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Murder Suspect's Dad Opens Probate Case

6/4/2010 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_bruce_TMZ_EX_02David Beresford-Redman has filed legal papers to validate the will of his murdered daughter-in-law  ... TMZ has learned.  In legal terms, David is opening a probate case.

David -- whose son Bruce Beresford-Redman is now charged with the murder of Monica -- is named in Monica's 2008 will as an executor of her estate. 

Monica's sisters have said they will challenge the validity of the will.

Under the will, David and his wife Juanita would inherit Monica's interest in a house she owns.  The remaining property goes to Bruce.


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A will leaving everything to the in-laws and her husband? Who out there actually leaves anything to their in-laws? That would be very rare! Anyone else ever heard of it??? Seems very suspicious to me.

I don't know why the legal system can't figure out that all this is very suspicious. The in-laws show no sadness or interest in Monica, but bang! as soon as she's dead, they're out filing a claim!

That will was probably made under duress... Bruce probably pressured/threatened her....

Fry murderer!!

1604 days ago


I believe that since the husband has now been charged with murder, a judge will not let his family be involved in her estate.

1604 days ago


This is so wrong on so many levels! How in the world can a violent family who's son murdered his wife get her house and everything else?? Only in America can this kind of crazy Shi* happen. I hope they don't get anything all the whole family rots in hell! It's so obvious this guy did it. I wish this happened in the Middle East...he would have been in prison by now.

1604 days ago


what the hell is going on, first Gary Coleman, now this, this old man has a mental problem, he has the guts to want to inherit his daughter in law's property when she was supposedly murdered by his son, makes me wonder, did he conspire with his son to kill her. Bruce or whatever his name is took her to mexico to kill her so that the crime happens outside us soil, Alla Akbar, God is Great, He will cause her soul to cry out and this man will have no peace, learn a lesson from waht happened to Yoran Vanerslot, her blood was shed and it will seek you!!!!!

1604 days ago

bety vazquez    

Now for sure everybody is going to blame Mexico and Mexicans for this too. jajajajajaa

1604 days ago


Probate cases take a long time, its not worth the fight for such a small estate. Focus on the criminal case, more bang for the buck (the state is paying for all the lawyers).

1604 days ago

john smith    

This is a fake will, Bruce forged Monica;s signature, her real will is dated 2004 and leaves the kids to her sister, this fake will leaves the kids to one of Bruce's friends. Bruce is desperate to get some cash right now to pay his greedy lawyers their blood money. Sorry Bruce there is a law in California, If you kill your spouse you get nothing. It should be easy to tie this up in court, especially because it's a fake will. Once Bruce is locked up and getting gang raped in a Mexican prison, than the courts will say soryy old man you get zero also, I hope he is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The dad Bruce and the mom have not said one word about missing Monica or how terrible it is that she was brutally murdered in cold blood, they have'nt said anything about wanted to find the killer, now they want her house cars money and restaurant, this whole family belongs in HELL

1604 days ago


His whole family is in on the whole murder plot. Nothing like bringing more suspicion to your family, Old Man. Not a very smart move. If this was a CSI Miami case, Horatio would have solved this case in 2 minutes and had time to go shopping for sunglasses.

1604 days ago


The pieces are coming together and it's all making sense now. The father was in on this and they both conspired to kill this woman and take everything from her....the kids, house, money etc... Any fool can see what's really going on now. If he was really innocent he would have been looking for the real killers and would be in tears right now about her death. This family are cold blooded emotion at all! Oh and remember last week he went to kill the sister at the restaurant Monica owned? He's obviously only trying to get rid of the people that are standing in his way to get to the kids, house and money. I feel so sorry for those innocent children...God help them! They're living the devil right now. Thinking about it makes me sick. Also remember there was a life insurance policy that was taken out for the mother AND KIDS. I wonder when he was going to get rid of them. Excuse me as I go and throw up now.

1604 days ago

Alex Wintergerst    

Every day a new reason to kill Monica surfaces, and this crazy Beresford family doesn't care! What a nerve!!!!! I wouldn't be surprised if next Monday Bruce begins the procedure to cash the life insurances of his wife (in the name of the children) and will take another vacation with that money, not to Mexico though.

1604 days ago

Alex Wintergerst    

By the way. The latest news in Mexico tonight indicate that they already send paperwork to the Interpol. I don't know how long does it take, but maybe next working day? // If he gets gang raped in prison, he will enjoy his stay, so they better don't give him some pleasure. Maybe with the broom handle.

1604 days ago


Bruce probably whined to his daddy that Monica caught him cheating, threw out his stuff, emptied out bank accounts etc. and that he was going to lose everything. His whole life and career was going in the toilet. So daddy and him cooked up this little plan to save themselves.
Strange how quickly that bruces mommy and daddy came on the scene to quickly get custody of the kids, move into her house, padlock the restaurants doors...and wait for Bruce to slither back from Mexico tp start his PR campaign to gather public sympathy.
the media would play everything out every step of the way.
Criminals always think they are smarter than everyone else.

1604 days ago


Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with this one. Think Dad was involved and knew the whole time?

1604 days ago


Nobody leaves anything to their in-laws ! This entire killing and the motives behind it are becoming crystal clear. It appears the entire family was involved. I feel so bad for Monica. She died a horrific death at the hands of her own husband and father in-law. Sad. Profoundly SAD particularly for the children.

1604 days ago


I hope Ann Rule writes a book about these people. Geesh, it is about the only way we will get to see the hidden dynamics of this whacked family, Ann Rule is relentless digging up background to reveal the whole picture.

1604 days ago
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