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Chace Crawford Pot Case in D.A.'s Hands

6/10/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_chace_crawford_mugshot_EX_SMChace Crawford's marijuana drama has reached the District Attorney in Collin County, Texas -- which will now decide whether or not to press charges against the "Gossip Girl" star following his pot bust last week.

As we first reported, Chace was arrested on June 4 outside of a pub in Plano, TX after cops say the actor was in possession of weed.

Sources say officers found one unlit joint inside of a car Chace was sitting in with a friend.

Chace was booked on one count of possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana -- a misdemeanor.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail.



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In California they'd let him go with a gold star on his, er, head.

1594 days ago

Skippy La Rue    


1594 days ago


someone was reading the second gossip girl book

1594 days ago


The charge carries a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail.WTF,,If it was a brother da penalty would be like 3 years.damn dis country is still playin da race card.What does he do for a livin again?

1594 days ago


LOl 3 months of wasted tax payers money.. + trial = Tons of wasted cash over a frigging plant? LOL..America's priorities are severely screwed up big time.

1594 days ago


Plano must be the most crimefree city in the USA if they feel the need to go through so much trouble and money. I'm not saying pot is not a crime but considering it was one joint that wasn't lit, a warning or citation would be more appropriate.

1594 days ago


All u crack heads should go nd smoke weed in Plano,TX its jail-free

1594 days ago


What's the big deal?
He's NOT going to jail because he's a celebrity.
Too bad; because he'd make a lot of "new" friends there.

1594 days ago


Ridiculous. I don't know who this guy is, but cut him a break. It was just a joint. Get over it. Stop criminalizing people who commit victimless crimes. I'm from SC, but I strongly feel that the rest of the country needs to follow the example of what's happening in CA right now. Right is right. And wrong is wrong. And arresting people for pot is wrong. I don't even smoke pot, but it fires me up when I think about it. Prohibition doesn't work, let's learn from our own history. And it sure as hell wouldn't hurt to curb some of that ridiculous violence at the border if it was legalized. LEGALIZE IT!

1594 days ago


Did he get the weed from Lindsay?

1594 days ago

William Cox    

In the state of Tennessee you get a ticket for a misdemeanor, is this not so in Texas?

1594 days ago


A joint? 6 months in jail for some weed? WTF? Another excuse (as if anyone needed one) to not go to Texas. Glad I'm not a taxpayer there.

(Sarcasm) - good thing they took this menace to society off the streets!

1594 days ago


6 months for a joint? Stupid stupid stupid archaic laws. Just legalize it and spend all that money fighting crimes that really matter like child molestation. Thousands of pervo priests get to hide behind the church and nothing happens to them but one kid gets caught with a joint and they want to put him away for 6 months. That's justice for ya. Shows just how messed up our society's morals really are.

1594 days ago


Time to legalize

1594 days ago


I am in TX, no one goes to jail for 6 months for a joint. They have a program that he will need to attend a few times. My question is who is stupid enough to let any cop search your car like that? He should have spent the $ for the dvd (it was done by a former cop).

1594 days ago
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