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Shawn King Depression Triggered by Alleged Affair

6/10/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_shawn_king_EX_TMZ_02Sources tell TMZ Shawn King's depression started, continued and never stopped over Larry King's alleged affair with Shawn's sister.

We're told Shawn has been "extremely depressed" for more than five years ... and the trigger was Larry's alleged long-term involvement with Shannon Engemann.

As we first reported, Shawn had a showdown with Larry several years ago and as a peace offering Larry transferred title to all three of the couple's homes to Shawn.

We're told Shawn has struggled for years, believing her husband remained involved with Shannon.  One source says, "She fought like crazy to remain sane, just to take care of her kids."

We're told even though Shawn reconciled with Larry and put the divorce proceedings on ice, she remained deeply depressed.

One source says, "Shawn's not a pill popper, but she feels it's her only way to deal with her depression."

Shannon has denied having an affair with Larry.


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1598 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Is Shauna any different than the Many, Many Whore type gals that have lived and Slept with Hugh, "THE PIMP" Hefner?? She is nothing but a SLUT, just like the rest of LARRY KINGS last SEVEN WIVES!!!! America is becoming a very SICK NATION to allow these people so much interest!!!!!People seem to thrive on the lives of ALL the SICK, PORNO people in the entertainment industry~!!!

1598 days ago


Who the F**** would have an affair with King? Man,people are crazy!

1598 days ago


Oh please!!!! This woman had an affair with her SON's coach IN lARRY'S HOUSE. That's outrageous. The fact that she wanted the three houses put in HER name shows where her core "values" really are. On THINGS. No wonder she's "depressed" Poor kids.

1598 days ago


What? The 3 properties didn't help her money depression?

1598 days ago


I hope she gets the help she needs. This is what happens when you try to kick a bad opiate habit on your own. With all the money Larry has she should go into a long term treatment center. Depression kicks in and your mind is messed up for along time. If they dont she going to kill herself. I dont think her depression is all about Larry. She needs professional help locked up so people can keep a eye on her.

1598 days ago


Is it too much to ask to use a good picture of this woman?

1598 days ago

larry the corpse    

Clearly Shawn is not in her right mind.
Her younger lover was in love with her, She should have divorced me, Taken half of the loot and she and our kids and Hector could have lived happily ever after. She could have gone to bed every night and awakened every morning to a hunk instead of a stinky corpse.

It is Shawn's parents who are insisting she remain in a loveless marriage with me. They are the reason she married me, to please them. It is the Mormon way. obey your parents no matter the age.

Check out
Shawn has a very nice voice but the songs are horrible. If she had better material to work with she could sell some CDS.

1598 days ago

Get a life...idiots    

I have a friend who worked for them about 7 years ago and used to tell me then how many vicodin Shawn would take every day.She was addicted to pills before the supposed affair. So much that she had to go to rehab because of it. My friend also would tell me about her bulimia and that she constantly had to go to the dentist which I found out after was because her teeth were getting destroyed by the acid in the vomit. She was supposedly difficult to work for and had extreme bouts of depression even back then.

1598 days ago


Is celebrity rehab still looking for "celebrities"?...just sayin"

1598 days ago


Both Larry and Shawn's sister deny any affair. Sounds like Shawn is very insecure. Larry gifting his sister in law didnt help. I'll give Shawn that much. I was involved in a relationship where my fiance sent my sister a Christmas card. Granted my sister always gave me and my daughter (his too) a lot of support. Yet I freaked out even though I knew my sister or my fiance would never do me like that. I was insecure but never crazy suicidal about it.

1598 days ago


Who would seriously, in their right mind be depressed over Larry King???? WTF??????????????????

1598 days ago


It looks like Shawn truly loves the old fart King. He should retire already, the man is rich he can take her on a long vacation and prove to her he loves her.

1598 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Meanwhile, Gary and MJ are still rolling in their graves. YAAAAWN.

1598 days ago


Where is she now? Is she still in hospital perhaps in a comma? A lot of facts missing from this story.

1598 days ago
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