reason to require proof' so either they are covering their asses or they're just lucky SOB's.

1573 days ago


1. they didn't go on divorce court to get a divorce, they went on a special episode to work out their problems.

2. on an episode of THE INSIDER earlier this year, gary brings up that a bruise on his head wasn't caused by his wife pushing him down the stairs... he said this WITHOUT BEING ASKED ABOUT IT!

3. they absolutely need to INVESTIGATE THE EX WIFE, there is something very supsicious about this situtaion.

4. the brain hemorrhage was DUE TO THE FALL, not the other way around

5. watch GARY ON THE INSIDER on youtube to see the clip and see how eerie it is that he said that about his ex wife

1573 days ago


I hope the police fully investigate everything. This whole story just sounds really fishy.

1573 days ago


She's a killer!

1573 days ago


Doesn't change the fact that she murdered him! She struck him in the head with something and then let him die.

1573 days ago

watch 1:16-1:24

1. the reason she gave the cops for him going downstairs that late was because she ASKED HIM TO GO AND FIX SOME FOOD FOR HER!!!

2. Gary was so out of it by the time the cops came he COULD NOT REMEMBER HOW HE FELL


1573 days ago


PR stunt? In what friggin' way. I saw this post earlier and was stunned by the stupidity lol. Gary Coleman is DEAD. WTF are you talking about????

1573 days ago


Gary never said he had fallen. What he told the EMT's is that he didn't know how he got injured. Read the docs. I don't think he fell. I think she struck him with something so deadly and heavy she probably knocked him off his feet. She then went upstairs and waited a bit.....until she knew he couldn't survive it-then called 911 to cover for herself.

1573 days ago


Garys life in pics. You can see how things got rough towards the end. RIP Gary.

1573 days ago

Fran Reno    

The choice she made to let him die without helping him after he hurt himself is deplorable. Whether she had a written right or not, it is as close to murder as you can get. It sounds like she just stood by and let the man bleed to death. I don't wish her ill will, nor do I wish her good tidings either. A higher power will decide her karma.

1573 days ago
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