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Dennis Rodman:

I'm Not As Rich

as She Thinks

6/11/2010 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

dennis rodmanDennis Rodman wants the world to know he never fell behind on child support payments ... that is, the ones he could afford to pay.

Rodman's rep tells TMZ the former NBA star's estranged wife Michelle convinced a judge behind his back to jack up his child support ... and now he's in over his head.

Rodman claims he has been faithfully paying upwards of $10,000 a month since the beginning -- but the court hiked it to $50,000 a month and now he can't afford it.

According to the rep, the former NBA star doesn't earn anywhere near what his wife thinks -- nearly $4.5 million a month (not a mistake -- a month) -- so this whole $300,000 unpaid child support problem is BS.

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Ugly ass mofo...

1593 days ago


$10,000 a month now thats ****ing crazy
but $50,000 a month thats on another ****ing level of it

1576 days ago


attorneys never lost jobs in america. :) every now and then there's a court battle. right Harvey?

1545 days ago


I think, if you are asking for $50,000 a month in child support or $60...0,000 a year, you need to show where every single penny of that is going. and EVERY penny goes to the kids. Receipts, itemized lists, proofs of freaking purchase. And, with all that money, if even one dime of it goes to anything but the children, cut her off and take custody. Period. Child support is not ex-wife support. It makes me physically ill how men are treated by family courts.

1539 days ago


A judge cannot raise the monthly payments based on the supposition of the ex wife. There had to be a papertrail which made $50000 a reasonable monthly payment. Sounds more like he's so far behind on his $10000/mo payment, that they're trying to give him a way to pay it off over time rather than in a lump sum, but that Mr Rodman is trying to hide assets because he believes she doesn't deserve his money. If he didn't want her to have an interest in his money, he should've had a prenup.

1534 days ago


The purpose of child support payments is to ensure that the children live equitably with BOTH parents. For the intelligence-impaired that means that the court does not want Child A to live in extravagance with Daddy (which surely Dennis Rodman does) and poverty with Mommy. Poverty is a relative term here, so don't jump on me.

In addition, for all those who feel for poor, sad, misunderstood Baby Daddy Rodman, he is behind $500,000 right now. Let's pretend that it wasn't upped to $50k a month and stayed at $10k. He would still be $100,000 behind on the payments he admits he knew about. Who knows what his wife does for a living? Who cares? All that matters is that he is court-mandated to make the payments or he will eventually go to jail.

Yes I am a woman, who is divorced with 3 children. I pay child support to my ex-husband because I make more money than him. He is an engineer and I am an attorney. Do I begrudge the $2250 a month I give to my children? Absolutely not because I love them. But I find it laughable that I pay more than 20% of what Rodman pays and he is complaining he pays too much.

1534 days ago


She wants to be able to live in a mansion, and drive The Range Rover, Mercedes and Lambo.... Without having to work a day for the rest of her life... She's greedy..

1530 days ago
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