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Gary C's Ex: 'He Would've Been Like Muhammad Ali'

6/3/2010 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price is defending her decision to pull the plug on life support because she says she didn't want Gary to be like Muhammad Ali or Terri Schiavo.  The comment is so offensive and wrong, it raises questions ... whether her decision to terminate Gary's life was appropriate.


TMZ obtained an interview with Price ... shot the day after Gary died.  Among other things, Price blurted out that she's heard speculation that she pushed Gary and that caused him to fall and ultimately hemorrhage.  Price insists she didn't push Gary -- a weird statement, since no one had publicly accused her of that.

Gary fell in his Utah home May 26, hit his head on the floor and suffered an intracranial hemorrhage.  Shannon, who was divorced from Gary, apparently still had authority to terminate life support at the hospital, which she did on May 28 -- he died a short time later.

Police have said there was "nothing suspicious" involving Gary's fall.

Price fondly mentions that Gary did a lot for her -- like buy her a car.

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No Avatar


Its kinda interesting. In the 911 tape his ex says she heard a noise but was afraid to go down there. All the blood would put her in a seizure. How does she know there was alot of blood if she hadn't been down there. Then pulling the plug that quickly. Even if I didn't like someone I would give them there only chance of life.

1570 days ago


i still cant figure out why she married a colored boy.whats wrong with these people

1570 days ago


Listening to this and the 911 call, she is-at minimum-the spaciest, most disaffected bimbo on the planet.

She does not seem in the least upset by his injury or his passing, just about what people are rumoring about her.

I would like to hear what the hospital has to say about this and also find out how and if she benefited in any way from his death.

1570 days ago


What is wrong with her statement? Both of the people referenced were hopelessly beyond enjoying life. I have set up my own "End of Days" very legally that does not permit anyone. or any thing, to interfere with my dieing when the time comes. Anyone who interferes with the natural passing of any one else generally has an ulterior motive for doing so.

1570 days ago



1570 days ago


The 911 call makes her sound like she didn't even care about him. She seemed more concerned about being grossed out by the blood.

1570 days ago


Gary u lay down with a dog and now u dead that what happen.

1570 days ago


Behind every beautiful woman is some guy that had enough of her crap!!!

1570 days ago


Omg, shes such a liar! I hear the 911 call on youtube and shes lying big time! When the 911 operator asked her, she said 1 thing and right after that she said something else!!!!
moshulu: I totally agree with you!

1570 days ago


Your article about Gary Coleman's wife's decision to terminate his life is salatious and stupid! Gary had 2 kidney transplants and lived longer than MOST renal patients do! That is a fact! The optomistic chances of a "brain bleed" renal patient to survive this insult (catastrophic event) is 0%! You do the journalistic profession a sure enough dis-service with your CONSTANT focus on the outrageous! I wish your "journalists" had just a little bit of professionalism, but this seeems to be the state that America finds itself in. SHAME ON YOU!! I know whereof I speak as a Certified Dialysis Nurse for the past 25 years. There is no potion, blessing, STUPID YELLOW JOURNALISTIC, effort that could have saved Gary Coleman! His wife did the ONLY act that one loving human being SHOULD do for another. These are tough times. Perhaps if America gets lucky, your rag will fold and I will celebrate that day! America, get your act together! We have serious issues that you need to be paying attention, not this TRIPE! PLEASE!!!

1570 days ago

old coot    

She never would have been given the opportunity to pull the plug unless the doctors felt that there was no hope for recovery. I hope that if I'm ever in a similar situation, there is someone there with the guts to pull the plug early and let me go. No one lives forever, and no one wants to live in a state where they are dependent on life support. I'm sure Gary is thanking her for her actions. Plain, honest talk doesn't make her a bimbo. She's just telling the truth in my opinion.

1570 days ago


she did have something to do with it thats why she never helped him and she took the plug out and never givem enough time to wake up. its murder. someone auto check the will or life insurence. better yet an autopsy blood wont be everywhare if he knocked out in one spot

1570 days ago


lets all remember Gary for his contributions and what he brought into our homes in the 70's and 80's during that time he was the face of evening sitcom who adorable smile and hilarious jokes revolutionlized young actors to do and become something special.. emanual lewis.. is just one who i think benefitted from gary coleman


1570 days ago


Who was Shannon Price to play God, and pull the plug on Gary's life-support system? Did she have ANY doctors' approval? Was she told that Gary would NEVER recover from his coma? Did she consult his parents before pulling the plug? Hmmm, gotta wonder!

1570 days ago


This poor little guy was a MEAN person. He was no angel like he played on TV. He was arrested for domestic abuse and had a temper. Sorry that he was so ill all of his life but he let life make him bitter.

1570 days ago
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