Gary Coleman Police Report -- 'Nothing Suspicious'

6/2/2010 4:54 PM PDT

Gary Coleman Police Report -- 'Nothing Suspicious'

The police officer who responded to Gary Coleman's home on the day he was hospitalized claims he observed "nothing suspicious" about the scene at the actor's home, according to the police report.

In the report, obtained by TMZ, Officer K Johnson from the Santaquin PD in Utah writes that when he first arrived to the home, Gary's wife, Shannon Price, met him at the front door.

The officer claims Shannon directed him to  Gary -- but wouldn't accompany him to her injured husband because she didn't want to "see the blood on the floor."

The officer also notes when he spoke to Gary -- who was sitting on the ground with a towel on the back of his head -- the actor couldn't remember how he injured his head.

According to the report, Shannon told officers that the two had been in bed ... when she asked Gary to go downstairs and fix her some food. Shannon claimed Gary fell shortly after leaving the room.

Eventually, the officer claims Gary was able to walk -- with assistance -- to a waiting ambulance which transported him to a nearby hospital.

Gary died two days later.