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Gary Coleman's Ex

Unwanted at Private Memorial

6/17/2010 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614-gary-coleman-ex-tmz-05Gary Coleman's closest friends are arranging a private memorial for the actor -- but TMZ has learned Gary's ex-wife and his parents will not be invited.

TMZ spoke with Kent Emmons and Anna Gray -- two of Gary's good friends whom the actor had selected to help execute his will.

We're told Emmons and Gray are organizing a private memorial for 15-20 of Gary's closest friends -- including Gary's "Diff'rent Strokes" co-star Todd Bridges.

We're told the group plans to honor Coleman with a night of "telling fun stories." The event is expected to go down in California sometime in the next few months.

As for why Shannon Price and Gary's parents won't be invited -- we're told Emmons and Gray don't feel it would be appropriate.


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TMZ why are you "Remembering Corey Haim" at the bottom of a post about Gary Coleman?

1589 days ago


Gary was broke! What's to fight over?

1589 days ago

Britney Spears is a joke    

He ONLY had 10-15 friends.

1589 days ago


".....Emmons and Gray don't feel it would be appropriate."
I guess Shannon Price and Gary's parents could never look the other attendants in the eye, like Gary stated.

1589 days ago


I think it's great his friends want to have a memorial for Gary!

1589 days ago


This whole thing is so shameful and disgusting! She practically killed him by letting him bleed to death and then pulled the plug before he could open his eyes. THEN took and sold pictures of her with his dying body. She's a deplorable excuse for a human so good for his friends for not letting her go to his memorial. Poor guy was surrounded by leeches just like MJ.

1589 days ago

Gary Fan    

Will the boy who played Sam on Different Strokes be there?????

1589 days ago


Im glad his friends are getting togeather to remember him.

1589 days ago

jean eborg    

thank god someone is smart enough to have someting for gary.
I can't understand why there was no autopsy on gary.
this is a very bad mistake on the part of the state or whom that order comes from.its a red flag when life support was pulled so fast.I'm sorry but I feel there was someting went on besides him falling down

1589 days ago


Finally, his friends are gathering to honor him. I hope no media is allowed in or I'll know that they are full of it.

1589 days ago


i believe i read the head injury was a closed wound _ is that right? if so, where did all the blood come from?
if everyone are only holding the the money thing from 20 years ago against the parents, i wish they would let it go-they are still his parents. i'm sure they have regrets; family don't always do what they should, but still love each other. if the people are doing what Gary wanted, tho' i guess that's the only thing that matters.

1589 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I don't think people should continue to bash Gary's parents. They adopted a very ill child who had health problems until death. I am sure they paid his medical bills and saw to it he recieved after care, therefore allowing him to live a halfway normal life. I can see keeping Shannon away. Hopefully she will have a private room in the Utah correctional facility by that time.

This thing with Gary and his folks should be looked at as, Gary may not have been ripped off by them as the world has been led to believe. It would be easy for someone to want the number one position in Gary's life, and getting that position by continuing to fuel the fire between Gary and his parents.

Who was closet in Gary's life when he "accidently" fell and bashed his head severe enough to not warrent a chance of recovery by the
Doctors and Shannon, who knew Gary wanted a chance at survival.

When wealthy people say they are broke, they don't mean broke broke. Just not enough to be able to live the life of a rich star.
The million or more that he won, was probably spent by Shannon in Las Vegas living the life of the rich and famous.

Gary seemed to be a very intelligent young man, however troubled. If there was cash in the house, believe, Shannon got that. She could not work to help Gary pay bills, but she knew how to make money off his dying, and death. Thank God she did not succeed in
getting money from fans.
Perhaps Gary's parents are the ones who can blow Utah law off their asses and find out exactly what happened in the house that day.

1589 days ago

Lynn M    

Apparently they don't care what Gary thought. Like her or not, Shannon was the person he chose to live with in common law marriage. It also appears that Gary requested no services. These are just a bunch of headline grabbing creeps whom Gary wanted nothing to do with.

1589 days ago


disgusting people no way to treat the dead

1589 days ago


Good for Kent and Anna they sincerely cared for Gary and are honoring their friend properly ( the way it should be done).I am glad they are also excluding Shannon she has no business being there. They see her for what she is a trashy gold digger. Her feelings were never sincere for Gary I think she saw a pay day from day one. I also think she had something to do with Gary hurting himself and I believe the cops should have investigated this so called accident scene much further. Unless Gary was lucid and said from his own mouth that he fell and hurt himself on his own I think they botched the crime scene and investigation big time. This girl had motive, opportunity, and was the person who thought she stood to gain from Gary's passing. How could anyone who cared for Gary take and sell pics of him dying and dead to a tabloid? Then of-course blame a family member for doing it. Ya sweety we got your number you sent your family member to do it so you could try to keep your hands clean. I have not seen you shed a single tear or emotion over Gary. You are hoping to ride his coattails to some type of fame of your own. Maybe for killing Gary but other than that I don't see any talent here You are not even a good liar. Trashy skank that is all I can see in this girl. So sad for Gary he deserved better but happy his true friends are showing he meant something to them. Go Anna fight this crazy psycho Shannon to the end.

1589 days ago
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