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Dr. Murray Rally: We Love You

6/11/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Murray Pastors from several churches in the Houston neighborhood where Dr. Conrad Murray does charity medical work are organizing a rally to coincide with his scheduled hearing in L.A. to set a date for the preliminary hearing.

We're told United States Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee will be in attendance, to show support for the doctor who is accused of killing Michael Jackson.

We're also told as many as 1,000 people are expected to show at the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Acres Homes, a poor community in Houston.

As TMZ first reported the initial plan was to charter buses and come to L.A. -- to counter the protests organized by Michael Jackson fans.

UPDATE:  Congresswoman Lee's Chief of Staff just called TMZ and said, "There is no knowledge of any event.  There is no truth to the story."


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I agree with the Latoya Jackson comment I only see death. But who's death is it? IS it our beloved Michael's or was it a double. We all know that he had them. I will ask all fans how tall was MJ. could some please answer that question for me. Thanks

1533 days ago


Dr Murray is a great doctor he found the cure for insomnia.

1533 days ago


To jungle ball sweat, your name says everything about you.

We need to feel sorry for Murray's supporters because they obviously don't really know any better. Maybe he has them on the wrong meds or, sometimes after a heart catherization(he's a heart doctor so maybe he's done those kinds of procedures, which is also scarey) the mind isn't quite right.

1533 days ago


8. Puke!

Posted at 9:36 AM on Jun 11, 2010 by Chia

More puke!

1533 days ago


Jackson-Lee was singing high praises for Michael at his memorial service. Now she is helping defend the guy who killed him. Just another dirt bag, who turned against Michael. She is another one who should roll up her sleeves, and let the Dr put her to sleep.

1533 days ago


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is a hypocrite ...

1533 days ago


Hopefully the judge and/or jury will decide this case based on evidence and not on "number of fans" from either side. Personally, I'm betting the evidence will show that Murray displayed gross negligence when it came to Michael's healthcare because he (Murray) was blinded by greed.

1533 days ago

mj fan forever    

Sheila Jackson Lee is a dirty hypocrite and has also had the courage to speak at the Memorial. She must be ashamed! Really the wickedness has no limits!

1533 days ago


ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! Why are these people (including a prominent political figure) supporting a man that has made so many reckless and irresponsible mistakes that no one in their right mind should ever consider him a medical doctor. I believe he was driven by greed in the first place by misusing these drugs outside of a hospital setting, then leaving MJ instead of watching him. Murray made countless mistakes. He may have been a good man in the past, but he has made some gruesome mistakes in his dealings with MJ that should result in the loss of his medical license, AND jail time. Lets face... if you KILL a man it doesn't matter if it was deliberate or accidental, the law says you should pay for the crime. These supporters are wasting their time (and destroying their political careers).

1533 days ago


Those Murray supporters lack both knowledge and imagination. If they could watch what happened when Murray killed Michael Jackson, they'd be appalled by ALL of mis "mistakes". They'd yell at Murray to not leave the bedroom, to watch over Michael instead of talking on the phone, to check his patient's oxygen level instead of talking on the phone, to for God's sake to CPR on the floor instead of the bed, to not leave Michael first to go downstairs to yell for security (after he already called them on the phone) and again to hide propofol bottles. Michael hired Murray to stay alive, but he didn't stand a chance once he was under.

Murray supporters can't be very bright.

1533 days ago

My two cents ;)    

TO: Posted at 10:18 AM on Jun 11, 2010 by Paula

They are full of excuses, for themselves, and their "community".

On behalf of the Non-racists of TMZ...Isn't there a Charlie Manson book you should be reading in your white sheets under a bon fire...LOSER! Nobody mentioned race...You have no clue what the color or race of any of the posters are on here.

PS~ I feel ashamed of you racist!

1533 days ago


Wow this is effed up how can these people celebrate/support someone who enabled/caused someones death.And left three children without their dear father. How would they have liked it if it was their father, child or sibling? Someone who was obviously weak in need of support from a doctor to help him get strong and sleep.He was no stranger he lived in a fishbowl everyone knew he has issues with prescriptions. He knew it and still did it!! Except he pumped propofol and other medications outside a hospital setting and did not monitor him at all. Instead he was careless and made business calls.He did not even use proper monitors either to make sure Michael was okay. He lied and did not tell the medics that came to the scene that he had given Michael propofol he did not tell the doctor at UCLA until two days after Michaels death. He made someone clean up the scene when Michael was dying before the medics got there. He did not even know how to do CPR. How is he even A CARDIOLOGIST? How can he not be guilty how can he sleep at night. Dr Murray is guilty I know it. He might of not killed Michael on purpose but he was careless and reckless. I love you Michael J Jackson R.IP

1533 days ago


Michael will be vindicated, no matter who turns his back on him..

1533 days ago


Now is this the same Sheila Jackson Lee that spoke at Michael's
Didn't she want to honor Michael in the House of Represenatives?
I don't get it......someone explain...

1533 days ago


We need to feel sorry for Murray's supporters because they obviously don't really know any better. Maybe he has them on the wrong meds or, sometimes after a heart catherization(he's a heart doctor so maybe he's done those kinds of procedures, which is also scarey) the mind isn't quite right.

Posted at 10:30 AM on Jun 11, 2010 by tina
"Maybe he has them on the wrong meds" That's funny!

1533 days ago
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