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Hayden Panettiere's Bikini ... Hello Kitty!!!

6/7/2010 5:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's dating a world-class boxer ... but Hayden Panettiere appears to be the one in peak physical condition.

Hard-bodied Hayden hit the beach in Malibu this weekend ... with what appears to be a Hello Kitty bikini and ... zero percent body fat.


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Throwback kid    

She's cute and has a nice body but what is wrong with her legs? They are almost the legs of a midget? Does dwarfism run in her family?

1537 days ago


do guys really care how "fat" a womans thighs are ??
why does it matter??? sometimes I hate being a girl :/ it really does suck sometimes.

1537 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

She looks great! And to all you idiots who think her legs are fat, etc., you people would think a female olympic figure skater has fat legs!

1537 days ago


Without a doubt the sexiest dwarf I've ever seen.

1537 days ago


as far as acting I dont think she will go anywhere. I dont know why she cut her hair she does not look good with that short hair. she does look rather boyish in the head area with her hair that way. I like her mid section and think she looks great there but there is something weird looking about the legs. If it is from working out then she is doing it to much or if its that she needs to then start. They almost resemble a dwarfs legs to me. The legs arent flattering at all on such a young girl but yes her mid section is.

1537 days ago

Yeah, I said it.    

Woah! THUNDER THIGH ALERT! Those things are bigger than her head!

1537 days ago


Her body looks amazing, too bad she has the ugliest haircut in Hollywood...
What a cute little boy :)

1537 days ago

J Simp    

Nice I like

1537 days ago


Is that a boy or girl? The name and picture are both ambiguous...I also can't tell which way she is facing? Where's the front and where's the back??? However I do agree with the no tattoo remarks, that's great.

1537 days ago


Whats wrong with people...her thighs/body look amazing. I dont like the new haircut though.

If you don't like a woman with some thighs/ just might be gay.

1537 days ago


Ok, I really dont know the first thing about this chick, but I just have to say that you idiots who are saying her thighs are "fat" are really dumb ... she has really developed hamstrings ... for you morons who don't know what those are, they're the muscles in the back of your legs. That's not fat at all, it's muscle, she must do a lot of leg curls at the gym or something. It's really a sad state of affairs when men think women's legs are "fat" because they can't even distinguish between fat and muscle properly. Someone else said she has saddlebags and cellulite .. uhh ... where??!

1536 days ago


She's hottttttttt! her legs are sexy, who would want skinny toothpick-nicole-richie legs?

1536 days ago

Nancy Hari    

How do you spell "PHOTOSHOP"? What elso is photoshopped?

1536 days ago


#15 Why do you think its ok to reference low income white people as trailer trash but you'd be offended or scared to say ******?

1530 days ago


#15 Why do you think its ok to reference low income white people as trailer trash but you'd be offended or scared to say ******?

1530 days ago
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