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Train Stores in Line for Gary Coleman's Stuff

6/11/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman loved trains almost as much as he loved his wife ... TMZ has learned the former child actor originally planned to leave almost all his worldly possessions to three model train stores ... assuming Shannon was dead.


In the 2006 will, Gary made Shannon the beneficiary of most of his property -- including clothing, jewelry, art, boats, and other recreational vehicles. But if Shannon predeceased Gary or died within 90 days of his death, all his stuff was supposed to go to Allied Model Trains, The Original Whistle Stop, and The Train Shack in L.A.

But even if Shannon outlived Gary, she wasn't getting her hands on his enormous model train collection -- under the '06 will, Gary doled out all of his trains to the stores he loved.

As TMZ first reported, Shannon just filed docs claiming she's the rightful heir to everything ... based on a somewhat mysterious 2007 handwritten addendum -- which would cut the train stores off in their tracks from getting anything.


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pascuala gutib    

Number one by Dan! You are so funny.I like very much you comment.You are joker.

1598 days ago


Where was he goin wit all those trains

1598 days ago


Met in 2005, supposed will 2006 (unsigned), married Aug 2007, hand printed appendum Sept 2007 = weird! My take is 2006 was a draft or even done after death when Shannon found out about 1999 will. Also tha handprinted appendum is worded as Shannon doing it and the signature is one used to look fancy so you can't read it. Go look and compare Gary's signatures over the years..he gave plenty of autographs.

1598 days ago

Guess who 42    

If the will shannon reportedly has was never filed it is not valid. She is not his common law wife since they never filed to have that status recognized. {insert any insult you can think of for this freak here}.

1598 days ago


I'm thinking she put a pen in his hand while he was in a coma and wrote it herself...If this existed before the 1999 will was filed she should have filed before...this again smells fishy...

1598 days ago


Gary looks happy in this picture.

1598 days ago

pascuala gutib    

Dan how come will inform you,she do it,will be DIED? No more Shannon!The hecks is gone.I'm sure,she pushed Gary ( so pity)

1598 days ago

L Byrne    

Gary looks genuinely happy in this picture. Nicer pic to remember him by than the death ones this woman is shopping around now for a few bucks.

1598 days ago


She's just gross, how did he EVER get involved, with her? GOLD DIGGING LAZY ASS, GET A JOB!!!

1598 days ago

yeah, I'm way out of line.    

If you want your kid to turn out normal and well adjusted, get him interested in a hobby, like model railroading.

1598 days ago


WordOutlet -
That was my first thought too. It seems so sad, but maybe he wanted his beloved trains to go to someone that would appreciate them. It's obvious no one in his circle would care about them. All they are thinking about is the money they can bring. The store owners share the same love of trains so maybe Gary felt they would be cared for properly. It's pitiful that only a couple of people really cared about him and his wife or ex-wife, or whatever she is isn't included on the short list!!

1598 days ago


He's going off the rails on the Swazye Train.

1598 days ago


well said KKKKKatie
post 13 ,I do trains and its the love of the hobbie.It is sad it fell to her grubby hands

1598 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

It is beyond me and so many others - why this isn't investigated! I mean, come on. SHE wrote the so called Will - they were NOT legally common law - they never filed the papers. Some one wrote a while ago - that the LDS will not get in to this and The Buck Stops There. How that can be - a murder was committed, forgery, stealing and etc. etc. etc. and she is still whoring herself around, sounding the poor me! It is a slam to Utah to allow this to happen and not throw the book of LDS to HER! Gary admitted on TV - they had never had sex! He said he was "not ready for that" and I believe he meant it forever! Saying they had a sexual life is just wishful thnking. After all his medical problems - sex is the last thing he could do. I don't understand - a simple handwriting expert will say FRAUD! and jail her on that. So many are saying they are waiting to get her - and let's not wait too long. She is in bed with the lawyer and between them - they can scam it all for her, or maybe even split the "profits". Utah - you better get on the ball and solve this and being her to justice and firing squad after her trial!

1598 days ago


FYI, Gary didn't just buy his trains from some of these stores, he actually worked at some of them, as well as others not listed in the will, and from what I recall, his time working in model railroad stores were some of the happiest days he had. There was also a store in Brea he worked in (now gone), and he also worked for Caboose Hobbies in Denver, CO.

I recall running into him numerous times in some of the stores he worked for in the greater Los Angeles area and he almost always seemed happy when I saw him, contrary to the miserable existence he allegedly lived in that much of the media wanted us to believe. I'm sure there is more to his desire to will his trains to these stores than meets the eye.

1598 days ago
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