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Oklahoma State Next to Jump to Pac-10

6/10/2010 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are blazing a trail to the Pacific-10 Conference ... according to a source -- and leaving the future of the Big 12 Conference in serious jeopardy.


A source in the OK State athletic department tells TMZ Sports the move is a "done deal." The Pac-10 just made it official that Colorado is also jumping off the Big 12 ship.

We're told it's "just a matter of time" before the OK State announcement is also made. It's been rumored that Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M will also join the new super conference.  Nebraska, it's widely believed, will go to the Big 10.

As for why this is all going down -- our source says "everyone wants a playoff system ... and this is the first step toward doing it."

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Gary, as recent history has shown time and again the most homo-phobic tend to be closet fudgePACers themselves.

Keep the comments to football.

UT is a great FB school and an even better academic institution. Any conference that lands UT can count themselves lucky.

1595 days ago


If Notre Dame would ever put their greed aside for a moment its possible that the greastest football conference of all time could be assembled. This spin on re-alignment has the current Big 10 expanding to 16 teams after adding Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Notre Dame.
This "Super Conference" would be split first into divisions, Plains and Lakes, then subdivided again creating these four sub divisions as follows: North Plains; Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. South Plains; Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas A&M.
East Lakes; Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State. West Lakes; Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern, and Notre Dame.
These alignments fix many of the travel issues.
If anyone knows someone on the big ten board pass this on to them. This could change college football forever.

1595 days ago



You are getting off topic, but for the record OSU is in fact a Tier-Two research university by the Carnegie classification. I assume that you are actually angry that WSU has been struggling in a conference that just got tougher.

1595 days ago


UO_Mark, really? FudgePACers? How sophisticated

1595 days ago

Go Ducks    

Texas? We don't even want the state as a part of our nation. Why would we want their school to join our league. They can't handle the noise in Autzen anyways. Bring on the challenge. Go Ducks!

1595 days ago


For those of you who think the Big XII is only about TX ond OU and that Oklahoma State doesn't matter.... check into your facts.

ESPN had OSU ranked #15 for producing ELITE NFL players - the likes of Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Leslie O'Neal, Jason Gildon, Kevin Williams, etc. UT and OU weren't even on the list!! They had more Heisman winners, etc, but none that made a huge impact in the NFL.

OSU has 49 NCAA National Championships! Only two are in basketball, and the football one has been elusive; but all of the other sports do count for something. Golf, baseball, wrestling, cross country are something to be considered, however they aren't the cash cow that football is.

OSU also is on the upswing in academics producing a high amount of Rhodes scholars and producing an enormous amount international research grants.

And one last thing - Oklahoma has had more Ms. America winners than any other state - most of whom went to Oklahoma State :)

I'm a grad of OSU and that was back when we were still in the Big 8 Conference, so I'm sad to see the Big XII dissolve. It's going to change things a lot, but don't downgrade Oklahoma State because we're not just a football/basketball school.

1595 days ago

Go Ducks    

We already have an OSU in the Pac10. OK State would have to change their abbreviation to OSU II and also change their colors.

This isn't a blog about Pro players, we all know that college and the NFL are completely different styles of game.

Don't knock on Texas too much, sports and oil are all that they know.

1595 days ago


OSU has more national titles than Texas and OU combined. Look it up if you don't believe me. 49 NCAA titles.

(especially you skippy)

1595 days ago

Big 8 was Great    

Indeed, it might get a little confusing with having another Black and Orange OSU. But don't sweat over it too much. No need to call it OSU II. If they kill you in basketball, it was the one from Stillwater. You'll get it after a few more beatdowns. How did that Big12-Pac10 hardcourt series go last year anyway? I sure enjoyed it.

1595 days ago


What everyone is missing is the true reason behind this .... $$$.

The PAC-10 wanted CU because that would bring in the Denver TV market. Denver is the 16th biggest market in the USA.

If the Texas schools go west, then they pull Austin, Lubbock, College Station which means the TC audiences from Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio ( 3 of the top 10 largest cities in the USA) will all be tuning in.

If you add in all the current markets that the PAC-10 are currently in - you are looking at potential TV revenues that are huge.

Geographically, it makes sense. Add in OU and OSU , plus exisiting members Arizona and ASU, and you have an eastern division of the now 16 member PAC. The other 8 teams of the PAC make the western division.

2 division champs, two automatic BCS bids ... and even more $$$.

1595 days ago


Being a Nebraska native, this is the best move for them. Bo Pelini knows Big Ten football, he played there, coached there, grew up there. Taking road trips to Ann Arbor, the Horseshoe, and Happy Valley, beats the hell out of Boulder, Norman and Austin. And this is TO's proud day, to stick it to the Big 12 for dismantling the Big 8 like they did. This is the beginning of the end for the NCAA, and I couldn't be more proud. Those egocentric greedy NCAA screwballs will pay in the end. They will become the AAU, like Jay Bilas said, running youth summer camps. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

1595 days ago


It looks good,I have learn a recruit!


1595 days ago


I'm in OK & the word right now is that OU is more likely to go to the SEC, although I tend to think they'll go wherever UT goes (after all, Oklahoma is just Texas Lite). I'm certain that OSU will follow OU, though. There is no way they're getting split. But also, down in TX, UT & A&M are meeting about where to go & rumor has it that A&M favors the SEC, like OU. Overall, though, there is no telling what will happen. Only one thing seems definite: my team (KSU) will be among those getting the shaft.

1594 days ago


Oklahoma State cannot win a bowl game to save themselves; let alone compete outside their conference. Big 12 has always been overated.

1594 days ago


what the heck does ms america winners have to do with football you okie state idiots

1594 days ago
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