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Gary C's Ex: 'He Would've Been Like Muhammad Ali'

6/3/2010 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price is defending her decision to pull the plug on life support because she says she didn't want Gary to be like Muhammad Ali or Terri Schiavo.  The comment is so offensive and wrong, it raises questions ... whether her decision to terminate Gary's life was appropriate.


TMZ obtained an interview with Price ... shot the day after Gary died.  Among other things, Price blurted out that she's heard speculation that she pushed Gary and that caused him to fall and ultimately hemorrhage.  Price insists she didn't push Gary -- a weird statement, since no one had publicly accused her of that.

Gary fell in his Utah home May 26, hit his head on the floor and suffered an intracranial hemorrhage.  Shannon, who was divorced from Gary, apparently still had authority to terminate life support at the hospital, which she did on May 28 -- he died a short time later.

Police have said there was "nothing suspicious" involving Gary's fall.

Price fondly mentions that Gary did a lot for her -- like buy her a car.

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No Avatar


Why did she pull the plug so quick though is my question? She didn't even give him enough time to hopefully recover. I could see if he was on life support for a while and was making a turn for the worse and she didn't want to see him suffer any more, but she never gave him a chance.

1548 days ago

The Old Hen    

Opinions are like certain body parts .. everyone has one .. yet, each is different.

Why so much emotion over some words written by strangers.

My opinion of Gary Coleman ~ another young star whose earnings fell into dishonest hands. Not the first time and it won't be the last. One can only hope that money obtained that way burns the hands of those who were so greedy.

1548 days ago


If they are divorced, how is she in a position to make the decision regarding his life? However, I find nothing offensive about her comments. I wouldnt want to live either if I were in Ali's condition.

1548 days ago


Suspicious, no -sad, yes. The 911 call has him in the background asking "What's wrong?" And another report says that he walked to the waiting ambulance. As angry a man that he was, do you not think that if she had pushed him he would not have been telling the EMS people that. He had a history of seizures which would explain the fall and the disoriented state afterwards. She did call 911 to get him the help she could not give him. If it was intentional, she would have left him on the floor to die. Yes her actions were strange and uncaring, but there are ALOT of strange people in this world.

1548 days ago


I didn't know an ex-spouse has the right to terminate life support. It seems as if this decision should be left up to a current spouse or family members if the person is unmarried. Sadly, Gary was estranged from his parents which made him vulnerable to the medical decisions of his ex-wife. I wish black men would stop marrying these cold, callous white women. They are not the innocents they purport to be. Black women are not saints, but at least many of them are guided by the church and strong religious beliefs. Their congregation, pastor, and family members would encourage them to wait at least a few days before pulling the plug, if not for appearances alone. My very good friend was engaged to a white woman. He had a heart attack, lapsed into a coma, and was put on life support. His fiancee wanted to pull the plug within 24 hours but his mother flew into town and stopped the fiancee from acting so rashly by overriding her decision, which she was legally able to do as his mother. My friend remained on life support for 11 days and ultimately passed away, but due to the actions of his mother, he was at least given a reasonable chance to recover.

1548 days ago


I'm sure Utah police investigate Mr Coleman accident very thoroughy since he was some what of a celebrity and took into consideration his health issues before clearing his trailer park ex-wife.

1548 days ago


After reading the comments left on Gary Coleman; I'm amazed how people can judge someone they don't even know. You know this person from what the media brings us; unless you are a close personal friend. What has happened to compassion in our society? What a sad lot we have become; the human race. Last time I checked, there is not one single perfect person on this planet.

1548 days ago


How sad that Gary Coleman had such a difficult life and at the end he settled for an idiot. It is so sad.

1548 days ago


It was way to early to pull the plug, there was no way of knowing how he would turn out, that soon. With a head injury anything can happen. My sister was in coma immediately after her accident she was smacked in the head with a collapsing bridge, they told us she could be a vegetable, or may never wake up. But 21 years later she is walking and talking like a pretty normal person, she is head injured, she can't work or drive, but can do many other things... To me is ex murdered him....

1548 days ago


No matter what happened ......he was a human being.....and may his soul rest in peace!

1548 days ago


this dumb **** is a murderer .... i said it the day of his so called " fall " , i knew she would have something to do with it . i told all my friends to mark my words that she would be involved , and then we hear that disgusting 911 call by her . if she doesn't have the morals to even try and revive him , then the pig certainly doesn't have the right to terminate his life . the police are the biggest idiots goin' as well . they said his fall didn't look suspicious because cops have iq's hovering around 75 , on a good day . the only thing these stupid , moronic , too much testosterone , lazy , ignorant , and hugely naive cops know how to do is pull the trigger on a stun gun . they have the mentality of 10 year old boys . actually i take that back , because a 10 year old boy could tell this " falling " episode stinks to high hell just after hearing the 911 call . well soon they're gonna have to investigate this because the public won't leave them alone until they do . cops are such dumb asses , they think a woman can do no wrong because they think with their **** instead of their head .

1548 days ago


this is just the type of white woman that would marry a black guy . ... one that's a trashy , slutty , big assed , unbelievably dumb , selfish , goldigging , and uncaring . if they don't investigate this tramp , the justice system is just as stupid as she is . this pig is a murderer .

1548 days ago


He had alot of health problems. She seems alittle off, like she has some mental issues, but know one will ever know what really happened. I wonder if he had a life insurance policy, and for how much, and who gets it.......

1548 days ago


From a neurosurgical standpoint, what she said is absolutely correct. End of story.

Having said that, she sounds like a moron. "He did a lot for me...he bought me a car."

1548 days ago

Dr Doom    

What's so offensive about not wanting to see a loved one be a vegetable for the rest of his life? I hate when people see someone with a horrific injury, such as severe burns or brain damage, and they say "oh they're so lucky to be alive". No, they're not. How would you feel if you couldn't communicate with a person in a normal way, and had to eat through a tube for the rest of your life? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't enjoy that life.

Being disabled is the worst thing that can happen to a person. I respect her for pulling the plug on Gary. She did the right thing, and she did him a favor. No one wants to be a vegetable, and I only hope that if I'm ever in the same situation as Mr Coleman was, that someone will have the mercy to pull the plug on me.

1548 days ago
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