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Lohan Right On Target After Movie Awards

6/8/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She may have been out partying Sunday night after the MTV Movie Awards -- but that didn't stop Lindsay Lohan from attending her alcohol education class yesterday.

Linds was spotted on her way in to the Right On program in Glendale, CA yesterday, where she kept her SCRAM bracelet hidden with some stylish boots.

Now that she's completed 13 classes, she's all caught up -- but must continue to go to class until her July 6 court date.


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LA Native    


1543 days ago


Can she get a date with Joran van der Sloot? They would be a good couple!

1543 days ago

Lindsay Rocks!    

Lindsay, you have never looked more beautiful than you do these days, which is saying a LOT, because you've been the most beautiful woman in Hollywood since you moved there! I'm so proud of you: 2 weeks down, 4 to go. You're doing great, sweet girl. Ignore all of the haters; they seem to be jealous of your fame and wealth. Rock on, Lindsay!

1543 days ago


To lindsay rocks,I really don't think anyone is jealous of this train wreck. Maybe after her alcohol classes she can start going to prescriptions drug abuse classes.

1543 days ago


Lindsay is on her way to the top again,,she looks great and seems to be on the straight and narrow,,all the haters are having to eat their words and dont like it..You go girl,obviously you have been sitting around these last few months just laughing at tmz and all these no believers thinking you were drinking and doing drugs,,well you seem fine to me,,GOOO lindsay

1543 days ago


and obviously she passed her drug screening tests too...but all you as****s thought she was snorting coke out of an I-phone ha ha

1543 days ago


Yeah, well check radar for the story of her scram bracelet going off after the mtv awards... Seems she might not be doing as well as one would think...

1543 days ago


7. By staying out of the US the extra few days, the coke would be out of her system by then, so NOBODY really knows if she did it or not...

1543 days ago


KellyR : yeah--cause RadarOnline never gets a story wrong! where is the confirmation statemement from the court ?

1543 days ago


Why was Lindsay at the MTV Awards? She hasn't made a movie in years. Also, why were those other sluts Paris and Nikie there? They aren't in movies, either. I guess anyone with no talent can attend these Awards shows. It's pathetic that some Hollywood Media Whores are addicted to showing up at places just to have their pictures taken. They are Sick-O!

1543 days ago


They are keeping her happy and medicated on prescription drugs, no problem.

Didn't she say she was having two root canals this week, on top of her having had her wisdom teeth pulled last week?

Well, there you go. MORE happy pills coming her way.

1543 days ago


Does not much of a choice in attending, eh?

1543 days ago


@Lindsay Rocks
I agree she is doing great it just sucks that the judge is punishing her by forcing her to attend a class every week till the hearing.

If you are a fan of Paris Hilton then you really shouldn't be making negative comments about Lindsay.

1543 days ago


Hey Lindsay, two years ago I was arrested in fla. for intent to drive under the influence. Not driving ,but had the keys in my hand outside a bar. this was my second offense. First one in 1975.Never even a ticket otherwise in my life.After a $25,000 lawyer I recieved 45 days in jail,90 days living in a work release facility, 6 months scram,dui school, 60 hours of alcohol school, $5000.00 in fines,3 years of probation,car booted for 60 days and no license for two years after which I must install a breathalyzer.This is not only typical but mandatory. Any violation and off to jail for the remainder of three years.NO EXCEPTIONS. No bond if found in violation of any kind!! Straight to jail from the court hearing.In fla. there is no bond or bail if you are arrested while on probation No turning myself in at a later date. Also as a college teacher I was released from my position immediately.
Please let me and the rest of the world know your secret. I wish I could give the system the finger like you!!

1541 days ago

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