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Jesse James' Ex Begged His Sister for Painkillers

6/10/2010 4:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder begged Jesse's sister to hook her up with painkillers in 2008 to "numb" the pain of the couple's nasty custody battle ... this according to emails obtained by TMZ.

Jesse James
In the emails, Janine pleads with Julie James England to ask her husband, Sgt. Mark T. England -- a medic in the Army -- to hook her up with Vicodin so she can "dissappear [sic] from all of this for a while."

Julie shoots Janine down, writing, "mark would never jeapordize [sic] his position by doing this! I love you and know you are having a rough time, however this is really weird you'd ask this of us. sunny needs you to be 100%."


As we first reported, Jesse filed legal docs on Friday ... trying to derail Janine's attempt to regain shared custody of their daughter Sunny.  He paints Janine as a drugged-out mess who poses a serious risk to their daughter.

The next custody hearing is set for June 17.


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Jesse, your 15 minutes are up, go find a Nazi flag to masturbate on and leave us all alone.

1596 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

Janine..if it will cant disappear under my sheets and swallow...DEEZ NUTZ!!

1596 days ago

Just Sayin    

typical american families!!!!! FEEL SORRY FOR KIDS THESE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1596 days ago


This whole situation is all ****ed up!LMBAO coz its so funny

1596 days ago


Oh Ann, POSTER No. 1. Never been invited to a party where people do stuff they shouldn't in pics huh. Perhaps it's because of your obvious anger. You are really wound up super tight.

Every single late night post on TMZ has your anger and toxic waste right at the top. I can feel the heat from here.

Your daily schedule is probably like this.
1. Get up and pour gas on the neighbors lawn.
2. Key hubby's truck-he might have said the N word-no not that one the Nazi word.
3. Burn the neighborhood church down.
4. Feed the waste out of the RV to the kids for dinner.
5. Consider choking hubby in his sleep before you retire for the night.

Ya, that's you.

1596 days ago


It's pretty clear when her own sister and brother both make formal statements to the affect she should not get any sort of custody and that she's not a good influence in Sunny's life. Janine is not mother material. Her past isn't far enough behind her at this point. She hasn't done much to move forward and demonstrate she's changed. I think Sunny is better off with dad and I believe Sandy is probably contacting Sunny at least by telephone and then seeing her occasionally as well. Sunny will be fine with dad. Jesse may not be the best husband but he's a GREAT daddy.

1596 days ago


I'm calling this bogus. I do pain killers..Vicodin isn't going to take away "the emotional pain" of anything LOL..Yeah oi, that is faked hard. Or this girl has no idea about drugs..I'd believe her if she was asking for Xanax or some other medication for depression but meh.

1596 days ago


This is what she went to jail for. She paid her debt to society for THIS crime; this should NOT be used against her.

Jesse must still have a DARN good income source if he's paying lawyers to cover his tushie for sooooooooo many "problems".

1596 days ago


GIVE HER HER DAUGHTER.... Jesse you are one nasty S.O.B and will resort to having your sister and her husband lie. Whats your sisters husband doing at a strip club??????? When I read who it was coming from.. Jesse's family, well then now I know.. He is s*** and his family is s***


1596 days ago


I see whats happening here. Jessie is feeding all this info. to TMZ and the media so he can keep custody of Sunny. What a piece of ****. This is his daughters mother .Yes she has a drug problem but she went into rehab and a half way house to get clean. She should aleast be able to visit her daughter. Im sure Jessie isnt clean and sober. Its amazing how some parents will use this for their own benefits of keeping custody. If her mom is clean and sober and serious about recovery why shouldnt Sunny see her, Jessie your a selfish SOB. Someday Sunny will grow up and see what you did by keeping her away from her mother. You let Sandra visit her and shes NOT even her mother. Im sorry but I hate when parents keep another parent away from a child.

1596 days ago


This is B.S..... Take a close look at these "e-mails"!!!!! The first e-mail says that the date is "July 24" all of the other emails has 7/24 as the date... There are also other differences in the first email from the other emails......This is a fake or tampered with e-mail..... uggggggg

1596 days ago


Harvey, Enough with these people already! Nobody cares!

1596 days ago


Wow, she tried to score some vicodin two years ago... Whoa, stop the presses... LMAO

1596 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I agree w/ comment 8 & 15, this e-mail is bogus. It just shows how far Jesse James & Co. is willing to go in order to portray her as a unfit mother.

Hopefully, the truth shall prevail.

1596 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I agree with comment #8, this e-mail is bogus.

This just shows how far there're willing to go in order to portray her as a unfit mother.

Hopefully, the true shall prevail.

1596 days ago
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