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Jesse James Ex: He's Leaving Calif. for Texas!

6/5/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James and ex-wife Janine Lindemulder are hurling accusations back and forth over their daughter Sunny ... including a claim that Jesse is leaving California with their daughter -- this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Lindemulder filed papers Friday claiming Jesse planned to leave California for Texas with their daughter, thus effectively denying her any possible visitation. Lindemulder claims Sunny told her Jesse planned on making the move to the Lonestar State.

Jesse is silent on a Texas move, but comes out swinging against Lindemulder. He claims his ex isn't fit to raise their daughter, because she's a "well-known pornography 'actress,' stripper, drug abuser and convicted felon on probation."

In the docs, Jesse asks the judge to appoint a doctor to evaluate his ex-wife's stability.

On Friday, the judge rejected Lindemulder's bid to win temporary visitation rights.

A formal hearing on visitation/custody issues is set for June 17.


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Sorry folks - Janine doesn't YET deserve to see Sunny. At this age, Sunny is still too young and too vulnerable...Janine's past (drugs and porn) means that she may still hang around some unseemly people, putting young Sunny at risk.

Later on, when Sunny is a little bit older (around 12 or 13), maybe Janine can have supervised visitation...then when Sunny gets to be around 16 (and can drive etc) Janine can have full visitation.

And yto you idiots who think just giving birth makes one a "mother" remember the chick who sold her 4 year old daughter as a sex toy a few months back - being a birth mother means squat.

Parenthood is about being able to provide for and protect a child.

1569 days ago


So is he following Sandy? She has a house in Austin (or did )on Lake Travis and owns a restaurant with her sister there.

1569 days ago


Can felons work in the adult industry...I don't think so but I could be wrong. Child support for Sunny would help Janine & her ex-con hubby. Before Janine went to prison weren't her visits supervised? If so, the judge knows alot more of details that haven't been printed & is wise not to give her custody of Sunny.

1569 days ago


A Nazi cheating inbred is a better parent? Hmmmmmmm.

1569 days ago

Dirty Martini    

This guy makes me want to scream. She was a born actress and a druggie when he married her and when he made a baby with her. Now he wants to go all judgemental over it?


He's a philandering, lying, nazi-loving, skank-bedding man whore. And likely a good father too.

So why can't she be a good mother?

Things that make me go ggrrrrr

1569 days ago


The woman doesn't deserve to have custody of her daughter and just because Jesse will be divorced from Sandra Bullock doesn't make him any less of a decent father to Sunny!! Janine tried to use Sandra Bullocks name during the custody battle last time and Jesse told her then to keep Sandra's name out of it, HE was Sunny's father and the custodial parent.
Amazing how quickly Janine was being interviewed about custody of Sunny the day after Jesse's affair was announced in the press hm?!
Sorry folks but the woman is a porn star, a druggie, a felon and only out for herself - anyone who gives custody of Sunny to her needs to retire lol!! It doesn't mean Janine can't be given visitation but Sunny has some say in that too y'know, if she doesn't want to see her mother she shouldn't be forced to - Sunny's opinions should also be taken into account in the custody battle hm?!

1569 days ago


I cannot believe that there are still people to stand up for this guy...
First, he is giving a life lessons (in the description) when he married the women (knowing she was like that) and knowing who he is...this sound just like a BIG joke!
2.The judge consider a cheater,liar,addicted, nazi,antisemite,homophobe,racist,sexist guy as a potential good father and refuse VISITATION...(custody,i could understand but visitations)
3.All the people who support he is a great father: I don't consider a guy using his daugther on the ex-wife (he pretend to love...but yet blackmail) to "win" back with no real effort...
For me, he is proving to be a WAY worst person than Janine.

As about moving in Austin, i doubt it's for Sunny...I think the guy as such an ego that he believe that Sandy can't do better than him and believe she is so in love (yet she admitted she was in love with the guy SHE THOUGH HE WAS (wich ,obviously, he isn't)) with him that she can get along with all his flaws...
In a normal world with a good justice, Janine would have the visitation right (atleast) and Jesse wouldn't be allowed to leave California just like that with his daughter!
Praising a guy who is as bad as him is showing in what a wicked twisted ridiculous world we are leaving :(

1569 days ago


He's leaving his grown children in California with first wife, He needs Sunny to keep a hold on Sandra. He's a Nazi loving, animal killing, cheating sob. He's trying to turn his life around so what's the difference between him and Janine.
Every mother deserves to be with their child. No matter what her past. She's started a new life and deserves a chance. She served time for tax evasion, what a load of crap. Rom Emmanuel owes back taxes, maybe he should spend time in a federal pen.

1569 days ago


Oh, hell no! We don't want this pig n Texas..........

1569 days ago


Oups,correction of my last word : "living"

1569 days ago


Jesse has proved to be the better parent and should retain custody of Sunny until his ex can prove herself. As for his past thats were it is I have faith that the future will be much better and Jesse has well and truly learnt his lesson. If people all over the world spread more positive thoughts around it would be a better place and people would feel better about themselves.

1569 days ago


Jesse has proved nothing except that he was a liar...Sandra was taking care of Sunny, the nanny was taking care of her but Jesse proved how bad as a father he was by his selfish behavior (cheating) and the fact he use his daughter (to get Sandra back)
It's also obvious he haven't learned anything (or else ,he would stay in California and stop using his daughter!)
He is still the egocentric selfish guy he always was!
I spread ,personnally, positive thoughts on people that trully deserve it...not on people that prove to be absolutely ugly inside!

If people would stop praising his bad behavior, he might be able to change (understanding that what he is doing is wrong) but as long as people will praise him for the bad things he put his familly through, i doubt he will change!

Good boy, jesse, Good boy! we love you for being that bad boy! (i was sarcastic (it's obvious for most but some might not get it)

1568 days ago


ALl these comments seem to be from stinkfish, who have little or no interest in quality sizemeat.

1568 days ago


Hey Jesse....Don't Mess with Texas....we don't want you here unless you pass a physical. Which means we don't want your scanky STD's. (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

1568 days ago



1568 days ago
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