Jesse James Jury Panel -- Cheating Talk

6/9/2010 6:48 PM PDT

Jesse James Jury Panel -- Cheating Talk

Prospective jurors in Jesse James' civil trial aren't pulling punches on the subjects of cheating and divorce.

Jury selection is going on right now and one member of the panel said out loud, "I have a strong opinion about cheating on someone, my parents are divorced."

The judge has already ruled that Jesse's personal issues -- namely Sandra Bullock, their divorce, and his alleged affairs -- can't be used during the trial, but it's permitted during jury selection to figure out if potential jurors have irreversible biases.

UPDATE: One prospective juror said he was a Christian "and I'm all for doing what's right and forgiving someone."

Jesse's lawyer keeps bringing up TMZ, asking the jurors if they see the site or show.  Some of them do ... go figure.

UPDATE: A moment of levity -- a perspective juror said he has a friend who's "into trucks" ... but attorney for the plaintiff thought he said "drugs." Everyone, including the judge, burst into laughter.